How RiceGum Missed the Mark: His Content Cop Response

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Many people thought that RiceGum would be the first iDubbbz Content Cop target to respond well. Well, let's just say we can expect a RiceGum Content Deputy.



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family friendly pg clean! Just kidding

Guess who's back? :o
Update video on where I've been ➜
Rice's fanbase are just cucks in general.
Tom Bayliss
iddubz fan
Sean Walla Walla
It's just depressing that people support these bad content creators past 8 million subscribers, when there are tons of Youtubers with WAY better content and are left in the shadows
(Normally ranging from 0-99999 subscribers)
The only thing I disagree with is that Ricegum actually did himself a disservice with the pewdiepie examples. Instead of choosing videos where Pewdiepie actually stretches the video, he chose two videos where he was joking about and explaining the whole 10 minute mark.
Bbv Bhf
yeah but he's blaming PewDiePie can you play hasn't done nothing to him since that time idubbbz release that recording the 10-minute mark it still doesn't give him a good reason to stretch out his videos PewDiePie at least put music into the 10-minute mark which is still content
Jamesy Boy
Rice, get back in your bowl at Panda Express.
round pinkish face
I enjoyed this video but his "good points" aren't even ... good, I'd say he successfully drove the topic to another direction but he clearly didn't get why is he's being criticized
Eugene Mccaul
9:39 he looked at his phone to take down the lyrics
One thing RiceGum TOTALLY missed the mark on was iDubbbz point on him using a producer and camera man. Rice responded by saying that many youtubers use them, but DUDE, that wasn't the point. He wasn't saying that you aren't allowed to use professionals to help with your productions, he was saying that he shouldn't brag about how much better said productions are getting (as if it's because of you that they're getting better) when it's obviously because of using a producer and camera man
Because it happened in the past " 1 or 2 years ago" doesn't mean it doesn't reflect on you. Well fucking Hitler killed all of those jews/ germans/ allies n shit, and he's dead now. GUESS WHAT? WE STILL HATE HIM! BECAUSE THE PAST REFLECTED ON HIM AS A PERSON!!!!
"it made Rice look a little better" No, never. He will never be looking good in my eyes, or ever be. He is a piece of shit.
I cant decide whether to like or dislike the video tbh so imma do netiher aha, i agree with some points and disagree with others. So yeah, great video =D
Luther Barrett
The point I think Idubbbz is trying to make when talking about the studio and camera man is this. Ricegum seems to believe that because he has a song that charted, it makes him a music expert. He watches other peoples music and says shit like, "You're not even improving, just give up and do something you're good at". Since Ricegum doesn't write his own songs, or mix his own beats, or film and edit his own videos... this is hypocritical as fuck. He barely does any of the work, takes all the credit, then puts down people who are doing all the work on their videos for not being as good as him. Rice is a fucking asshole and Idubbbz exposed it to everyone.
i remember when you only had 800 subs
Ibrahim Al Ali
You’re like a calm wildspatnz
Reeses Puffs
The point that rappers flex in there music videos is true but rice isn't a rapper like post Malone
He's a fucking youtuber
Rue Akim
9:25 how is that proof of him "writing" his lyrics?...
Alfie Skelton
i think this video has clearer points than the idubbbz response
Fredrico Spalding
Freaky Faith Reads
Man how do you have only 8k subs!
You literally have 8k subs. You're opinion is literally nothing. Kys. Delete your channel
Lol he wasn't actually writing it in his video
Mauro Ramirez
RiceGum is a complete idiot. this is proven again when he brings up Idubbbz in his Logan Paul's brother Roasted Me video and whines about it being "drama" and Ian was just being a hater for no reason. So much fucking fail...

