Rakei Washer
Double d sucks
Mariam Hamad
I am Mohammed and I am a big fan can I please have the nerve gun please
eu amo jesus jesus
Gostei você pode faser mais guera de nerf
jeferson moreno
Yes tommy kick danny's but
azra hussain
I love baby gun
darlin guerrero
...ñlrv ñ bfw
Roma May Pacis
good shot brother
Jilberto Rodriguez
Baby gun is so awesome and Tommy is cool too
Robin Waldo
My favorite gun of Nerf is the N-Strike the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire
Mimi Ibrahem
مستر بن الحقيقي
ssainntt anger around ma neck
Lmaoo is this what happens if the dad was left alone w kids
Geanina Nitescu
Nu apreciez
tuuti tuuti
LOL tuntia boy IS what the fuc what the f*** are you
Anikate Sharma
very nice
Travis Allred
Danny are you a veteran because my dad has the same type of dog tag and he's a veteran
Giovanny Ramirez Azofeifa
Yo no ablo inglés pero me gustan sus videos
Pamila Sartin
Moses Gakosso
i cant belive that the baby kill that guy
Andrei Go
My family is not buying me a nerf guns that nerf gun ay want that nerf gun
Devil dud is funny
super cactus in plant vs zombies super cactus com
Eise malakas to moro ke esi
Phurbi Bhutia
You are the best and so is devil dude
Rosiane Pereira Umbelino
pdk films and gunVSgun are the best youtubers about nerf
Maura Cannon
Good video I like it I am just like a good video
rajesh patel
who is that baby
Jayden’s vlog channel Stoltenberg
That baby is balla
victor osioh
Mr.Khalid 2008
He looks so cute in this video
juhanna jumaat
That baby suck😃
Nayeli Morales
Dameon Plays
thug life
Dameon Plays
thug life
Dameon Plays
thug life
Dameon Plays
thug life
Joshua Pruden
The guy in the beginning with he whacky hair looks like a young Keith Richards!
N90 whosh
Shane Stevens
devil dude is cool and awesome and Tommy always wants pizza and stripers
Thamer Alsharify
Raiyan Khan - Aylesbury PS (1425)
Nice D.D
TI...N BU...N
ebru Yılmaz
Was Danny in the marine core? He has dog tags
Jenyanne Figueroa
6 hi a game
Alienwy Scuky
cute, but deadly
ibradford 75
Sorry to spill the beans but tommy is my dad and I live in the basement that’s why all your credit cards are maxed out
Nkosi George
gun baby is shooting dad
dimas is owsome bad 6 damage is bigger Explor
Tommy is stupid
Like als je Nederlands bent
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