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Physical affection makes Michael's (Jason Sudeikis) new girlfriend Regine, (Fred Armisen) act out in strange ways.

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Piper C
They all broke! 😂
Anthony Coleman
I don't know what it is about Aidy Bryant but she really does it for me.
Anthony Coleman
Her foot is in the guacamole. Lol
Aerial Johnson
What. The. Fuck?
Kaylee Apple
I always end up coming back to this episode. always.
Jim Davidson
Yo should do Donald trumps daughters birthday
LA Daluz
I hope that guy dressed as a women is wearing panties
Pacey Mauldin
That guy in the green sweater looks just like David Dobrik
1:23 I feel violated
Christian Santas
Sfad Hjkl
Not my proudest fap
Koky Koky
the flats were walked on and he ate from them it dont bother the millionaire
Luc Chanishvili
What did I just watch ?
Connor Hall
"she's lying. that all happened to her friend." hahahaha
Lyndsay North
I had tears running down my face from laughing but them breaking really made me lose it!😂😂
Chris Glienke
Vanessa Bayer is a fucking babe
Goofy The Dog
Omg I didn't know Edna Mode was on SNL
Baba Looga
MOET is pretty overrated :D
Terrible Blerson
I thought it was Edna mode
how Jason didn't crack as well is a mystery but daaaaaang he's wearing that suit!
Actually Regina George
I full-body cringed at this
Diego Bareno
As if Tina from Bobs Burgers wasn't bad enough, now we got this!
I'm gonna puke!😲😲😲😲
Tyler Davis
"She's lying, that all happened to her friend." 😂
Mia Cameron
I need myself a Jason Sudeikis...
Shaneyney davenport
It's Edna from the incredibles
Samantha Jordan
all i see is candace from women and women first hahaha
DiffiCulture Shock
ONLY Fred could get Vanessa to break! Love you, Freddy. 😘
Should I call that biXXh a he or she?
SNL couldn't even afford an e-cig?
I fucking love Fred oh my god
Diljit Singh
what are you celebrating, averagedness? ...gonna save it for later
I can't stop thinking about "to regine!" And "HEEYYYYY!!" those two lines have been stuck in my head all day making me laugh
Josh DeRoche
3:15 guacamole part, pretty sure he broke character but who cares it was funny
Ava Miller
4:27 That is the first time I've seen her break character.
Jericho Michaels
I want Jason Sudeikis to be my Dad. He's awesome.
Eden Edery
Fred Armisen is amazing
Galaxy Chickens
Omg she looks like Edna Mode from the incredibles 😂😂😂
Christiano Rizzo
4:34 I agree hahahaha
Picco Lux
my favorite, so funny
luis colmenares
I'm Venezuelan and I don´t find this offensive :D
I sure miss when SNL was good.
Laura Garvey
no capes
Monika Huxley
honestly.. can someone tell me, where Regine meets all of these guys?
groooooooooossss lol 😭
Rodge Rodriguez
Regine is bae
Micaela Royo
Regine is smokin'.........
Angela Rarara
EVERYONE: They're braking character because Fred Armisen got a hard on at @4:28. I needed to watch it several times to notice it. You're all welcome.
Dawn masoetsa
Neck kiss lol
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