Nick Crompton Collab - YLYL #0002

youlaughyou lose

ma neme nick crompton and my collar stay poping yes i cant rap and in o i m noy from cormpton. england ismy city and i give this one to chance oghhiack

carmi carmona
Playing Damned from bo2
Santos meu time vai mengo
Cara você e o maior youtuber do mundo parabéns
Leticia Schualler
No das risa bolu
Props And many more
I miss the bro fist😢
His laugh sounds fake 💀
He's the meme one, Mr Grinch!
Bryson M
BO2 Zombies theme, nice.
Andy Montechiarini
And you sir, are you ready to receive my limp penissss?
Andy Montechiarini
They eat da POOPOO! They eat da POOPOO! This is why Trump won, because America is full of people who eat da POOPOO! Because Obama brought da POOPOO to America! Is this what Obama wants to bring to Africa? Does he want us to eat da POOPOO?
NUKE Official
its not dank music ITS DUBSTEP!!!!(john cena theme song plays)
3:55 my ears
blue blood
Smonk Whed
Cod zombies theme
Cody Holland
Did anyone else notice the black ops 1 zombies music at the beginning?
I love the Treyarch zombie bo2 loading menu music at the beginning of the video😂😂
Ole Henrik Høydal
G Music
to me, raw bass is just a growl or sub bass from something like serum or harmor or FM 8 without any distortions and vocoding and other effects used..
eat the poopoo!
Ash Qeeela
Scrattar du forlorar du
00:50 is funny af
Wtf 00:50
Byanka De senna
the "lemme get ah" thing is prettty funny if you watch it all the way thru tho
Ninja Ryder
I GOT HIS headphones
Dragon Demon
Was that the black ops zombies in the back ground music in the begging
Anyone else hear the original COD BO theme music in the intro
Wolf Games
3:48 3
3:49 2
3:50 1
3:51 R.I.P. headphone users
Kid On The Block
oriiiiiiiiginal cooonteenttttt
Bat Signal
ThEy EaTa P-o-P-o
Taquoria Joyner
I'm a Jake pauler
mylife asmaraki100
Nice video
As a weeaboo I can safetly say that the 1st anime was Hibike Euphonium and not Bakuman, and I have seen both of them.
Nice bluepill
PenutButter Jelly
old ass bo2 zombie music at the start
Anyone hear the cod zombies music in the beginning.
yoshe boi 2000
10:50 thats pepe the frog
Oisin Browne
I haven't seen either, but I'm pretty sure that's Sound Euphoneum and not Bakuman
Jeongki Kim
4:33 every time my friend tries to make a joke
lunar army
Traysure for fraysure
The Random Channel Chillie Peppers

Ummmm....... I don't think that's how biology works.
Savage Logang paulers
Frank Russo
It Appears to be the Grinch in a mask holding a gun.
Ol’ Billy Red Thighs!!!!!
lost, again
Gaming with brandon
i didn`t laugh
Monroe K.
i became a fookin crab
Black ops zombies soundtrack!!?
melani esquivel
Cuando los subtítulos se van a la shit y no entiendes ni shit °<°
Buddersolder 100
Why cod zombies menu theme?
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