Luigi's Night at Freddy's

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Luigi applies for a part time job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. But will he overcome his obstacles?

Ya know, come to think of it, I haven't made any full length videos for a very long time. I mean, for too long! I had been filming stuff from my laptop and had to work the rest of the editing in my desktop. Tedious, I know, but I'm used to it at this point.

I know there's gonna be a couple of questions so I'll answer them for you just to save you some time.

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--- FAQ ---

Q1: Why did you make Phone Guy sound like a Phone Girl?!
A1: Well, Phone Guy was killed in FNAF1. And assumingly she was referencing his demise... Somebody has to replace him somehow.

Q2: Why did you pick Luigi?
A2: ...The Year of Luigi is NEVER OVER... But seriously though, I figured he'd make a perfect fit for the video. Who else would want the king of second bananas to volunteer at night?

Q3: Where exactly did Chica's "pizza" line come from?
A3: Well, they actually came from GarArtStudio's video called "How to Make Five Nights at Freddy's Not Scary." But I think it's important to give them credit AT LEAST. You can check it out by clicking on the link~

Q4: Why did you use Kari as a victim for the Bite of 87? And why did you pick Bonnie instead of Foxy?
A4: Of course it is non-canon. I know that Foxy the Pirate bite somebody's frontal lobe off, but this is what Luigi visualizes in his mind.

Q4: What file format did you upload?
A4: WMV. :/ I tried to put together the things in mp4 and render them, but the program crashed. Guess I'll have to stick with WMV format from now on.

Q5: Are you planning to work on the sequel?
A5: Perhaps we will see eventually.

Q6: Why did you add the subtitles? And why did you have to make Phone Girl's voice a little loud?
A6: By the time I got the voice of the Phone Girl, I noticed that her voice seemed a little lower than I expected. I had to raise the volume, hoping it doesn't get too loud. -_-; Unfortunately, I may be unsure if I did it right. And just to make sure, I add subtitles for the speaking characters.

Q7: Did you come up with the Bite of 87 joke?
A7: Well, this is more of a Gmod Adaptation from one of Phillip Bank's FNAF pictures. The source comes from this link. Seriously, you should check out Banks' FNAF art! It has a very good Ren & Stimpy feel to it!

goji14 fans
bonnie kill girl
Rostini Tini The Bonnie
mama miya...
Rostini Tini The Bonnie
Why there is angry birds?? WTF
Luis Lencina
esta súper ☺☺☺☺😆
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Bonus ducks lol
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Bonnie is a Boy
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fuck Bonnie so much
robert gutierrez
poor Kari
robert gutierrez
what happened to Kari?
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All I heard from the phone is was djdjdhdujejduxnhdjdj
adrina Keplinger
i love how there are ducks and that chicka says PIZZA
Shahid Nawaz
boneses ducks ducks fucks fucks
Shadia Chowdhury
Bonnie: be quiet Chica😡
Dylan Kelso
That TBOI:R Depths music though.
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luigis nights at freddys sl pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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esta. hizo. este. vídeo
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this aint you
A'kai Gilchrist
Awesome death stare!
6:36 freddy is not amused again
4:34 bonus ducks
3:11 freddy is not amused
Elvis Angel
I watch this video every Friday!
Federico block
ElecKnight 475
Good job, Luigi! Now it's just 4 more nights, a bonus 6th night, and a near impossible 7th night that after 2 years of this game being out only a few people on earth have beaten, and you'll be done with Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria forever! Until it reopens with shiny, new versions of the animitronics you know and love, an annoying brat animitronic, the broken down old animitronics, and a creepy Puppet man! Then you'll have to do those same challenges all over again! And then the restaurant will come back as a horror attraction, where you'll have to keep out a broken down animitronic suit that also happens to hold the rotting corpse of a child serial killer! Then you'll be forced to re-live those memories in your nightmares!
Myrian Rojas
michael koch
i can't make it to night 3 i fnaf 4
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eiem sory itse Not englisch its,e Deutsch ise my Not God englisch
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luigi freddy 5!
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Ckicken Dance!
Kerem Pala
Yes Shes a Chicken
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do anotha 1 wit Mario
i loved when freddy was not amused
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me gusto porque chica desia todo el rato pizza
Pinksheep Minecraft
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hay un error cuando la niña. pregunta. el es bony
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sqeak sqeak squeak bonus duck lol
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funny w
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you Ehud do Luigi at fnaf
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