Americans Try Mexican Cakes

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Will they ever go back to their American cakes?

Cakes courtesy of:
La Monarca Bakery

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Carlos Vasquez
mexican cakes are the best there is
Monica Chai
Wait what! No chocoflan? They would of loved it!
ricardo villafuerte
is it just me i feal like i just gained weight
Dulce Rodriguez
they forgot choco- flan
Margarita Garcia
1:02 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Danette M.
Yo where the heck is the chocoflan at?
Fernando Salas
"It might be spicy"
Epicgirlz 20
I'm proud to be Mexican😊🇲🇽
lenny cordero
And American =)
lenny cordero
I'm Latina reply what u are =)
Erick Bravo
All Mexican cakes have fruit and Mexico is hearing this trump can go kill himself
Giovanni Alvarez SE
I like 3 leches
Rahool gives free exotics on Sunday
"Definitely like milk in this"

3 milks in this to be precise
Beebo! at the disco
only cake I like is tres leches cake I don't like any others
Koshka Is cool
Joseph Birlem
Aayyeeee like this if your Mexican and you love Mexican cakes 🇲🇽
Noel PerezCortes
where's the love for pastel imposible??
idk Wut to type sorry
yaaay :D
pia the dog vlogs
Ya tres leches me enqanta ese tipo de pastel
bob dole
WHY no chocoflan!?!?
Laura Guevara
i've never heard of any of these types of cakes besides the tres leches one
Anyeong Tobi
I've never tried an American cake before.
Jon Targaryen
That's right bitches!
Tom Ska
Yo soy 95% mexicano y 5% arabe , Y SUICIDATE
Tom Ska
Selene Andalon
Horchata cake?? Where you get that from??
Sarah J
The ladies of this vid are stunninnngggg
Magaly Pelayo
I love the tres leche cake
Impossible Girl
I love the tres leches cake <3
the everything channel
I love tres leches
Marissa Grajeda
I love tres leches
I can't spell
Dulce Ilyana Sánchez de León
leyendo los comentarios creo que soy la única mexicana que ha probado el pastel de horchata xD
I like Mexican cakes because their so most. Im always disappointed when I get a crumbly, dry cake.
Ive never heard of an Horchata cake???? I want one!
real tres leches shouldnt be soggy and moist..
I'm surprised they didn't show Pastel 'Mil Hojas'. That's a good cake.
Makayla Griego
Any body else notis the guy in 0:13 waring the Huffulpuff unaform? Or just me.
Eloísa García
A tres leches is a mexican cake? I have always though it was a french thing but we wouldn't call it "trois laites" cause we don't speak french
Brownie 1.0
I feel disappointed they didn't give them chocoflan cake
Sabrina Serrano
They should have done Chocoflan
Mystery geek Dude
I agree so much with the girl at the start about cream cheese icing
Rocio Saucedo
"There's definitely like, milk in this or something." It's called Tres Leches!
Iris Franco
tres leches cake!😍mexicans knows it;)💦💦
naruto shippuden 86
I was pissed when she said it might be spicy
moonlight bae
Am I the only Mexican that doesn't like Tres Leches?
HeyImAlexisOfficial :D
I could eat a whole Pastel De Vainilla con frutas frescas with no shame..
turtle that likes TØP arriaga
ok I am mexican and mostly all mexican cake has a LOT of cake
Shining_ X
Spicy cake???
Mija no
Sofi Ruiz
I'm Mexican and the only Mexican cake I have eaten is the tres leches cake 😂😂
Candela Barbieri
Tres leches cake is also eaten in Argentina
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