Liza Koshy
I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS #1 ON TRENDING EITHER OKAY I DIDN'T EVEN PAY ANYONE YET but subscribe so you know when to come give a big thumbs down cuz! Good luck watching this! lol thanks babes.
SquishyCollector AndAninmations
73 les quèstions avec le hèlga
Carey Franklin
You should do one with Carlos
Naasir Muhammad
I like how Liza claims she has no ass. #nottrue 🍑
Bryanna Green
Were you on madea boo
I Dont Crow

Chelsey Moore
I love your channel
jUsT W0lf!e826
Lol i love helga X3
BTS Lover
Anyone realized the how to write good bool by Ryan Higa?

I think more than 600 people already said that..oh wait 601 cuz of my comment lol
Simon Brown Brown Simon
73 questions with Carlos!
"20÷5=2" 😂😂😂
jadyn Ormond
Do a 73 qeustion with Carlos
onaip ekili
You should make a 73 Question Interview with Carlos!! ;)
Madison 2004
You guys notice that ever since Liza did this and got in the actual vogue YouTube everyone’s doing parody’s vogue 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 CONGRATULATIONS LIZA 🍾🍸🍺
Mihaela Adel
Why you have to watch that?!?! Thats so ugly
Toasty Nugget :3
Can you tolerate eating that much Play-Doh. I mean, like not eating, just sticking it in your mouth! It's so salty 😂
Love this!!!
Annabel Meinesz
When are you gonna do 73 Q's with Carlos?
Life with Autumn
Noticed David said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious like superfragilisticexpialidocious
Eleah Avelar
Why isn't there 73 questions with Carlos like if you agree
Naia Lee
this Helga voice is different than in davids vlogs
Elaina Sanchez
2:22 how did she do it perfectly in half
Random. Breanna
73 questions with.... CARLOS???
I do not get whats wrong with marrying you're cousin
Suzanne Ramos
You should do one with Carlos
Yes or no
Elizabeth Banut
Tam Tran
73 questions with CARLOS!!!!
Lazy Lemons
Did anyone else realize David said superfragilisticexpealidocius not supercalifragilisticexpealidocius?or just me
freya Xox
Why does this have more views then the zac efron one😂
Maria Luiza Plc
Legenda em Português seria bom ;-; só acho...
Queen Nou SaïdQueen
So excited to watch your REAL Vogue interview just after this!
Princess 24
Does she have multiple personalities ?
Creamy Cookies
Ask Helga Do you like jet?
What about Carlos?
When you ganna do 73 questions with Carlos?
Galaxy Gal
Helga was watching goat porn!!! Ahahahahahhahaa
Fnaf Lover
Can you do with carlos or baby liza?
ruby hargreaves
why are you eating plants
Isobel Mildenhall
Lol Liza good job on eating play doh
gito and mito
I bet many of us are after her re vogue
Frida Hansen
73 questions with baby liza
Iraq Lobster
Ryan higa triggered.
rayrayplays RM
There was
Please make a Carlos 73 questions!!
Cory Mck
Simply Michelle
David: How would you spell Supercalifragilisticexpialiaocious?
Me: Supercalifragilisticexpialiaocious
Simply Michelle
That way she said goat tho😂😂😂
Rhayna Buggs
Liza is so inspirational and talented. She spends her Wednesday filming, and stay up to 1:00 or till 2:00 o'clock so it can be uploaded the next day. She is so smart and talented, and I love her so much. Liza or should I say Adel off of Madea Boo 1 and 2 you are truly special and keep up the good work!!!
darksnake 87
What was the intro why was a goat f**ing another goat
Rachel Pham
why is there no bloopers?? on liza 2
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