Hi everyone ! Tell me what you think about this video! Do you want more giveaways with real silver? Oh and btw .... we are almost finished with our new destruction device ! There will be frequent updates about this device on our facebook page. We allready have uploaded some pictures from it right now. The link to our Facebook page is in the description.
scott Budner
If this gay opened a shop and was selling the stuff he makes he will be rich like if you agree
cool video i do sand cast silver but dont get the views you get congrats man
Rama Dhani
alex flores
yes it cool keep it up
Maliyah Hawthorne
I can I have the heart yesterday was my moms mom birth day I don't know what to give my mom for her birthday
M3rk God
I love it for my mom in the Hospital And my Martina
Londonna King
I want to keep that heart i live in baton rouge
You just won the "smallest furnace" award
Zipper Plays
Nice video bro keep it up
Souha Derbel
Masti Time
Can you make a love for me please
Daniel VTL
Zilver of galium?
islam ansari
hey i want 1 pls
Jirka Mrázek
Omg is awesome heart
MC Gaming
I like youre video
Mhelmerd Estallo
I want that heart only 1.....i am from pilipinas
Malik Roman
You know what's odd you didn't do this in February
Angelica GamerYT
Adnan Khan
Anyone has got this casting materials in a give away or is that fake!!!!!
Mohamed abdo
Nice video 👍👍👍👍👍
coisas de demore x
Bem legal
Angel Tamez
Make the Gears of War Omen
Tristan Smith
Jahbari Bryan
:) nice
Skalachy Ftw
Can you make the rebel alliance logo from the Star Wars franchise
Hilmi Naufal
Lost again
woshington freitas
Cadê os br
Dan Phan Thanh
Đất nước VN có ai xem ko vậy
Thilak Sai
Man the burning Furness was awesome. But I like the old one you usually use. After seeing the mud and open areas it was really wicked to see the closed room and that small furness
Jae Dae
I won't this thing
Pit Bullion
Awesome! I pour silver too. I have a Bunch of Videos in my channel.
weyder gamer
Misao Hikari
Wow they are beautiful.
Paul Deschenes
nice i want a heart please
what is that voice accent you have? 😍
نورا العراقية
Golden Touch
you seriously don't know much about pouring silver, do you?
Siska larasati
plis make a bitcon sir oke plis.. :(
Slow Senpai
itty bitty
Netherland Soccor
this type of videos sounds a lot better and good than the stupid stuff like a 300 degree knife challenge or a fidget spinner
Prankbruh And more
I want wan
JustAnother Youtuber
I have loved this channel for ever
ricardo avecilla jr.
i want silver heart pleas pleas😍
Crazy Brazy
i never new that a heart can be in silver
can you try casting the halo 2 logo (yes im going old school)
Laura Rmz
so awesome
oh, ok. I thought these would be FAKE hearts
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