Casting 3 Real Silver Hearts

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In this video I will cast 3 silver hearts in a mini propane furnace.

The hearts will be on a giveaway. 

GiveAway link :

The furnace and mold we used are coming from :

If you are interested in puchasing one of these mini propane furnace kits you can use this link to get a 10% discount :

This is the heart mold that i used :

You can visit the YouTube-channel from MakeYourOwnGoldBars here :

I was planning on casting 4 hearts, but there was not enough silver to make 4 of them. So i made 3 of them, and each weighs about 65grams or a little over 2ounce.

This furnace will also melt Gold, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, etc....

Our Casting Videos :

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Let us know if you have other good ideas !

This video is for entertainment purpose only. If you try to do this yourself at home, please be aware that you use personal protection gear. If you are not experienced with melting metals please do not attempt this on your own.

You can contact us at :

Facebook page :

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Hi everyone ! Tell me what you think about this video! Do you want more giveaways with real silver? Oh and btw .... we are almost finished with our new destruction device ! There will be frequent updates about this device on our facebook page. We allready have uploaded some pictures from it right now. The link to our Facebook page is in the description.
Tolga Akyuz
i wonnnn!!!!!
scourge awesome
heat the mold right before the pour and have a flame heating into the mold as it pours (keeps oxygen free area during the pour) last but not least don't pour the last drops of silver in the pour (contaminated with crucible and furnace dust) just add a little more to compensate for the dusty drops that you dont pour because it will ruin the finish and the purity
Nigeria Joseph
Hi I am a fan and I would want to win one for my girlfriend
thank you
allken lomongo
l subscribe
Actual silver?
Ciclone Maldito do Victor Cleiton
Where's the gloves? ;-;
Elizabeth Little hoop
amazing 😁
dude make a sword from empty bullet shells!!!!
Normanlanz Malvarosa
can you make the clash of clans symbol
Silver heart
Nicholas Chong
do a silver lego man!!!please
sammy Andres
Can you make me a gold or silver heart for my girlfriend Karen
Nick Puopolo
I subbed heart plz
Mohammed Sharaf
Do gold
Tha Mask Rapper
that is cool .
loves your videos
so good love
Jorge Solera Cartagena
Y de dónde sacaste el míni horno
Random Person
I like how he's handling molten metal on a wooden table like it's no big deal.
Lance Ladewig
Lol works a little better when there's something in the crucible
Cat with glasses
i vant a silver Heart
Ali Barati
Bailey Bigalla
y y no romove slag
Franklin Perez
cool can you make me one
Derry Adhara
Daytona Dogood
My girl friend would love one of those
heroic wolf 333
can I have a silver heart
shiela marie espiritu
can you give me a silver heart plss i subscribe i turn on the bell and i like your video
Abraham Andrade
you should make a nike one it will be dope
Hope Brantley
How do you enter I can't figure out
Hope Brantley
How do you enter
olive uwimana
all of your video are great
Gracee Moore Singer/Songwriter/Musician
Super beautiful! I would love to win one in a giveaway!! I've been subscribed for almost a month, and like every video!! Great job!
SnippetyGold 167
Those are 5oz bars roughly $100 each
orangegamer boy5 YT
Challenge Teddy
PressTube i love your Chanel... I just got 36 subscribers on my yt Chanel
can you give me a shoutout PLEASE
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👊 BRO FIST
i am from sweden
Rahul Augnu
can you post one for me at mauritius shivala road please
I want one
Jonathan Görl
Gilla om ni är över 419 TUSEN VISNINGAR
Scarybanana43 .0
Do you need to temper those crucibals
Scarybanana43 .0
My teachers name is Steve Hamilton random fact
Glenn Dunlap
Cool video. I want to win a silver heaet. ty
almatom12 2
why? the silver is more expensive than brass?
kiandi naufal
and please make me a youtubers subcriber the silver one and please pick me really please.....
kiandi naufal
i dont have facebook but please pick me....
Colton Kelley
Nice vid bro
KKK :/
Why didn't he take the impurities out before it hardened?
Wow that heart is already so shiny and beautiful without any sanding or buffing (*♡∀♡)♪
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