Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite - Ghost Rider and Morrigan Scene

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Ghost Rider and Morrigan Scene. Morrigan Meets Ghost Rider and immediately tries to seduce him. It doesn't go that well. Tempting a flaming skeleton is hard I suppose.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Ghost Rider
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Morrigan

Wtf did they do to her hips? Morrigan doesn't look good with that retarded voice & ridiculous proportions.
Satiric Reptilian


Tamal Chakraborty
dr strange voice actor same as yasuo from lol???
1:15 No it's actually fire that you're sensing.
Parris Summers
Dr strange of caisson ballad
Parris Summers
Dr strange of caisson ballad
Zackary Turner
This was all really gay
Xavier Neypes
She is the best
Geekstreak Comix
Holy shit did she try too rape ghost rider lol
Pamela Mcclain
why does rider sound like fucking terminator
June Hollybell
ghost rider in the comics is kinda op though xD
I still can't get over Morrigan's design.
Especially around the facial area.
It just looks weird to her previous design from other games.
I can't tell if it's the freckles or the eyes. Or both.
Immortal Animator
Ghost rider sounds like ermac. Oh right they both love souls. What if they fight?
Vincent Simbol
1:46 great...*coughcough* "bone" structure
Zach Hanjra
lord beast
Juancho Corleone
I would fuck her 'til she's sick.
Tyreese Mosely
Can we talk about how morrigan wants to rape ghost rider
I don't know if it's the fan girl in me but I ship it
Wtf is going on with Morrigans accent. She's Welsh, Irish, English and American rolled in to one. It's weird
Alexis Garcia
Stupid game
what i'd do to see a fuckin' x-men in the game.
diptesh dasgupta
And so is Dante.... GR and Dante wud make a great team or best enemies...
diptesh dasgupta
Rider is damn swag.!!
FeedArtiFact3 gaming
Im lost
Dat ass is extra T H I C C
Fear the Pig Gaming
I feel kind of sorry for her since you know.....he's a skeleton missing the one bone that matters
The Spider
If ghost rider is still a skeleton underneath all that leather, Morrigan is going to be really disappointed.
Samar Taylor
Okay, seriously, what gives here? Not that I'm against Morrigan and Jedah being in this game, as someone who is a total fan of Darkstalkers myself, but seriously Capcom, add in male ones like Victor, Anakaris, Jon Talbain! Those three would be perfect for this game. Yet every freaking time, Morrigan is in the game. While I'm not upset, as she is one of my favorite Darkstalkers because she's versatile and is good at fast attacks, but my god, it's so repetitive that it's become annoying now. Please add another male Darkstalker that's not a goddamn demon. Jedah is barely known and I'm pretty sure the people that voted Morrigan so many times where horny, saw her, voted, then jerked off behind a counter somewhere or whatever
Kevin Anaya
Ghost Rider low key thinking about that threesome. 1:34
Karna the Lancer of Red
We all know why Strange is there. He came to bargain.
Alexandros Papafotiou
Vasculio Farspire
Is it just me? that imagined zach galifianakis in arthurs armor lol
Scene still makes not a lick of sense. It is a complete hypocrisy to her thoughts of him in MvC3.
Fernando Rosales
I wouldn't ship them. It would made more sense with Venom or Spider-Man because of their tragic pasts (spidey with the trauma of everything and Venom with his feeling of rage and envy and how he lost everything thanks to spidey) Heck, even with Dante who's a half demon half human person. But desire for power? Yeah, it would make sense why she would want ghost rider since he does have a lot of supernatural power.
Widow Maker
Jack skelepun
Morrigan: Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Ghost Rider: A horny little shit stealing MY lines.
Ralph Dhaniel Sagun
Dr. Strange sounds like gaara
Mireya Milan
Fulgore Elite
Ghost Rider: BEGONE THOT!!!
8-Way Dash Function
Before 1M views.
「VAGOS 」 忍者
Look at those titti*s 😱
Matt Petersen
im sorry but why the fuck does Morrigan sound irish?
that girl can become two
take the chance man
OoooOooOoOoOOoooo Morrigan hitting on ghost rider
Giggles for Dante
Gabby/ /Matty
Soooo no one is gonna tlk about 1:06
hunter steel
i ship those two
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