Americans Try Mexican Cakes

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Will they ever go back to their American cakes?

Cakes courtesy of:
La Monarca Bakery

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VivaLaVidaSam 23
Aldo Hernández
I couldn't be more Mexican but I've never tried the horchata cake
Shelly Xo.
There funny! Lol I love Mexican cakes 🎂
miri c
I can already tell that there's a pineapple cake, correct?
Blossom Milktea
I'm just wondering why she had cat whiskers ?lol
cho choncho
Pero el tres leche es un pastel de casi todos los paises latinos incluso europeos
Ana Jose Curiel
Pues gracias América
Felicia Flores
Dear BuzzFeed, us, mexicans, are american too.
pastel de queso de bolaa!!! es lo mejor :D
Me gusta tres leches 😍😍😍😍
People don't like the word "moist" because it's an internet meme. One person said it a few years ago and suddenly it became a fad.
The colored skin girl with glasses, oh my God I loved her😂❤
Manuel Espino
My favorite ones of pastel de vainilla con frutas frescas y tres leches
Amma Da Silva
I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates cream cheese frosting
Vale Den Per
I have never tasted Horchata cake sooooo strangeee Im mexican lol
Diego Cervantes
You should have them try the American iterations of Mexican food.
Ana Lucía Ojeda M
para los que dicen que el pastel no va con vino...
si eres mexicano sabes que el pastel va hasta con cerveza en la típica piñata que terminó siendo peda de los Papás jajajajaj #Mexicanproblems
I'm Mexican & never in my life have I heard of an horchata cake... what a disgrace
Juliana Ramírez
Que onda con estos pasteles que no son de Lety
coolest gamer girl#1
mexicanos i like tamales its chicken with chile also another one a beef i also like enchiladas green sause with chicke or red sause with white chese also pocole it has garbansos with chicken or beef with lemon and onion or chilaceles its tortilla chips with green sause you put cream and chese and beef also tacos apastor fajita carnitas also aguas frescas hochata limon lime mango . melanica its chicken empanado also sopa the pasta of the morena when your sick . flautas is tortilla and chicken huevo a la mexicana its eggs with tomatos onion and chile peppers .a classic its arroz roja with frijoles and chicken or beef
Xochitl Alejandro
my fav Mexican cake is la de tres leches 😍😍😍
Carolina Chavarín
What about carrot cake? or elote cake?
magali martinez
yeah they put milk in their cakes
Lunar Singer215
why would there be a cake that's spicy wtf
Jess Estevane
um I'm Mexican and never heard or a horchata cake plus the tres leches would have been better with fruit instead of chocolate in my opinion 😋
tori s
As a mexican, I've always hated Tres Leches cake! I can't stand wet soggy bread.

Also I love the girl in red shirt and coveralls, she's so cute and funny!!
Sandra Monroy
Too bad they didn't try the mil ojas cakes.
hunny the lil kitty
trump-WTF are these bad looking cakes??

me-try dem trust meh ☺

trump-damn stop building did wall ppl we need dis cakes !!
Jose Espinal
I hate tres leches but like de fruta
Tae loves Kookie
pastel de horchata? 0:
Rodrigo MdS
Why people don't get that America is a continent and not a country 🙄🤦‍♂️
where's the choco-flan at ????
Alexis cabrera mondragon
1:41 OMG that guy 😍
angel Garcia
my wife is American and I'm Mexican. because she love me de amadres? she made a Mexican American cake damn was so good . I called the chicano cake
Jr B
Did she just say they were gunna be spicy
Tupataro City
les falto el de 1000 hojas
Revok Sixth
How have I not heard of horchata cake wtf I need to taste that .....and they forgot Flan if it's even considered cake but that's the way to go imo
I agree with the cream cheese thing
Fer Floo
Ana T
Where did they get these cakes? I'm Mexican and I've never heard of the horchata or the mocha cakes. But I sure want to try them.... the tres leches cake is amazing, especially the one from Portos!
Juanito Macho Protegido
Mexicans dont know how to make cakes
i loves tres leches cakes... im mexican and i've never had horchata cake lol and the mocha mexicano? lol its probably cafe de hoya con chocolate abuelita ... wow my mouth just watered lol
Manuel Garay
also missing the Corn Cake , Pastel de elote FTW !
horchata cake??... wtf have i been doing with my life!!
isabell Esparza
i love the tres leches
We don't even use cream cheese.
Karla Soto
man tres leches cake is the bomb🙌🔥
Javi Ruiz
Omg I'm Mexican and I have only had tres leches like what's up with me!
pastelkawaiifairycakes cute
3 leches 😻🐄🐄🐄🍼🎂🍰
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