Does the Jet Black iPhone 7 Scratch Easily?


The jet black iPhone 7 is beyond stunning. But how does it fair when it comes to everyday use?


Kaelyn Burkett
why do that to your phone
I love iPhone 7 and 7plus jet black
Jack Young
You're a cunt
Bahar Kandil
I guess I should not put my phone in the same bag as the knives
Estephanny jauregui
"OOOO. Looks beautiful man I just wanna eat that."
Courtlynn Rodgers
Fayla Broussard
i got a iphone 7 the red one
Petre Radu
You are disturbed man! Why do you do that for clicks? You are dumb you disturben asshole!
can i hv iphone 7 jet black even its scratch its okay 😀
Jayden Van Wyk
It is so interesting
Isaiah Hill
Why would someone take a knife and scratch their iPhone like that
Jonathan Cabriales
Oh yeah ,because I'm gonna scratch my iPhone with a knife every day at 12:45😂🤣
nacho arias
me dolieron esos rayones
Karl VB
by scratch he means gently massage with a knife apparently
Oz Maniah
I feel sorry for this poor iPhone
Batuhan Arslan
Mobile Weekly Review
OMG...What type of metal things using it?
Даня мастер
ajien tolentino
Fking ads
Birhat Sindi
Even u do that with my body i will get scratch
Am I the only one that uses this phone without a case? lol
Dave Garduño
This video hurts me
Sina Sabouni
Thanks for the conclusion, you're insane by the way!
Сказочный долбоеб 🤦🏼‍♂️
Александр Вадимовичь
Какой дурак так будет с Айфоном обращаться?
you foolish
nicole radschuweit
poor iphone just give it to me instead , i will take good CARE OF it !
nicole radschuweit
poor iphone just give it to me instead , i will take good CARE OF it !
nicole radschuweit
poor iphone just give it to me instead , i will take good CARE OF it . !
nicole radschuweit
poor iphone just give it to me instead , i will take good CARE OF it . ! :(
nicole radschuweit
poor iphone just give it to me instead , i will take good CARE OF it . ! :(
nicole radschuweit
poor iphone just give it to me instead , i will take good CARE OF it . ! :(
Hearts Of Mine
Win theee Braand New iPhоne 7 PPPPlus =>
If you don't want the scratches; go for the underrated and clean-looking silver iPhone 7 📱▫️◽️◻️ ⬜️
Ismaail Rashid
imagine someone dis that test to themselves
Umer Suriya
B1ue Sk1es
Lmao I love this guy 😂😂
Takes out a knife
Me: um ok
Uses the knife to scratch the phone
Me: ... who would cut his or her iPhone with a knife? seriously?
says circular rotation
Krazy Gul
thought he is going to try to scratch but he just blob that thing and shakes the crap out of it
Does the Jet Black iPhone 7 Scratch Easily?
Slashes the shit out of it with a fucking knife.
You fucking retard.
Sylvester Watkins
Bro wtf are you doing
caleb thomas
you area jerk techrax
It's a self healing surface. You could even shoot it with a 556 or a 223 and the phone will heal by itself overtime
J 屮幻灬城屮
Wow... this video literally made me cringe. That noise is too much😭
I'll carry my butcher knife in a separate pocket.
كوكب علوم
Yes , the jet black iPhone 7 scratch easily........
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