Americans Try Mexican Cakes

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Will they ever go back to their American cakes?

Cakes courtesy of:
La Monarca Bakery

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Gato Brujo
You know its a Buzzfeed video cause there is only one white person, unlike their HQ's
Sergio Mendez
Have y'all try rompope came
Dorothy Miramontes
I'm sad that Chocoflan cake wasn't included :(. Is it not considered Mexican?
Maria fernanda
No... Not everything in Mexico is spicy...
Nash War
im mexican,and i never heard about the horchata cake
Haniel Monroy
Tenemos pastel de horchata??? Soy tapatía y no lo sabía...
g cubed
More like female gorillas try cakes
Cesar Carbajal
Mexican cakes are the best
Eileen Loza
I'm Mexican from Mexico ... And I've never heard about horchata cake ..... And yes Mexican food is the best
Sara Paola Chavez Carrillo
You really tought thet a cake was gonna be spicy? What the hell?
1000 8 1000
The impossible is missing (im not sure if is it mexican but is very usual) also, the best Mexican cake ever is the one made of a mix of "la lechera" can, mixed with lemon juice over a "galletas Marías" pack (then half an hour on the fridge ... And bum baby!!! x) haha
Manuel Alejandro Ramírez Olvera
They're not Americans, they're USA citizens...
Ricardo Dominguez
yay México
Diana Ojeda
Absolutamente Nadie
I'm Mexican and I didn't knew there was an horchata cake
MeliDona X3
I don't even know that the cakes have a nationality :0
Jessica Guadarrama
Saddest part most Mexicans of us only buy tres leches....I knew there had to be more flavors
Victor Rodriguez
I'm mexican and i have never try an horchata cake!!! i seriously want one!!!
Why is the one girl where in cat make up
Diana Karina
Kaylah Brito
Tres leches is not Mexican
I feel like the only Mexican who hates tres leches but I think it's because I'm lactose intolerant and every time I have said eff it and are it anyways i end up throwing it all up within 30 minutes 😪
Beatrix Benitez
Where is the mil hojas cake?😭
Jose Montes
damn shawty say it don't spray it
Alisiaann ANN
mexican cakes r 💣 and so is the food i am proud 2 be Mexican 😂
'' spicy like mexican candy '' boii tf she talking about, who puts something spicy on something sweat? -_-
Spoopy boi
I hate coffee cake
Juan Carlos Gutiérrez
tht kitty girl looks like the female version of snoop dog
Jasmine Garcia
I go to Mexico and I see different cake
Karen Salazar
My high school teacher told us that when his brother got married to a caucasian girl (the groom was of Mexican descent) During the wedding, the entire bride's family side threw away the cake in the trash because they though it was undercooked :/ the cake was Tres Leches
i love the hojaldre/mil hojas cake SERIOUSLY AMAZING
Ranjan Biswas
Cakes are always good whatever the country.
what about the flaky layered cake with the different fruits? Idk the name but that by far IS the best Mexican cake!
Edna Larios
I'm a mexican baker and I didn't knew that horchata cake exist XD I suppose it's texmex cake?
Paulina Potter Delgado
I never thought this was a Mexican thing, I thought everybody ate these lol, of course there are a lot of types of cakes but I thought these were eaten around the globe, except horchata but I didn't know it existed, I wonder if they have cajeta cakes... those are best
Fer Fuentes
I'm from Mexico and I have never taste an horchata cake :(
Marigen K Vergara V
I dont eeally think tres leches is exclusively mexican, im chilean (literally at the end of south america basically no influence whatsoever from mexico) and i had tres leches all my life, just like my mum, my granny and great granny before her, i mean, tres leches is probably a latinamerican thing right? (Honestly i didnt even know that they had it somewhere else xD)
Annie Ibarra :D :3
Lo hecho en México está bien hecho 😊😊😊

Como ese pastel .....
Como yo XD (ok no)
Aww that was sweet you guys! Well not just cakes, but all Mexican food, qué les puedo yo decir? ;)
Ana Paola Mv
i seriously never thought that there where "mexican" cakes. Imean, these are regular cakes for me xD
Peter The Bloxer
Christeene Iv
I'll kill for these cakes now that I live here in Mexico my parents can't even wait for a festivity to buy cakes like the struggle it's REAL if you see one you buy one
Dulce Aguilar
Not trying to be mean but why would a cake taste spicy? They are meant to taste sweet and nice, not spicy cx
Ta na
Estos no probaron la chocotorta
Cecilia Regalado
I'm Mexican and I had no idea that "horchata cake" or "mocha cake" or whatevs, even existed...
Jennifer Salas-Garcia
It's sad that I'm full Mexican and prefer to eat American cake over the Mexican ones.... Like tres leche😬 I guess it's cuz I always grew up having those type of cakes at every Mexican party😂😂💀
Spicy Mexican cake that was the stupidest thing I've heard so far in 2k17
Ana S Baez
You should try the bubulubu cake or the Mazapan cake!
Alvaro Favela
Tres leches is LIFE! My favorite kind of cake hands down!
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