Vicki Bie
this is why i do t wont teddy bears or dolls or any toys
stevenson stevens
lol. what i wanna know is how many people that instsll cc tvs in their home specifically focus the lens onto the floor? buncha crap, this vid.
Natalie Luders
the dollar store video is a bug
Paul Thompson
If parking garage is in Vegas probably the kid that hung himself in mid-1990s
what kind of white trash ghost would you have to be to haunt the dollar store?
noah dentzau
I don't believe in ghost but I'm not watching this at 2 a.m!
Cameron Hathaway
The girl and desk one is part fan (For the papers) and part stop motion (For the bigger things) and the audio is secondary . The store one is not a bug on the lens. It's a bug on the light source cover.
Layla Nogueras
no that can not be a gost
rishu rawat
Did anyone see the ghost in the first video?
Teodor The Entertainer
Watching this around 0:00 midnight. No problem, good night guys
Noemy Zarate
Jose Juanjo
What makes you think that your stupid comments are needed.........just put the fucking videos on and save us the agony of listening to your stupid interpretations of the videos that you stole by the way, fking asshole
MuSiC GiRl
Do you want something scary

homework!!! :O
Jojo Emus
ghost videos are a hit and miss with me. don't believe any of this video. sorry disappointing
KITTYgamer762 :3
Looks like that ghost forgot something, it was his body ha! ghost puns more like ghost funds
(cuz that might of been the ghosts car and he hasn't paid yet)
Princess Angel
That was really creepy and i really saw it the ghost😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 ahahah im sacerd now😱😱😱😱
Sagar -san
It a damm bug motherfukker
The dollar store one... that's just a fly.
mr squid
Nancy Alanis
i am like a god because i have 👻👻👻👻 in Muebleria house or My grandma
Monica Seavers
Дьdë ииФцг Тãн!г!
I never sow ghost or enything abour this auther world
Magic Dragon Vlogs
Roses are red violets are blue I'm not haunted neither of you!
the awsom
I wanna be a ghost helper.
lauren witt
I'm guessing most of you who are watching this have had some kind of paranormal experience
the dollar store kinda looks like my dollar store lol!
sexsy grl e
omg iset ril. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱
Kimberly Cupcakes
On number 4 where are her parents?!?!?!?
Magnus Bouvier
3:24 the girl runs move, most people would just stay.
still cool
Nope sorry1. Nothing (matrixing)2. Maybe something 3. Bug, a spider out of focus working hard on it's web, you can see both sections of it at high speed from 5.22, if it was normal speed it wouldn't be in this list at all.4. Faked5. Faked badly.
looks like a fly grooming itself
ProCrafters 768
In the third video there was probably a person turning a fan on and off making the papers move
Amalia Tellez
No such thing as ghost. Demons -- Yes, but ghost -- No.
Cute Kawaii Girl
Im scared 2 go full screen😱
Why the hek am I watching this? 😅
Spartan 0327
I couldn't see anything but I liked the videos for entertainment
Keif Chief
number 1 could also be debunked idk if yall look closely i guess
Jeff Falstrom
thank you for slowing down and repeating that last video. it took me so long to see what you were talking about. i was like.. what shadowy figure? so confusing
Wim van Dijk
ok im try NOT to die im kid
abaeze anekwe
The last ghost is a Pedogeist.
tayuyya uchiha
im seeing more than 1 ghost in the first video
Emile g
oh dear yet more old bollocks
The Reaper95
I always wondered. Why the fuck is paranormal activity never recorded by a HD camera.
He ya
is the last one real??
Y steve
I' ve also seen ghost. when I was in toilet , she gave me a toilet roll.. I said thank you. Then 2 seconds later door shut by itself.
Heyitsela sira
5:12 seriously....u consider a bug as a ghost?!😤😤
beeswax the yellow cat
this scared the shit out ofmy sister
me and my friends seen a ghost today
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