Snl is "dumb"
dallas wrinkle
Edna is a freak in the bed
Dominic J
How can the others control their laughter
I love how everyone brakes character
It's an older version of Tina Belcher.
Malissa Stanford
Hahahahahah wtf
Tania Gomez
This is so funny!!! Hahahahaha
Caleb Combs
vanessa breaking is making me LAUGH SO HARD
saga thapa
i was literally jumping of laughter.. super hilarious!!!!!!
she needs to try molly
Claire Rodgers
Regine needs her own show...
Claire Rodgers
I laughed so hard at this
"Shes lying it all happened to her friend" lmao
Sadgasm Love
Tina Belcher, is that you?
To Regine!
weirdness lol
Jesus Lomeli
Are you Tina from hamburger
Shark with freakin' Lazer bream
I just lost it @ 3:10
jumpoly time
Is is us us us us tc TM tuff UV DW BC ux EEZ TV web gn MX ESA TB av h
Then you shouldn't have guests lmao
Malz Attit
Maaan!! This is painful to watch while laughing 😂😩
Miguel Rivera.
He looks like Edna Moda.
Dillon Regonini
This is so fucking uncomfortable
Why Regina look like Wendy williams
Yuuki Renaita
I swear "Regine" was Jackie Chan at first lmao
You could tell that she was about to crack up
Vanessa never breaks. This is an instant classic
Esteban Miranda
Jason turned me on lol
Alexis Graham
Am I the only one that thinks she looks like the little lady in the incredibles
IMAO 24/7
Is She Beautiful Gang? Hell No!
Michael DeMartino
That's Hilarious!
Ariel Kushak
I lowkey LOVE Regine's outfit.
Horror Girl
Is it just me or does the girlfriend look like Lord Farquad from Shrek? 😂😂
Mel H
Boy I wish Jason was kissing my neck
Pandas are cool
Regine reminds me of a tranny that stalked me for a year and a half.
Eva Martin
frankly boost dark intense labor dish basketball hug.
Desiree Davila
Did you see that? Yes and i wish i didn't.
glenn/ glenda
This was some funny shit and I love regine...she can be in my life, it would crack me up
Jim McCabe
Haven't watched SNL in a while. Still unfunny and laughing at their own lame jokes I see
I love his girlfriend
Adam Dunkley

I laugh every time
Sam l.
This is honestly so fucking disgusting
Death Blooms
I laughed, I cried, I vomited and then i kept watching it over and over again.
Samir Handa
Anyone else think she looks like Rosalind price from agents of shield??
pitochu !!!
why does the house look like the house from thats 70's show
reminds me of Roger from American dad
So funny even the actors were laughing!!
Naughty Hotdog
Her foots in the guacamole 🤢
Naughty Hotdog
Are you going to give me a neck kiss 🤢
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