Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath
The Panther with a Gun
Love you pewds
Nikola Poiukov
the africans are right tho
Mak Ak
06:21 "fish don't have any feelings" KDC
Hamsters , crazy toddlers And vlogs
Do try not to cringe but it's just your vids
Amy's channel
Is that the call of duty black ops 2 zombies music i hear in the background hahah
Maarten Bon
Meet the CRINGE!
KossslYT - Clash Royale
Deutsche Übersetzung ist so scheisse
Jason Li
You laugh is like you lose as england is like my city
jesialgr731 LFS
Jake 1
Guerrero Colombiano
that is not fun about brendan fraser it is really sad about his life.. he is a good actor and he love act for the world. The story what happen to him is really sad :(
Infinity Fox
I chocked on my food and lost it at the doctor talking about what homosexuals do in their bedroom
Dan Freestyle
Pewdiepie be careful jake Paul has said he is going to roast you in a different song whatch out
MemeStuff TR
Vid links??
Banter Khan
Am I the only one who gets the Black ops 2 Zombies vibe in the start
Almin Sakic
Milky way is my village
Perry in a nutshell
Cod zombies song
Wooden Iron
Please REACT to more BILL BURR
John Whiteman
"Taste it, taste it......." * Chefs take tentative bites * "It's fookin RAWWWWWWWW!!!!!"
Lance Lucas
I laugh
Marc McWhinnie
Digging that zombies music
Rachel Jules
i hate pewds you laugh you lose videos because i never laugh at the clips i laugh at his reactions

its like
almost. i can make it
then just no i have to laugh
Savannah Is Weird
People who dont know what a meme is.

Grinch with a mask holding a gun.
Isabela Chmara
Who else laughed at PewDiePie's comments on everything xD
Joao Claro
If you take a close look the intro music it loka like bo1 zombies music theme
Mikayla Holyoke
None of this was funny but pewds laughing was making me laugh lmao 😂
bo1 zombie sounds
Petey b The emcee
chloe horsfall
"Eat da poo poo" got me dying 😂😂
Bugs Bunny
This is art 6:45
I'm vegan
I lost at the title
anyone else hear the cod bo2 zombies music in ths backround at the beggining
Mr. Swagnever
I hate people who edit there comment.
Benchaou Mohammed
Where is the emoji movie
Ashlyns WWE Channel
PewDiePie Sucks
was that the music from the call of duty balckops 1 zombies screen at the beginning of the video
Jow Matas
OMG how many you laugh you lose videos are you going to make?!! Do something else like a stunt video or something other then a laugh you lose video! I respect the fact that you are the most subscribed youtuber and everyone expect so much from you but try something else from time to time.
Ikdd Dod
56M wow
Is the intro song from black ops zombies
Liam Parliament
I laughed but I didn't lose
Damn u really hate team 10
Drunken Oxygen
I'll eat your poopoo
I love these videos.
Yeudi Porras
saludos desde COSTA RICA
lïgia Aquarium
he's ''helling yeah'' like jenna marbles now. good for you friend pewdipai
Africa is my country
The Last Minecraftian
Ugandian Doctor, Professor and High Level Governmental Representative And Offcial:

Dey Eit Da PohPoh
An Deh Insrt De Hand in2u Deh Aehnaus,
Joaquim Strong
pewdiepie do a diss to jake paul
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