Swedish Stereotypes (w/PewDiePie)

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We talk with Swedish expert PewDiePie about Swedish stereotypes.  GMM #544!
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The Heck
“Swedish people don’t get offended”

Is offended by by Rhett’s Swiss joke.
Mabelyen x
Pewds: w-w...
Rheet talks
Link talks
Me: Poor Pewds.
damn i need to be sweetish so i can stare at some boobs all day lol
Fåkė Pøtätöęś
Tbh England and Sweden are so similar xDZx
Fåkė Pøtätöęś
In England we also get 6 weeks off from school. We also get time off work after having a baby for as long as you like...
Kurva means bit in Bulgaria lollolol
Brayden Gabriel Fernandez
Felix Is The Best YouTuber Ever Subscribe Here To Felix #PewDiePie
swapnil dharu
Its not an accent its an accident...
Morgan Huls
when pewdiepie wasn't as cancerous
Vede eski
huh i tought sweeds likes to be close Greetings from Finland
dank apologist
Did they just call us "you people"?
Gideon Burnham
Stroopwaffles are Belgian not Dutch.
Edge Nask
He looks so small
Anna Buchanan-Widmann
The flag they used for the facts is wrong
Fucking nonce
Our vacations are 7 weeks
Fucking nonce
I'm from stralia
Kool-Aid Man
I'm done; I'm not Swedish anymore!
Zimuku The Angle 809
Omg waffle day is 2 days before my birth day wholly cow
Random Awesomeness!!
Felix is so tiny!!
Austin Cerza
this is strange and uncomfortable
Elizabeth Wagner
"You can't offend the Swedish"
Me: so they're like the Irish. Can't offend then cause they just don't care.
indigo s
I had this on replay for 2 hours, my two favorite youtubers <3
When you click so fast that you forgot that this was 2 years ago

I legit thought that this was made now
cow man68
I ❤️ ikea 🌭
fnaf SMF_21
fan do är jävla bra
Nikky Voma
Rhett's a mini giant :))) reply if u agree
iiGalaxyFox _178
Soooo....SWISS cheese is offensive?? CX
WolfyTheBestWolf Hi
My 3 favorite people in one place! Mind. Blown.
Luqman Ahmad
I neven seen pewedepie this NORMAL in my life
Alice with Edge
Yeah the horse meat thing was from a large industry making "cheap" grocery store food called Findus (Also the name of cat character in old children's movies "Petsson och Findus"), And the best and most hilarious catchphrase from this was "Let's run before they find us." with a background of horses running.
Power Spirit
Sweden is the best! Även om jag fryser ihjäl...
the joker
Why not Norway huh huh HUH HUH
7:20 So Americans don't get the 6 week summer break??? I'm British and I thought everyone got it.
Artsyailen 69
Omg poods is everywhere 😝
Lol pewdz
Jacob Andersen
I'm danish and I've been in the largest ikea hven i hvas in sweeden
Gabriel Lim
Joe hart cameo
Natsu and fairytail are my heroes
sengeke god_of_war
CanadianTheory II
I've always wanted to be Swedish
Stroopwaffles come from the Netherlands and its pronounced stope vaffle
i watch from Romania
Amna Khan
Wait why didn’t Felix swear? This isn’t the pewds I know!!! 😂
Dante Bussey
at 10:12 in the video you talk about Stroopwaffles... They are Dutch!
Link:”I never get anything wrong” That is not true, link gets things wrong all the time. But now we know he is a liar. Oh wait we already knew that he was a lying snobby brat.
Needy tuber
Mikau Zetto
Seriously tho, Felix is born for the media. Omg. He may be sitting there relaxed and YET he steals the damn stage. Lol
The chicken Got fried
Your so bad at vidos
White Griffin
Felix "I told u I don't get offended Rhett "swiss" Felix *offended face
Joe Hart?
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