Good points in this video, wish that idiot would see this but his ego is just too much for him to take any kind of criticism.
Miguel Miralles47
Maxmofoe was the one vidoeing rice
Brandon Jose
I’m going to have to stop you at the part of him making his own lyrics, though it does set somewhat a image of him making lyrics, it doesn’t entirely clear the fact he uses a ghost writer nor show proof, it’s a skit just hoping that people will think he writes his lyrics when in reality he doesn’t...
pill dolan
When ricegum says his videos are jokes, he means that for the most part he's playing hyper brash, dumb version of himself. I.e he is being ricegum, not brian. And is is plain to see in the in the content, if you can perceive the relavent tells of someone acting. They're subtle mabey to someone who doesn't act or do parody, but as someone who used to enjoy doing both, I could tell from the first video I saw of him talking, that he's doing a "bit"or skit if you will. That doesn't mean he's nothing like that in real life, I do think though most of his haters have misplaced him in their perception.
The vid is good but you missed one main point. In his video against ricegum he says he doesn't care about the flexing. He says ricegum should own in. Rice is always saying in his vid he doesn't like flexing but he does.
Fun fact: Rice Gum says that Idubbbz is obsessed with him for making a 30 minute video about him, yet if you add all the videos that RiceGum made off of the content cop, (The Reaction, The Response, The Preview to the "diss track", The "diss track", and the lyric explanation video.) You get about 39 minutes.
Edit: For the clickbait challenge he could have just found the video that didn't use the Ariana Grande. Another thing is I doubt he would have gave out the 10k, he just used the Ariana Grande as an excuse, if that never happened and no one used the Ariana Grande clickbait because it never happened he probably wouldn't have given the 10k out, he just used the fact that everyone used Ariana Grande for an excuse.
Edit on top of an edit: It pisses me off how he clearly paid the rape victim to say they are friends, because that whole segment feels so fake, even if they are actually in good terms now, it also doesn't help that he made her dance on a fucking strip pole while shooting money at her.
3rd Edit: That segment of him writing his own lyrics is clearly fake, it's clear he had the lyrics before hand during that segment, but it could have just been that he did write the lyrics it's just that it was too late to prove he wrote them so he makes this acting segment to show he wrote them but it ends up making me think he didin't. What he should have done is wait 'til he decides to make another song and show him actually writing the lyrics, but it could be just that time that he writes the lyrics.
this one seemed like the heaviest one idubbbz has made, its much harder to respond with humour to something like being called on that rape comment, leafy really could of just responded with humour whereas ricegum was put into a more difficult situation
Nabil Bsat
I think you missed out on the fact that you should not take all things at face value. Ricegum tends to always lie in his videos so him bringing in any evidence that can be easily disproven, doesn’t count as evidence.
Him writing the diss track rolling around in the bed is not an accurate representation of how lyric writing works therefore I have some slight concerns of whether he just acted like he camp up with something after the ghost writer already made the lyrics.
I do not mind if people who make music don’t actually come up with their lines however rice gum does not know how to rap or sing therefore it is not fair to give him points for delivering this work well. Denying the fact that you have a ghostwriter does not help his point at all.
mark soulliere
I liked the well formatted points you made in this video
RubenDelight Animates!
Turns out the clickbait point was also bad, as currently the arianagrande thing has the most views, but at the time, it was ColossalisCrazy who had the most views after the 2 weeks of the contest. So although it would be a valid argument, it wasn't the Ariana video that won the challenge at all, he's just making it up to save face since Colossal won by making fun of him. Nice video though, good analysis.
Nathaniel Doyle
I'm sorry Woollyone you're not the brightest fellow. The things you're saying Rice Gum made valid claims to only shows how weak minded you are to buy his bullshit.
Nathaniel Doyle
The thing you said about Rice Gum making a good point about Idubbbz, that idubbbz shouldn't be criticizing Rice Gum about what he says is the point that idubbz isn't targeting any one person and idubbbz does it with satire. Rice on the other hand didn't use satire and was being serious and himself.
Squarehead Richpants aka Ricecum
Camille Vega
RiceGum is like the Kellyanne Conway of Youtubers
guys plz sapm this to rice gum plz plz it will make him cry do it on his vid about i dubbz plz

Bro, In your response Vid, You were talking about IDubbz not having good beats, Awful Transitions etc....
Bro Asian Jake Paul you are missing the point here,
guys plz sapm this to rice gum plz plz it will make him cry do it on his vid about i dubbz plz

Bro, In your response Vid, You were talking about IDubbz not having good beats, Awful Transitions etc....
Bro Asian Jake Paul you are missing the point here,
Stijn Weijters
Ricegum sucks and Idubbz is a content god. He get making movies better then anyone i know of.
Tyler T
This video is extremely well critiqued. Seemingly unbiased and you earned a sub. Great work.
You earned a sub
flying cheeze
great job on making a fair analysis ^^ Plenty of people who have made the same style of video refuse to give Ricegum any credit due to what i assume is personal bias. So good job on being a bit more nuanced and stuffs
Khachidze Ezdihcahk
it only shows that ricecunt is really stupid AF。
The Messiah
how can anyone right while on a bed/Paper in the air... he dont write shit the fucking asian cunt... this prick triggers me so much.... get this prick off youtube All these Faze clan member n all they all fucking clowns.... just cuz they got the youtube cash they think they fucking superior
Wenlong Zhang
How the fuck is BitchGum's response good to Keemstar lol. This shit was fucking awful
I don't even know how he thought it was a good idea to have the girl that we literally only know from the fact that she was raped, do a stripper routine. Every moment with her was so fucking painful to watch.
Xerxes the Falcon
Based on the Spider-Man music in the background, it’s obvious that him “writing” his lyrics was a joke. He obviously isn’t capable of it
Wasn't the part of him writing the song a joke about iDubbbz and not him actually writing the track?
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