Candela Barbieri
The guy with glasses is Hufflepuff!
fernando torrera
Mexicans are not big on pastries, they mostly like sweet drinks, like fruit juices. I offered making a cake for a friends birthday, he said that is for women he just wanted beer and steaks.
BellaBee Gaming
It’s all about tres leches
Rodrigo Mendez
Ok wtf was :13 like not everything Mexicans make is spicy and why does she have whiskers on wtf?!
Luz Contreras
I LOVE tres leches
Unidentified creature
I was raised in a Mexican house hold and I hated ask this cakes😂. but my sister loves them.
Kristy Young
Did anyone else notice that one of the guys was wearing a black T-shirt with Charlie Brown screaming? Lol.
Kaarisa Caridine
"Happy cry cause the cake is so good" LOL
QuëënPlays Msp
0:52 oml my fav Mexican cake😍
Heidy Flores
Three milks in english thats the soggy cake my mom makes it if any one was wondering
Albert HaMizrahí
You missed out one of the most famous the impossible cake or chocoflan
Dominican cake pleace
Kush Killa
These aren't the Mexican Cakes I was thinking about 🙄😜
Daniel Anzures
theres a gas station that i buy cream cheese baglel and a egg
Sensy and SK
I love Mexican cakes❤❤❤ but my favorite cake is el pastel de leche
Reyna Sofy
I don't know if Mocha cake is for kids, but I've been eating it since I was three, so either my parents(and practically all of my family has eaten it since they had theeth) are kinda bad parents, or it is an-everybody cake.
Plushgamer 87
It was soggy cause it’s 3 leches
Dulce Arreola
RIP the guy who's lactose. Espexially with that tres leches
Roma Aztec
Thank god I wasn’t the only Mexican here shocked about the horchata cake 😲 #noposwow
Lolla Polly
One thing that really gets on my nerves is when someone notices my Mexican accent, and they're like, "Oh, you speak Mexican?"

Shay Olkoski
I had tres leches for Spanish class and my teacher screwed it up. It was gross
Sarah McCain
Cream cheese icing is amazing you hush your mouth!!
Bryann n
I love 3 lechess broo
Mia Michelle
I'm Mexican and never knew about The Mocha Cake😑
domino domino
I like these people
Socially Awkward High Schooler
“I think we as a society need to get past not liking the word moist.”😂
Tigre Del Norte
Steve urkel got a sex change?
Hitoshi Shinsou
0:13 BuzzFeed literally makes fun of people like you.
Equipo 35
"Might just be milk, and i'm lactose intolerant"
I had the same reaction as the girl in the right😂
Pedro Rodriguez
I'm mexican and i am american too because i live in AMERICA! Your tittle is WRONG, SORRY!
Abigail Remigio
Nate Garcia
Yo, and I always thought I was eating regular cakes for my birthday but apparently I've never had an "American" cake because these are the only ones I they taste different?
Johhny Munoz
"It might be spicy like mexican candy" GTFO
Stationery Princess
they forgot chocoflann
Dakota Marie
Tres leches is my favorite cake Eva! 👏🏼
Raúl Francisco Olea Contreras
the video starts
-is that Mario?
Alma Rojas
I keep finding Armys in every comment section on YouTube😂
Stephany Vidal
i am 100% mexican, i live in Tijuana and ive never heard of this "mexican" cake
Yaya Vazquez
Everything we do issss GOOD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Manny Lugo
México is America too....
Amazing to see a hufflepuff student trying Mexican cake
Hi how are ya?
Tres leches is the best
Gabby Ramirez
you forgot the choco flan cake
sunshine lollipops
I thought there was gonna be flan,

oh well
Miguel Posada
I'm American too ... Every human who lives in American Continent it's an American! Greetings from Mexico City!
Jenna V
Wait... Is that girl wearing cat makeup??
Manuel Peru
The best ones are Vanilla and Tres Léchés
SuperSonic Trolling
Thumbnail had Steve Urkel (no offense)
Mike Jones
good picks, tres leches such a good cake
Vanessa Art Work
They eating me drink vegetable juice
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