Americans Try Mexican Cakes

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Will they ever go back to their American cakes?

Cakes courtesy of:
La Monarca Bakery

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César Delgado
ahuevo, nuestros pasteles son los mejores arriba latino america!
Mariana Maciel
And what about the pastel frío? Uh? We need to shout out to las galletas Marías, por favor ✨
Em Johnson
Mil hojas?
Edgar valdez martinez
whats up with gringos and they're hype with horchata?
Chelsea Cuesta
Look I'm from Mexico and my favorite cake is vanilla now I'm gonna say everything in Spanish
Miren soy de México y my pastel favorito Ed el de vainilla y
"They may be even spicy" girl wtf that was so ignorant
When he squeezed the freaking leche out of the cake like are you serious..
Angel Najar
y the flan
bigmac mac
3 leches this gringos got so lucky
Angie Maldonado
i'm mexican and wtf is the horchata cake. It's 2:30 AM and I want tree leches cake, why is life like this
Adri Cruz R.
i am mexican, i don´t like any of those...... I´m sorry
Yoeleen Ruiz
Wow that girl with the overalls talks about depending on the cakes to hold her at night a lot ...
Jocelyne Varela
Why are you here it's all milk 😂😂😂 guys gonna pass out after the video 😂😂
el viejo del costal
why i'm watching this i should be doing laundry
joshua gaming
see Americans us Mexicans are good at making food and without us that means no more tacos or cake
Acid Reflux Charlie
Tres leches my favorite!!!!
Esteban Aguirre
I think the only popular cake in the US is the tres leches.
Erika Cp
I never tough a cake could be so different from country to country what does American cakes look like?
somarah Fernandez
the tres leche i always have that for my birthday with strawberrys and peaches with glaze on top
Satu Lee
lo curioso es que nunca he visto pastel de horchata ni moca lol, soy mexicana y solo el pastel de 3 leches he comido... Aquí donde vivo la pastelería tradicional es simplemente pastel de pan y no de biscocho , y la mayoría de pastelería es europea .
Ezequiel Dominguez
horchata cake with almonds is the best
Ezequiel Dominguez
I was hopping you trye the choco flan cake.. its amazing in flavor
César Echeverría
tres leches, el mejor...
Ana Paola Nava
I don't like American or Mexican cakes, cookies, etc because they put too much sugar on everything is just disgusting
Nargis NightMare97
I am 19 years old now, but on my 17th birthday I had tres leches cake and it was the best cake ever
tres leches is amazing! lactose intolerant struggles :(
Libby Putney
I love tres leches cake. it's the best.
Ariadna Cruz
Home girl with the red glasses was my favorite lol <3
Zazú Glez
Where's the Chocoflan at?!!!
JP Tyson
pff you havent try cakes from S-mart or Soriana 😂😂😅😅😅
Lovely A
You happy cry 😭 I know that feeling!!
Adriana santos
" I'm lactose intolerant and I think this has milk"
"Then why are you here?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
David Omar Torres
You missed chocoflan!
Danilu P
Falto el pastel envinado :)
Who else is Mexican and doesn't like Tres Leches? 😖
I take a tres leches cake any day!!
Carlos M
i loved the girl with the red glasses, she's a cutie
Random Person Number 18
The tres leches cake is LIT!!!
Joseph C

If you are referring to people who live in the United States of America, they are U.S. citizens.
Viridiana M
Michelle Guadalupe Nava
I'm mexican and I never heard about a horchata cake
Shock Master
DAMMIT, all this years I thought I was Mexican Until I saw the Horchata Cake
Jorge Zenteno
Tres leches fck yea
Belem Texis
They shouldnt b complaining bout 3 leches like FOO THATS BOMB!!!
Belem Texis
tf.... im mexican nd i didnt know there wz horchata cake!! wth!!!:|
Bri Bri
Yup spicy cake
Ana Villa
I am Mexican I like all cake but the fruit
Layany Guimaraes
@0:26 Shut up mom, it's not a phase it's the real me
Rudy c
quien hijos de la sancha invento pastel de horchata y cuando? no es igual que venden aqui en texas "rice pudding"
seremos todo lo que quieran pero tienen que admitir que hacemos el mejor pastel que pueda haber no los tipicos pasteles que comes un pedaso y tardas 5 min en pasarlo de lo seco que esta
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