Krayzie D
4:05 I feel like that is me lmao "why you touching her".. maybe cause he a man, you dumb fuck?!
Tyson D.
wtfffffff this nigga luke is a rapist
Gregory Longoria
Damn, I knew I should've pursued a fighting career
Sawyer Ng
Luke rockhold the type of nigga to slap his own ass while having sex
Legends Clips
Jorge is lowkey a legend. His game is godly.
Jaime Medina
Luke has zero game. Straight scumbag
Anthony Campos
Luke was in the majority of these clips.
Alain Gabriel
Mcgregor fucking awesome
Deion Francis
Rampage is a sex fiend
"Don't break my boobs" Since when can breasts be broken? ^^
Sebastian ioio
arunav rajesh
where's the one where Overeem ragdolls the reporter?
Eman Gamer
1:26 O_O them jugs
John Poff
luke rockhold comes across very rapey
K rockholds pretty creepy wtf
Who is luke? @ what time is he in
Jamaican, Black and white 🤔 Jamaicans are black.
tys disposition
Luke has all the tools but hes soft.
the mcrgegor one is the only good one, rest are weird as fuck
hahahahaha rampage is the best
Gurman Klar
One thing that I learned from this vid..... rockhold is one hell of a fucking pimp
Matt K
You could see the fear in that girls eye when he humped her. That's some creepy shit.
bill gates ows me 50 billion and never gave back
I'll quit my job today ( school teacher ) and become a UFC coach, whatever it takes ill do it... :/
Next time I'm going to try out that line, "Hey girl, do you spit or swallow?"
jose morfin
Vitor Souza
Rampage 's game is the P4P best pick up martial artist.
Facts Machine
Wtf was that last girl doing? I felt Luke tap from here. - Alistair Overeem
Roger Federer
First one reminds me of Flavia Pennetta
Chris Eko
these women are fiening for that dick
Tay Tay
John Jones the type of nigga to say fuck the girls and break her arm cause he want the W😂
Beo Wulf
wow Rockhold is rapey af
peter janjanin
don't forget to pull on the head in that triangle
dayum rockhold and masvidal get all the ladies.
junn junn
yall always gotta do some borderline gay,sexist or porno shit in the mma😑😑hella sus
Powermove Squadron
"Jorge Rivera got game!"
Uhm he was trying to holla at a fat chick in this video lol whut?
0:23 - 0:25
Allure Lane
Lmao rampage
Chris Hodge
u know Rampage fucked the shit outta her 2:30
So Rockhold is sort of a creep...
lol this is one of the funniest videos ive seen in a while
Siddiq Isah
Girl 2:07 is not much of an achievement
Bryce Drake
rampage gives no fucks
Judge me as a Cow
Rockhold reminds me of Ross from friends.
Big Will
Girls LOOK at me like a piece of meat!
More like a piece of Shit
John Doe
I would take Megan too!
Mr. Light
when 1 video changes the way you look at a person forever. i didn't knew luke was like that damn that dude is a savage.
tanaka mujuru
""you know I've been humping reporters so you may wna get away from me""😂😂😂😂
G Sal
i'm fairly certain what rampage was doing constitutes sexual harassment lmao
Of course he can flirt with girls. Because of the implications..
Kenny Wit the henny
Lol my boy luke out here tryin to get every bitch breathing lol
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