Proving the Illuminati is Real!

nigahigaryan higahigatvilluminatiproving the illuminati is realIlluminati (Defunct Organization)

To all you crazy conspiracy theorist out there: You can stop now. It's been proven...

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Some Random HarryPotter Fan
I bet when Kim Kardasian looks in a mirror she's like

Does this dress make my butt look to small?!
Rambo Panda
Two triangles put together: davids star not what ever you said i forgot alreay i have adhd
Milan MLM
This was the first nigahiga video i ever watched, Now i am a big nigahiga fan
mtsimlover2 - ROBLOX
sean was right! he said three of them were talking about the illuminati and erica was asleep so 3 sides 1 eyeball and they were talking about illuminati so ryan sean and the other dude are the sides which is 3 sides and erica, 1 person is the eye
Zoe Lupke

Please I'm a Christian don't do THIS
Useless Person
Most of americans probably thought Israel is a planet.
what the fuck am i watching
Carl Chester Santos
a dorrito with an eye
jackie sebastian
Kaynee, learn how to reead
Gabriel Lippe
It's nigahiga but every time they make the ''e'' sound it speeds up
South African Phan
Abubakar Kabir
bad ass
Gk Thug
How many hours did you research for this video Ryan
illuminati to me is a reason hopeless unsuccessful people use to make themselves feel good for how poor/unsuccessful/hateful they are.
Then i will not study MATHS cuz MATHS deals with bunch of TRIANGLES😂
The skeleton brother Spirit of the haunted
Is reel or is real
The skeleton brother Spirit of the haunted
Dant dee m
greggi vikarly
Illumi.not-eee is an A 😏
Mta Harris
Jordan Steptoe
niga higa wonder were he got that from
Bruv This is just 🔥🔥 how did he get his ideas
The unknown
oh my gosh dantdm dantdeeem😱
Uma atef
i know this is a joke and everything but Palestine is there Israel is just an invader not the original people , the real country still lie there which is Palestine
Giuseppe Reigns
Nothing will ever top it
Ultra Goy
another bunch of shills who are paid by illuminati to say that illuminati doesn't not exist. what a bunch of assholes!
Nadiya Ve
Woww am speeechless!!!i th8 this was gonna be a deeep video lol i guess i was right!!
Zeeshan Ahmad
you guys are next
Kishore Kalikiri
What about Taylor swift
shahariar hossain
neeeeeeeeeeeega heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeega
this was awesome
I actually have a friend named America....
Hêr Bîjî Kûrdîstan
Israel is a terrorist state
America -> Am Erika
Colby Christianson
Actually tho u probably right
garvinsa dwiputra

Made from Germany 1764
Zachary Unger
When he said Konyeeeee. I thought to myself "yee"
النجم الثاقب
Roman Melliza
is the illuminati real?
h i
I wonder how long it took him to think of this
Kevin Ronson
Look up videos of celebrities and famous musicians admitting to selling themselves. Bob Dylan admits it too. The apple comes from the Adam and Eve story in the bible where they take a bite out of the apple. George Bush senior even admits about The New World Order in an interview. I believe in Georgia there is a large stone with the "ten commandments of the new world order" written on the large stone. Look at how demonic, dark and sexual Lady Ga Ga's music videos are. Who wants the youth watching this garbage that the big record labels are feeding us? Lady Ga Ga also admits to it so does Micheal Jackson. Prince did as well. But who ever wants to believe it or not it's entirely up to them. I'm the kind of person who is open to different ideas.
Adrian Templin
This fucked me up....
A Troll
You finally figured it out

And now I must execute you to keep this secret.
Rey Rey
uzair786 gaming
just because we're Muslims doesn't mean u hav 2 be rude
this is a serious question is the Illuminati real?
Hemlata Das
This is secretly his way of exposing the illuminati he's not joking just pretending he's joking but really it's true wake up
Jawpixels jonah_epic
is it real
Şeyma Sarıoğlu
4:17 as as bayrakları as 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Maryam Was here
I keep repeating this 😂
Prorengirl 123
ryan heega
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