5 Creepy Videos of Real Ghost Caught On CCTV

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From a ghost mirage caught on a parking security camera, to a ghost captured in India, here are 5 Creepy Videos of Real Ghost Caught On CCTV / caught on camera

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Tiffany Black
number 3 is bs. that many people someone would have seen a shadow as they waled by and stop to acnolage it
Janna Schroeder
WOW, number two needs to get some help! they are haunted!!
Jewel Heart
The "ghost in the Dollar store" is also known as an insect crawling on the lens!
JR Young
The dollar store clip is simply a bug on the camera
w holland
Why is there a camera in the jungle hmm?
Honey O
Once my whole family including pets were down stairs and we heard foot steeps upstairs
Honey O
Fuck this scares me I shouldn't watch these things anymore
Asad Khan
Hey, this was scary. Want to read my real ghost story who came face to face me ? I am sure you will have a good bedtime story there :')
Check here: asadmaq.blogspot.com
danny donaldson
in number 2 the figure looks to be holding a ghost umbrella
Greg Hel
I have to my dad read me a story we saw it then it crashed a gate we looked at the gate it was stoll up and are dog was sleeping
Geoffrey Amerman
Yeah, the video from the convenience store, that's a bug.
the dood
people these days thinking one little movement a ghost
Nokia Sohai
3:15 that is crazy
margarita foody
I've seen shadows in my house and people walking around
i have also heard bangs and footsteps
Happy Hodge
Dollar store is just a bug
Kathryn Erickson
Hmm.... The dollar store one definitely had a bug causing everything. No ghost, probably a fly
Mad Mack 10 G
Things are getting that bad that even the spirit world has to go to a pound store, cheap thrills. 👻
Maria Lacy
The dollar store apparation, isn't a poltergeist. Because poltergeist never show them selves like that. The least you'll see of a poltergiest is a white orb like apparition. You can easily rule that out if you can see a shadow or a white human like apparition. Yes other apparitions show like orbs as well. Most of the time a poltergeist orb will go through objects or the human it is messing with. Poltergeist are more common than other apparitions. Bc most the time you can see orb like things any high tech camera or in this case the cctv's. The one with the little girl and the moving doll, that was a poltergiest. It never showed itself yet moved the dolls hair and head, moved papers and more things on the coffee table and moved the table itself after the small child fleed the room when the papers moved toward her. I believe solely in any type of spirit bc I've had experiences with spirits and poltergeists. It's real and so are these videos. It's amazing what cameras can catch and see when we can't see anything with the naked eye.
Ian Robertson
No1 Bloody traffic wardens will do anything to give you a ticket
Nyx Khione
That a firefly!!!!
Nyx Khione
Poor girl
Nigga you actually spent 2 minutes on a bug crawling across a camera ahahahahahahaha
Marek Drozd
Christina M.
The 4th one with the little girl was super creepy..😲
Walking on a path in India???? No, no, no, not for me! A ghost would be the least of my worries.
Frank Torres Jr
Guys you should watch ghost Adventures
Riven Cooper
We live in year 2017 ,where humankind can send people on the moon or even on mars(when you have the needed Money) however for some reason it is not possible to record a ghost or paranormal activity on at least 1 K p Cam......
Yanishph Phoolchund
Insect on camera lens
That Gaijin Fella
No.2, wire on the doll and hairdryer or fan on the table of paper.
I see a ugly creature standing by him in the picture?
Hyun Ryu
well even ghost can get jealous u know
Ultra pro gamer playz
I saw the most scaryest ghost of all time!!!

Gail Vandiver
Do not be alone
Ryne Niño S. Solon
Me too
Christina Baltou
Yup, totally a bug
some weirdo
The doll was clearly jealous of the other doll because she wasn't being played with.
dibas shrestha
Very boring video. Make a video fast
Terumis kitty
Idk the 3rd vid almost seems like a ghost dog for some reason 😞
Jaynard Canata
pretty sure schools at night is haunted when you go to school at day nothing will happend but when its night something went wrong all rooms should be off during nights or maybe 9PM no teachers or some thing but i saw it because my house was juat near on our school but i did not entertain its just a light
inumaru hokashi
.....did anyone else immediately thought "BUG ON LENS" for the third video? The store one. I mean I believe in the supernatural but the little black mass was obviously a bug on the lens out of focus. Probably a fly or an ant. The rest I do believe are spirits.
Campy & Deweys Mommy
Um the boy had his hands up before anything materialized
Jermane Anyoha
My only question is this: How come you can only see ghosts on video?
Nicole McDermott
The dollar store one is a shadow of a bug
Rebel Rocker
id get my kid out of that house, and when that doll moved an its pony tail went up freaked me out , thats why I hate dolls !!!
25% scary video
75% terrifying music
Best Channel
Ilan beses napong nagpakita yung bad spirit eh
Best Channel
Saamin po sa school namen sa san nicolas elementary school po 3:00 po nang hapon bigla po gumalaw ang blackboard nmin at takbuhan po kamibg lahat kya po wala na pong nagaaral sa san nicolas elem,school po sa grade 3-i po section zinnia
Jonathan Yee
The convenience store one is definitely an insect, you can see the wings flutter.
Gil Torres
The ghost didn't attack the boy, the boy got thrown off by the sudden appearance of the ghost
Adolf Hitler
This shit is nothing compared to my channel
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