LOL "Do you have like a cliffs notes version of this t-shirt?"
CastleIsLife Katic
colin is so hot wtf
Landon Allis
Marla Singer
guy who did the Bill Clinton impression he nailed it
Krystel Farinas
Colin Jost is hot
SNL has way outlived itself...Not funny or edgy anymore at all. Too Jewy, too anti white.
The guy at he 1 min mark did an snl Darrell Hammond impersonation 100 perfect. I am surprised no one commented on it
oh my! do I miss the good ole days of snl
That Bruh
These two are really getting better. Excited for the new season
Kevin Henderson
:57 I thought this guy was wearing a mask for a second.

Great impression of Bill though.
David Martinez
"Do u trust him?"
Kate Henry
"these are all just bankers who killed their wives on law and order" i'm dead
It's funny that you're at the RNC Convention but cannot spot the guy who'll be running as the GOP VP?
David DeMocker
Finally a trump supporter that is sensible on 2:17
Alberto Maldonado
Kyle Mooney please
Yeah, take that Matt LAUER!!
peter lee
Trump supporters are so ignorant, insane and brainwashed that it's not even funny anymore.
Just the Coolest Dude Yo
Yeah, ok, I'd fuck both of 'em
that was kind of amazing. especially Bill clinton wow good job guy. love them on weekend update
Subscribe to me and I'll subscribe back with 26 accounts reply when done !!!!
Regina Ghattas
I just love love love Leslie Jones. She rocks a skit till no endπŸ˜‚
The Gamma Bros.
That Bill Clinton impression killed me XD
Arthur Konstantinov
Well, Colin is HOT, yes
Jake Wood
Unexpectedly good Bill impression.
I don't think anyone could identify Colin Jost either.
Allofmy_ imagination
whoa I actually laughed! Good going snl
Christina Matangos
wth why does colin look so good here
Joe Singer
that bill Clinton impression tho
Denton Cohen
I was just there's! Haha
The black guy made it. Little baby
I wanted this to be longer. Hilarious!
Mihir Patel
only if deadpool could host snl it be awesome
Nia Pia
I live here and my momma said I can't go downtown 😭😭
ouat forever
this was awesome.... check this out... leave a like or heart if you like!!
shout-out to my hometown!!!
___ ZEKE___
Collin looks like a younger JFK
Steve Martin LOL
Harvard study looked at over 1300 police shootings (2000-2015) and found blacks 20% less likely to be shot by police ceteris paribus.
C.T. Wellington
They should have Milo Yiannopoulos on as a guest, heard he's a pretty funny guy!
Hillary's a terrorist ha ha ha ha
Anthony James
lmao John Slattery spotting and that guys Bill Clinton impression was actually pretty good
Matt Cambridge
"They all look like the guy from Saw"
Apple tK
I'm Mexican and i have no hate for trump or trump supporters I just don't think it is right to build a wall and take away freedom from Mexicans

also why does he hate Mexicans
"Don't die."
"That's gonna be easier for you."
14:59:59 your time is done
Skyelar C
Humorous but not really funny.
Ashley Bernstein
Is Summer over yet?? Miss u, Che & Jost.
"The rest of these guys are just bankers who killed their wives on Law and Order" OMG
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