My New Kitten Passed Away

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NEW VIDEOS Every THURSDAY 10am!Apollo was my new kitten.  

He was diagnosed with FIP and died less than two months after we brought him home.

Cats with weak immune systems are most likely to develop the disease.
The most common transmission occurs when infected female cats pass along the virus to their kittens, usually when the kittens are between five and eight weeks of age.
coronavirus more often because many of them come from catteries.
Can FIP be treated?
Unfortunately, there is no known cure. FIP is a fatal disease. Treatment is generally aimed at supportive care, such as good nursing care and nutrition, and alleviating the inflammatory response of the disease. Cats with FIP are often treated with corticosteroids, cytotoxic drugs, and antibiotics. Supportive care may also include fluid therapy, draining accumulated fluids, and blood transfusions.

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I am sorry if i made anyone cry :( I didn't mean to make this so sad.. It really is just a good memory of the time I was able to be with him and how lucky my family and I were able to be the ones to be with him on his way out.. I hope I didn't make anyone depressed or sad about this video. We just wanted to share with you how much love we have for our pets and how much we adore our animals and thank you guys for watching and I hope everyone is happy and positive. we love you all!
Jada Jones
Who has the ONINS??
keyla wolf
It made Me cry its so sad
Diancieilovepokemon and Decidueye
I'm very sorry for your loss 😢
Hi Aws
Am soooo happy it died me no like cats
jerry whitt
Awwww 😢 I'm sorry
Mark Phoa
I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
celestialdragonslayer Lucy heartfillia
He had so long to live

I never cry in movies when a human dies
But in movies fake or real I always cry I really love animals I feel like they're humans I can always talk to them R.I.P Apollo
celestialdragonslayer Lucy heartfillia
R.I.P. Apollo <3
Anya LeFrancis
Poor baby 😢😭😪😥😰😨😨😫😩😖😓😢😭😭😭😭
This made me cryyyyy. and i have no pets but i love them so much!!!
Mya Mitchell
Davggg Davennn
It made me cry I used to I don't like cat but now I do I need to care about how dumb I'm
Haroon Javed
10000000000000000 of you will cry
seanna chrissy Acosta
This is so sad I was crying and crying very sad
Kerry Snaith
I cried this poor kitten
Purrfect XOXO
I am crying so much right now, I am so sorry for you and your kitten who passed away
Larisa Sunn
this is really so sad😭😭😭
Larisa Sunn
this is really so sad😭😭😭
Imma Train
I’m so sorry this happend u will see him in a better place and u might see him soon
cindy d
Such a coincidence because this video was reccommended to me Foremost, Sorry for your loss! This hurts so bad! ((crying as I type)). I too lost my 2 month old kitten (Baby Jewel) 2 weeks ago to Roundworms, URI. After watching this video, I do believe that she had FIP as well because on rare occasions, she would breathed heavily like your kitten did and I would get scared at times because I knew it wasn't normal. My Baby Jewel never grew due to her up and down weight. She stopped eating on her own, never played anymore when outside, and would sleep 21- 22 hours 7 days a week. The last two days before she passed, her body was depleted, she couldn't walk, and she could no longer hold her bowels due to all her illness. I tried every natural remedy to revive this baby and I even force fed her daily, but I feel like I failed her still. Til this day, I cry thinking about her or looking at her picture. I get emotional always because I believe God used me to be her angel during the little time she had on earth because after losing my cat of 13 years two years ago, I said that I would never love or care for another cat, but when her feline mother didn't want her, I happily took on that responsibility. Jewel was sick since birth and was a fighter until her death. I mentally broke down the night before when she cried as I tried to get her to regain her strength by walking a few steps. I thought she was just weak due to excessive sleeping, but I then realized that it was something more severe and that she had finally given up. I didn't want her leave. I had plans for her; plans to see her big, healthy, and playing and being with me for years to come. I was selfish for wanting her to stay here on earth, but when I look back and think how she suffered for months, I felt a bit at ease knowing Baby Jewel is no longer suffering. On that Sunday (Oct. 5), I carried her to her bed outside as she laid helpless; just wanting to sleep. I shook her to wake her up, told her I loved her as I try to compose myself, took her picture fro my phone as a keepsake for me, had her burial box ready for my mom to lay her to rest, then I headed to work. Call my mom like 5 -6 hours later to hear her tell me that despite the fact that Baby Jewel wasn't able to walk, she somehow left her bed and went back to die in the dirt where I previously found her laying. Those who pretty much know about cats, know that cats do not like to die in the mist of people or other animals. It kills me everytime thinking how much Baby Jewel struggled to get out of her favorite bed to die in peace where she can not be seen. Thankfully, my mom found her and buried her as soon as she got home from church. I was a reck, but content that I at least had my final moments with her before saying goodbye. Today makes two weeks and it still hurts like hell! May our kittens and anyone who has ever lost a cat continue to rest in God's sweet bossom! R.I.P. to your angel abd R.I.P. to my sweet Baby Jewel. Love always!! 😢😢 😚😿❤❤
phil lester's hamster
Having a pet is wonderful but it’s so heartbreaking when they leave us, especially as early as Apollo. Life can be so cruel to creatures who have done nothing wrong. I have two birds and I know I’ll be devastated when one of them passes and the other gets left alone. It’s just so sad, growing to love and care for an animal, and then to lose them.
jordan kitchenham
This is incredibly sad and im 10 i never cry but with annimals im emotional
pawan sharma
Sonicfire 28
This video my contacts all cloudy. I finally had to take them out and rinse them.
Lolbit_the_FOX 31
I cried so hard...
Sunray Gallegos
😢 #prayforapolo
IT IS SO SAD .. but the sad part is that you clickbaiting by this thumbnail !!
Wdw Why don’t we lover
I need to learn how too not cry he is so cute omg I feel so bad Rip Apollo god bless him and you
Incognito Sr
Kayleigh The night guard
I did the math

This kitten lived for 6 months
Madison Greenwood
I will remember this everyday and think of him
VanniJoi Roblox
My heart is in peaces because everyone knows I love cats even my friends and THIS CAT IS SO CUTE rip 😭😭😭
John McCracken
my boy is 5 month old and that's his double my heart goes out to you 😔
Jennifer Chavez
Awe poor baby
Naomy Corona
Stop. Ur making e sad in hate when pets die
Flying Snake
At least you and that bigger cat took care of him until the end
stardaisha tarrats
That kitty is the most adorable kitten I ever saw god bless him
Heidi Khattak
Did anyone realize she said heaar instead of hear
delur sunami
I m sad heart broken and.......
Dayton Smith
This made me cry bad
Babiesexy Kuzvida
So sad poor kitty my heart is broken 😢😢😢😭
Natasha Rychert
Wait what he died NO PLEASE SAY NO :((((((
Natasha Rychert
I can't i cried so much :(
kayla tesch
what that is just sad 🐱+😭=👼
Kevon Walker
Rip Apollo
robo cat Kitty bot
I'm so depressed
Gurdeep Siddhu
Why did not take him to doktorrrrrr ?
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