Jimmy Fallon, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (w/Classroom Instruments)

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Adele joins Jimmy and The Roots in the Tonight Show Music Room to perform "Hello" with classroom instruments. Instrument list below:

Adele - vocals, flip phone
Jimmy Fallon - wood block, huge bass drum, Casio keyboard
Questlove - hand clappers, orange shaker
Kamal Gray - xylophone
James Poyser - melodica
Captain Kirk - ukulele
Tuba Gooding Jr. - kazoo, banana shaker
Mark Kelley - kazoo
Frank Knuckles - bongos
Black Thought -- tambourine
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Jimmy, Adele & The Roots Sing "Hello" (w/Classroom Instruments)

Orlando Carrillo
people is laughing about the banana... what about the guy that is at the upper left corner of the screen? what's he shaking? a couple of mini-fly swatters?
Pat Shala
Awesome .
María Carreño
I love this version! hahaha
Apeksha Jadeja
I hate the original song bt this version is love
Max MiniMundos
Me lembrou do whindersson ;-;
2017 Represent!
Shakira Gilchrist
I'm watching this in February 2017
uyen le dong tu uyen
Hou are you
uyen le dong tu uyen
Charlie M.
Hello- Adele (Cumbia Version) jaja!
AJ Othwal
Adele's a total dude..... love her <3
Ahmed Ali
Ajsar Fmly
who is watching in 2017 ?
julie Gauthier
Sara Afg
Wow i love her voice she is mumy fav of all time
I listened to the actual song, and while I don't listen to Adele at all, I have to admit she's got an incredible amount of lung power and an awesome voice. Nice job everyone.
Aaliyah2992 Vevo
Adele can now call us all anytime lol!!!
J Lynn
gawd I just adore her <3
너무예쁘고 짱짱
아델 짱
Julia Sokulska
I just loooveeee the moment when Adele starts singing and Jimmi gives her that look. Like he can't belive it's happening and then for the rest of the song he just does his best to be worthy to be there. So stressed out like the dream is just coming true!
Reham Siddiq
ohhhh my Allah Sooo Angelic Voice Too Pure😍😍
Guess what? I have a fever. And the prescription is more banana!
Goldfish Girl
I love Adele.
Andrea Sentmartoni
love it
Daylon fernandez
Damn she looks good there
Wilkem Pablo
Molly Owen
He plays not just a lemon BUT A KAZOO AND BANANA. True talent. I envy him
Aries Boss
Congrats Adele for Song of the year : Hello 😍
Tina H.
you can see how Jimmy was really concentrating to keep that damn tempo! bwahaha!! 😂😂
Clorox Bleach
Forget Adele man, that banana really moved me.

0:42 Like holy crap dude, i started to have an eargasm

I wonder if they gave him the banana because he looks like a monkey?
I'm not saying that's because he's black, I'd still say that he does if he was white. He just does.
Julia Hermann
what s the outro song called at the end
Yousuf choudhury
I am xyloist but this xyloist is a grand master.. :D :D
Savina Carr
This is better than the original! Sorry, not sorry.
Daniella Robins
these don't always come out well but this one did
Projected Reality
Haha it looked like Jimmy was surprised when she sang. Hearing her sing next to you would probably be crazy.

"I didn't realize she was going to sing"
DAP Productions
her voice is really the juice of all
Love you Adele
Doll Face1920
Hahahahaha the banana!!!!!!!!
recognise the sound
Theirs definitely not enough hard hit off beat wood block in this version of the song.
music and instruments are sick but i mean.. her voice is just absolutely ridiculous! fucking love it
Apoorva choudhary
Her high notes are so effortless. She could possibly be hanging off a cliff and if asked to sing she would still nail them.
Ян Торніч
Чувак с тамбурином шикарен😂
Nga Duong
I like how it's so random that there is a banana
they'd rather rename this video : the shaking banana Guy feat. adele &the roots
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