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It's time to find some treasure!
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leopold vitschnulli
how can a watch + 1$ be less dxpensive than shit from an boat
Addi 2004 Skulstad
Can I get one of the metal detectors
AwesomeGerardGamer YT
dude they are pros at tricks they deserve 18m subs like if you all agree
TheNipplesofGod 1
Chucks 600 dollar ATPro very sad😢
Sufia Begum
I liked the song
Chuck Shoecraft
Cory Nice Job
Thomasfan 1945
"People threw net's in the water to see if they were mermaids" That guy is bullshit on fleek
Edward Stotridge
nice video post more of metal detecting
Edward Stotridge
nice video post more of metal detecting
I loved this vid. Another one like this
Carly Taylor
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 so cool
Matthew Granicke
As someone has more then 5 years of experience in this hobby you guys look like complete idiots. You broke so many rules have of the hobby. Have getting stuck by a drugies needle in your hand foot since your wore no gloves or boots or getting tetanus by cutting your self on rusty iron . You know what you threw is over a 600 dollar piece of equipment. You dug holes in a way that the grass is will be dead in a few days. And the playground was the best spot to look you would have found so many coins and jewelry. The beach is going to be empty of all the good stuff from that pro. It's idiots like you who give use a bad name
Little Lukie
I like your videos. They make me get better at bottle flipping. I'm getting better at doing it when I watch your videos!
Ethan Cowan
I love your videos and keep up the good work
Awesome 360100
I like how Cory accurately guessed what the others found.
ADG Films
When will they reveal pandas identity , panda is a bloody savage
sater imad
hhhh loooool
Bryce Nelson
Make a metal detector video part2
Amanda Redfern
im not tryin to be mean
Amanda Redfern
o my gosh tall dude.its not no mermaid crap.its a frickin casting net
from where i can buy one too?
Katie Lauren
Are Cory and Colby related
Sienna Bennana
Let's play a game! Every 5th like dies!
Rayyan Hanieh
You really went all the way to Sandiego just for this Cory. WOW
Aqua Flash
It was so surprising to see Cory win third position even though he found a watch!
Neshanth kuppuswamy
Luke Datema same
Isfari Hikmat
Yyyyyaaaaayyyy cody win!!!!!! XD
arfan naufal
I think the one with the watch should win
Cool Mystic
Spoiler alert: someone wins
Feline Katalbas
me too.
Maxwell Wear
Find the 6
Maxwell Wear
Find the 6
Huntrons World
Thay have to much money thay don't need to sell stuff
coby never wins
Ykmm Xjsmd
make fidzet battle
TheGabeMaster HD
ten minutes one second
Rhonnel Fernandez
Are you cool if we are going to use your metal detector for treasure hunting here in the Philippines, we have lots of treasure spots....?
great video enjoyed watching gl&hh
LOL :)
emilis ganiprauskas
Barak Charif
Do a panda only edition
Tormonh NymDawaa
new part
bryce pletcher
Cody wins
I jumped up and screamed yes when I saw Garrett with the Manchester United jacket
Deven Trumps
Plz do more medal detecting videos!!!!! 😁
charagaming 152
find the different
Can you do another one of these please?
jason klukowski
you are cool and i am a big fan
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