Americans Try Mexican Cakes

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Will they ever go back to their American cakes?

Cakes courtesy of:
La Monarca Bakery

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Crystel Moradel
Yaaaaa Mexican Cake Rulesssssssssss
Xinia Garciapina
donde hacen pasteles de horchata? o quien sabe la receta?
Natalia Covarrubias
where's the flan at?
Idk but horchata cake is probably a LA thing cuz im mexican and never had that
Carlos Chicas
Mexicans try British cakes
Carlos Chicas
Mexicans try British cakes
Mad Meme
I feel so awkward every time they say "Mexican Cakes" It feels so wrong lol to me its just cakes and pastels
llicac seaeol
American frosting is the worst, waaaayyy too sugery.
Jianna Noel
I hate tres leche cake
I'm Mexican and I never heard of a horchata cake. I'm pretty sure most Mexicans haven't neither. Who made this up? Lol
Lupita L.
spicy cake????? loool xD there is no spicy cake xD
maricela gonzalez
am Mexican and honesty tres leches and horchata is the best😍😜🍰
YouTube Ad Revenue
you guys need to taste cachis flan!! its a cake made of half flan and the other half cheesecake.. my favorite!
The Pokémon Go master
Why do they think every Mexican thing is spicy 🌶
tf us horchata cake, i grew up in Mexico and i had no idea that existed lmao
Grecia GM
Mexicans are are americans too
Grizzly ER
I have HOPE
IDK if it's a Mexican cake but my grandma makes a special chocolate cake when we go visit her
Geneva Doll
Whaaat?! Cream cheese icing is waaayyy better than regular or whipped icing!! I'd love a whipped cream cheese icing. Hmm... hell yea! lol.
Josie L
"Why are you here?!" Lol
It's Marii
I'm so happy to be Mexican 😂 🇲🇽
Alix R
¿¿Quién diablos ha probado el pastel de horchata?? Digo, se ve súper rico pero nunca escuche de el.
cream cheese frosting is only good on a red velvet cake
MaknaeLineBiased BangtanARMY
When eres mexicana and you've never heard of Horchata and Mocha Mexicano cake .-. lol
Hiram Martínez
Say goodbye to Mexican cake gringos
Kid Elite
Lol, the guys @ 0:19 were featured only twice for a few seconds.
Geeky løve;
I love the girl with the red glasses
Jenny O'Donoghue
Why the heck the cake is going to be spicy? I know we put salsa in everything but we are not that crazy tho
hold on there is an horchata cake what kind if Mexican am I how have i never heard of this
Fernanda C.
I'm Mexican but whoaa what the hell is a horchata cake? haven't heard about it, but I'd be a pleasure to taste it hahaha
Sad Danky Ummicorn
just because it is mexican it doesnt mean it is spicy
Robin Perez
When she said it's gonna be spicy I was like bruh
I can honestly say Mexican cakes so delicious it's insane like eating ice cream cake but not really they're good
Eli Vael
I love Tres leches cake is my favorite 😍😍😍😍
Apple Watches Are Not Real Watches
I'm thinking of making that spicy cake. I'm gonna add chili powder for the sprinkles.
Sofi George
If you're from Mexico City you know the best tres leches is from la casita
Pizza Princess Gaming
as a Mexican I'm sorry to say i don't like Tres Leches
Vianca Padilla
Okay I'm mexican but the only cake that was familiar to me was the tres leches like waaat? where have all these other cakes been in my life? lol I also thought they were going to taste test flan..
Igneous Crystal
Tres leches + Cafe de olla = The best combo ever
Mariana Wood López
Ahora quiero pastel gracias buzzfeed
A. Townsend
Give me some mexican cake right now motherfuckers!
Gisselle Otamendi
what are american cakes
Angelyz Zavala A.
No probaron pastel envinado 😍
Miguel Sanchez
Try jalapeño peach pie
Edgar Martinez
Who bakes pastel de Horchata? Is that even a thing in México or is that a latino thing in the USA?
Tommy Salami
Why does that girl have cat face paint, does she identify as a cat. Ughhhh grow up your in your twenties.
Martin Partoll
Tres leches is my fav cake of all time
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