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Physical affection makes Michael's (Jason Sudeikis) new girlfriend Regine, (Fred Armisen) act out in strange ways.

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Death Blooms
I laughed, I cried, I vomited and then i kept watching it over and over again.
Samir Handa
Anyone else think she looks like Rosalind price from agents of shield??
pitochu !!!
why does the house look like the house from thats 70's show
reminds me of Roger from American dad
So funny even the actors were laughing!!
Naughty Hotdog
Her foots in the guacamole 🤢
Naughty Hotdog
Are you going to give me a neck kiss 🤢
Itz Jonae
Jason sudeikis looks ten time hotter in this video
dead dreams and stale memes
lmao i can so fucking relate to the neck kiss and ear blow parts
Fred Armisen is HILARIOUS in this! I also love the face that he's been Natasha Lyonne's (Nicky from OITNB) boyfriend since 2014. Cute couple.
David Cantu
who bought Edna mode??
anyone felt akward during the blowing scenes lol
shontelle chapelle
This shit is weak as fuck.
Anaum Abbasi
I feel like the guacamole part was improvised 😂
Cece Wimmer
I don't blame them from breaking. That was so funny!!
Genesis Coleman
Does Regine remind anyone of Edna Mode from the Incredibles
Steelier Arrow
Brenda Singer
38 sec in GET OUT.
Cole Squires
Anytime Fred is in drag, I'm reminded of Portlandia.
Love this
Wtf is this?
Logan Lanphier
Wtf is this
Two Mewtwos in Too-toos
I thought I saw Edna Mode so I clicked.
An33s Durrani
Rose Ginny
Dustin Clark
I feel bad for this family now for the night they're in for.
Lisa Bard
What, are we in line at LegoLand? hahaha
AndreiaMRLM200 XD
OMG!!! he looks like that character from the Incredibles!!! thrones that created the super suits! 😂
"What are you celebrating? Averageness?" Regine needs to have her own talk show.
Jason giving that speech with Fred squirming around on his lap is the best acting I've even seen😂😂
Rick Schweitzer
fucking Fred is the best
Anna Forbes
Regine looks like a lady lord farquad
Lera Shvets
damn, that dude on the left looks kinda like RDJ
ThisBoy LovesPink
Rejeen kinda looks like a grown up Tina from Bob's Burgers
Theodore Johnson
One of the funniest skits I've seen on SNL in a while.
chucky lee ray
Is Regine supposed to be a parody of some snooty, intellectual type or what?
Verbal Volley
OMG! This is hilarious! Was this Regine's only SNL appearance. I hope not.
Adub Htown
I love when people make fun of people that act like this.
Ainsley Wolf
Fred Armisen has some killer tits
Edna Mode? capes
Rose C
"What are you celebrating? AVERAGENESS?!"
Tara S
Films, books, and outsider art
emily knev
you KNOW it's funny when vanessa breaks character. the only other time i have seen that happen was in an episode of the californians
Joe Freeman
Fred Armisen is just a God.
I mean Gods.
Juan Trevizo
Im reginé at every social gathering
Alma Verde
i think regine is pretty cool
Caleigh Martin
i'm crying
Bro they are deadass pushing this fag shit on all of our minds but you fucking liberals are all for it
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