$15 Survival Kit Unboxing

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Red Rock Survival Kit - http://amzn.to/2rbffcd

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I'm am a camera!
Alejandro Vasquez
He is so clumsy!! 🤦🏻‍♂️
cole swetlishoff
I would love to see him do a real survival video
Nico siivikko
you should go someday camp with those survival stuff
Lila R.
"And you can look at yourself too!"
Hacked By __________
It's a mirror o and I can see myself too
Dayang Masnah Dayang
Old=Man vs Wild New=Taras vs Wild
daryl Daza
The bag is for water
daryl Daza
That's snare wire
Blank Gamer-EX
That survival kit is pretty kul
Sean Webb
boom wow
renan mayangitan
its good
The wire is Copper wire To fix and loop Electronic devices?
Life is like buying something on the internet you never know what you gonna get...
He doesnt need a mirror to signal people because he can use his head.
Bippin pun
0:40 you can hear something i was freaking scared like if you agree
Desmond Owers
Did he just say I've never seen wooden matches?!?!
Arshdeep Thind
Goes to war throws grenade says BOOM
D.J. Stewart
anybody notice almost everything he tests can be bought off the Geek app?
Gabriel Bonilla
like your videos bro💯
Minecraft Player
Boi your thug man let a thing fall and doesn't pick in up
The NinjaNetwork
"Opening these up is like a box o chocolates. You never no what you gonna get" - Taras Gump
notice how the cotton swabs fell out
notice how the cotton swabs fell out
Pete Gracia
Woah this are wooden matches I've never seen them XD
Taras the wire is for fishing i think
denitsa bieber
'havent seen any wooden matches' ........ arent all matches made from wood ._.
King G
Incase you want to have a pedi during an apocolypes
Jazer Pher
Looks in the mirror
Oh! I can see myself
The Last Phoenix
"You can look at yourself"
Oh, why it is so kind of... AAAHA I LOOK LIKE A CAMERA!! WHEN DID THAT HAPPENED???
Edgar Vazquez
Did you forget your wistle
Melissa Ramirez
Who else thought the thumbnail he was holding a fidget spinner
Dominic Romo
can you do more expiraments or life hacks?
Jashua Cruz
Nice vid bro 💪🏼💪🏼
Silvia Fox
what was the golden metal wire supposed to be for?
he stole Crazy Russian Hackers video
Did he say "Mist"? :D
Monkey D. Ruffy
he wantet to say look how big it is but then he corrected himself 😂
Paul Tougher
Tara's! Read this ffs... the pedicure knife is also a file! Jeez
Teren Essex
With those paper cover matches, I turn the cover part over so I can grip hard between the match and the striking strip to start easier.
Mirror was to start fire
Green Doritos
all i have to say is Boom
First name And last name
"Because whenever you're going to buy on the internet, you never know what you will get"

Russian Forrest Gump confirmed?
Jack Oneill
The ziplock was for going in water
Richard Parrilla
Come on bro you really thought that was to sow your clothes? It's to give yourself stitches if u cut ur self
That mirror my eyess... auhhh..
i have same knife only more bigger
Exploding Pig
drops the match, turns out he started a forest fire.
Θωμας Μπεχλις
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