Daniela Orozco
they made a cumbia lmao
Marius Seack
jimmy's face when adele started to sing :D
Ed Wu
My face & her butt would make a great couple
haha hello
Charles Coey
God bless you, Jimmy
Henry Aung
I didn't notice that banana wasn't a real banana, it was a shaker
The Canadian Unicorns
0:10 is me when I see a chocolate bar when I'm on my period... ( girls... You know... You know... )
Adele is sexy!!!
Jhonny Cage X Rage
Now i want to be the lead banana of my group
Emma Nieuwenhuis
This is the only time I have enjoyed this song.
shayla 7662
Adele is amazing! i love her sooo much she's so inspirational and has a amazing personality! she great at singing and she's hilarious!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
S. DaCam
She looks so pretty here. Wow.
nathaniel mclean
Kinda have a reggae vibe to it........ AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Mihai Stefanita
din't miss hope it even
Katrina S
OMG this is the best version ever:))
Mj FanGrl
Will never know the reason why Jimmy was surprised, was it because she started earlier ,or was it because her excellent vocals
I need someone to look at me like the way Jimmy looks at Adele
Gautam Gadipudi
2:00 Best part starts :)
Alan Thomas
just one word.wow
lilik prasetyawan
so funny😁😁😁😁😁
Iris Freddie Mercury
Martina Mendte
I love it!
John Doe
Adele = a such a babe... my problem would be i want wanna her her sing all the time if i was with her lolol
Joaquin Crisostomo
Interracial Orgy with Adele.
Faisal M.
I remember seeing this on pornhub....
i need to know the name of the song in the last seconds of each Jimmy Fallon's Show videos
SessΓ£o Game Play
ele Γ© linda ela
vansha tai
please do classroom instruments with florence + the machine Pleaseeeee
Misely Salander
me encataaaaaaa
Jose Valencia Gomez
OMG Adele is beautiful!
Giuseppina Bulgarino
meglio dell'originale πŸ˜‰
Hoda Motawa
her voice is beautiful without musi
Can someone screenshot this and add a "Blacked" watermark?
Pugie A bear
Why does she keep moving her head
Edjane Silva
Shawn Sitaras
that was awesome just a laid back freestyle of the instrumentals
wanyoike robert
hahaha i love this
Coe Lindner
Rachel 4 Life
This comment section-
1% complementing the song
1% complementing Adele
98% "wtf is that banana guy doing?!?"
Suraj Trivedi
The Adele
Litzy Martinez
Alice Navarro
I am going back into time, P.S., Part of the book that I am writing called "BACK IN THE DAY". Manuscript data priviledged.......
ignacia carvajal
me gusta
Ralf Soares
JΓ‘ assisti esse video umas 20 vezes
Major Media freak
i like this better than the original
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