Gokus Rocket

My frriends anyone know this soundtrack?
Akuma was Kazumi side piece

Where is the omae wa mo shinderu
henki 1986
and then, after final fantasy, sreet fighter ? what the hell with tekken..?
Harold Cruz
theres a lore that kazumi teach him how control the sastsu no hado ...
and another thing in street fighter assassin fist if you try to trained sastsu no hado and cant control it u die.... thats mean kazumi help him .... but i am thinking about RYU's Mother ?? maybe its kazumi because he have this demon blood ...
Joseph joestar really got back on training his combat huh
Da-mel Melton
Least akuma gives his opponent time to get stronger he is an honorable fighter...other than the fact he gave his humanity away,..he is an honorable fighter lol
Devin Robinson
Is it me or does anyone else think the fight mechanics seem much more smoother than Streetfighter in tekken?
Issei Sagawa
The deadly murder of down 3 hahahahaha
Marsh Mallow
That Old Man Dies From Kazuya In The End
otaku ghoul
so we all gon ignore that he corner foot raped that jack 6 ?
Aarons Email
Not Tekken at all. Smh
Doobie Snoopie
Fernando Canellius
Omae wa mo shindeiru...

Heihachi: NANI?!
9:21 - Just when you thought he'd have a moment of clarity...
King Phenomenal
It's tekken 5 repeating
Brandon Harris
Carlos Tovar Rojas
Pain Creed
My boi akuma sound like danzo
Darth Sidious
Is that you Joseph Joestar?
L Lawriet
Omae wa moe Shindairu... 1:23
dude perfect2
Takken 3 line
King Arthur
OH MY GOD! Heihachi is voiced by old Josephs Japanese voice actor.
Loïc Toto
5 min 7
Vash Lee
Stupid player, the fuck you lose at first game 😂😂😂
Tommy Thao
So kuzya's uncle is akuma
Leon Duncan
What's with all "Who the hell is that" quotes? Could they at least say "Who's this, who is he? What's this?" Or something?
Criando Algumas Coisas
1:23 Heihachi: NANI?!
Akuma: Omae sa mou shindeiru! MESSATSU!
the guy who's playing Akuma doesn't know how to use him at all!! how lame!! this guy is obviously not a street fighter gamer. leave it to the real street fighter players lol
Muhammad Ridho
wait in international dub
N A N I ? ! ? !
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so where does Jack 7 come to play if these are Jack 6?
Lauren Lewis
I don't get it who won the fight?
The amount of times I've tried to beat Akuma and failed -_- painful fight lol
Kazumi Mishima
1:22 nani??
shakur steadman
cant wait for tekkenxstreetfighter
shakur steadman
Hit like if 5:00 if funny and headbreaking
Dezroman 1350

mou shindeiro
Gabriel games
Vincent Cortilli
Just awesome
Dennis Hazel
Funny how he started chezzing
Manaf Benayache
it was good with the mini cutscenes during the fight
Out of all this, they never properly explained how or even why Kazumi saved Akuma, so much so that Akuma came to respect towards someone like her? Because she's a demon?

That one little detail is completely missing
Mohamed Ali
No akuma. You were a pussy to face Heihachi in his prime. Scared man I see.
Fabrice Vandenbergh
TEKKEN FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those last two jackbots were trolled to death 💀
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