UFC MMA Fighters Picking Up Girls

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Compilation of UFC fighters hitting on and getting hit on by women. Starring Luke Rockhold, Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, Rampage Jackson and Tonya Evinger.

Footage from GenghisConFIlms:

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Alec Gross
Man, whenever I see that clip of rampage humping that reporter, I have to fast forward. So cringey...
Adnan Khan
rampage is damn fucker😂😂😂😂
The Salty Spittoon
How is a guy as good looking as Luke so shitty at this 😂
2:02 damn Rockhold is buff as fuck/ got a good build. He looks like boxer Ken Norton back in the day.
Jose Bermudez
Dee whooped conors ass after he asked for the pictures in that interview hahahaha
Youtube Guy
"Luke Rockhard"
Jefferson Rambo III
Luke Cuckhold.
Noah Miller
Drawing echo country return ethnic this ownership dismiss demonstration keep.
Not No
0:55 boy this FUCKING ASSHOLE in the orange shirt is jealous like a little BITCH because his friend is locking up some hot girl. Fucking punk even goes over and GRABS HER FEET AND LEGS. Fucking jealous punk. Let your boy get laid FAGGOT.
arsjaad poese
Tall white and handsome, the epitomy in this world.
Luke is a savage
Bob Saget
Gonna go watch Michael Bisping knock out Luke "The AKA rapist" Rockhold.
does anyone know what the song is that starts at 0:42
Fihan Nijer
you should change to " Masvudal and Luke picking up girls"
Kon Haijacked
Fuck everyone
Herr Schweizer
masturbated on my laptop screen
no game at all. that was uncomfortable to watch
- MaximumPowah -
Where's the full video of Luke with that girl? I can't find it anywhere.
Luke is the kinda guy to ass his own ass during sex.
"Fight against fights" hugging that back tight as ever
Hyperion Dark
Jorge has game. Luke is cringey. Rampage is a rapist.
Cary Chilton
Luke spending too much time with the ladies and not enough time training... makes me love Bisping all the more!
Danny Tubiolo
0:52 lmfao
Krishna Mohan
UFC must be one of the biggest consumers of super tight undies.
Budgie Cat
lol this video is 70% Luke Rockhold 20% Masvidal and 10% Rampage
Should be picking up and epically striking out
training footage
jeezus how can you look like rockhold and have no game at all
Jacob Phillips
Rampage a savage
Jorge always spittin game lol
Luke is really blessed genetically but he's autistic.
Kelly Lee
"Jamaican , black and white". She does realize Jamaican is black right?
Luke is a dirtbag
Haha Rampage is the best
Blake Bernard
Luke "Patrick Bateman" Rockhold
dfdfdgg gjhjjh
Rockhold has probably had more than a decade of pussy being thrown at him that he's not capable of giving a fuck anymore. "Damn girl you spit or swallow?"
Royal Galayr
When a girl tells you, you're bad she wants you like you are a big Mac.
I swear to god if I did what rampage did I would be arrested and get a restraining order against me lmaooooo
Who's that couple at 2:10?
Daaaamn Luke
Trey Shaw
conor was the funniest lmfao
Tomaz Apat
0:50 cockblocker :)
Krayzie D
4:05 I feel like that is me lmao "why you touching her".. maybe cause he a man, you dumb fuck?!
Tyson D.
wtfffffff this nigga luke is a rapist
Gregory Longoria
Damn, I knew I should've pursued a fighting career
Sawyer Ng
Luke rockhold the type of nigga to slap his own ass while having sex
Legends Clips
Jorge is lowkey a legend. His game is godly.
Jaime Medina
Luke has zero game. Straight scumbag
Anthony Campos
Luke was in the majority of these clips.
Alain Gabriel
Mcgregor fucking awesome
Deion Francis
Rampage is a sex fiend
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