Americans Try Mexican Cakes

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Will they ever go back to their American cakes?

Cakes courtesy of:
La Monarca Bakery

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Donny Domingo
I like smashing pumpkins guy - girls know they luv us - Irish guys
Monica German
i couldn't focus because of the girl with the cat face
juan ruvalcaba
falto el choco flan
Brayan The Potato
horchata cake is the taco bell of tres leches pastel pretty much.
E2 M5
Arya Smith
is that one dude in the vest in Hufflepuff or something?
The one guy with glasses is dressed like he goes to hogwarts lol
Kora Lieben
try volteado de piña!
Glitter Berries
Americans try Mexican Chinese food pleeeeaaaase
Daniel Olivas
But I am in a diet dam it
Daniel Olivas
Mmmm I live mocha Mexicano cake mmmm
greta loeza
damn right it was good cake I mean it Mexican food is awesome 😁😁😁
Daniel Olivas
I like Mexicans cakes but I hate horchata so I might hate horchata cake
Alex E
As mexican what on earth is horchata cake?
Misty Fox
Wtf what's wrong with cream cheese frosting
I'm am a full Mexican and what the hell is horchata cake
Daniel Melchor
shoutout to the sistas they know whats up ! their culture has many flavors and spices too
Karyme Angel
lol, "then you happy cry because the cake is so good" dying
Graiionn Kwannktummn
Why is that lactose intolerant hufflepuff there?
when you tell your white friends that tres leches is three milks cake, and then my dad says yeah its cow, goat, and burro milk!!! haha gets em everytime!
Ronaldo Vega
I hate every monkey in the this vid especially the one with the red shirt
Rudy Arriaza
i get my cake from el super or superior
todo desordenado el video.. que horrible..
Pot Smoker
I'm born and raised in Mexico and nobody eats horchata cake here
Abril Colotl Gonzalez
Mexican cakes are the bomb
Jennifer R
Has anyone tried cakes from Capy?? They're soooo good
I´m mexican and I've never heard about horchata cake and I live in Mexico! But I´m gonna say you must try Rompope cake
BTW tres leches is the best!! love it <3
Michelle Herrera
I have yet to try horchata cake aswell ..sounds good though. I love the fruta cake!
Ricardo Montaño
you like my mexican cakes??
Arturo Reyes aR
no mamen yo soy mexicano y no he comido de horchata jaja
Tom O
Does that lady really have cat whiskers on her face?
Eduardo Isai Sanchez
wtf is horchara cake
0:28 Lily?
Acapulco Gold Paul
donde carajos en Tejas puedo comprar un pastel de horchata?? chingao I'd like to try that!
Zehyla Marquez
I'm a Mexican
Anul Ramirez
i want a tres leches!! ni sabia que existía uno de mocha mexicano😂
Lili H.
I want a tres leches now!!
I'm curious as to why the cat makeup, anyone know?
Vanessa Pecina
I'm a Mexican and some of these cakes I haven't even tasted... THEY FORGOT CHOCOFLAN!!
"NORTH-americans try mexican cakes", because you know, all who lives in América are americans too for god sake
i swear I LOVE THIS BLACK PEOPLE they are fricking cool and nice with mexico things <3
Zoey Garcia
I'm Mexican horchata is my life but like... cake?😂😂😂
twentyone crybabys panic at the parade brendonxryan
bruh im black but when i go to mt friends house (shes mexican) i love the tres leche cake and horchata cake
Otoniel Lopez
What in the world I live in never knew there was a horchata cake
Im mexican and i thought all cakes in the world where like that
mi loquitavida vlogs
Y con tantos pasteles mexicanos TAN ricos ya nos quieren vender fondant en la panadería 😩
Jose Balderas
"It may be even spicy like Mexican candy .."
"It may be even greasy ... like African American chicken " ...
Genny Eric
Why does that chick have her face painted like a cat?
as a Mexican living the U.S. a lot of times my brethren on this side aren't aware of certain practices that take place in middle class or upper class in Mexico. Yes, it seems that a lot of pastries in Mexico are for what used to be considered the elite. The same way that Mexican infatuations for French culture is not something you generally think about in our neighborhoods here in LA. lol.
Rogelio Del Rio
ok who tf said these cakes were Mexican??
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