Jeffrey MSP
Ty lol
that was funniest way to scratch it with the keys
Pervis Easley
Things scratch! Let be with it!
Grifball Gaming
“Everyday use”
Yeah I rapidly scrape my iPhone with a knife too!
nigga ur scratching it with a knife what do u think is gonna happen
Colin Massey
What a pointless excercise you twat
Lucas Kaufman
Send me a crappy scratched phone @techrax
Jeffrey MSP
Is the iPhone 32gb?
You dick
md shoikot
Dinesh Verma
Do someone hate his voice i hate his voice allot like if you hate his voice
Vorname Nachname
Thats hurts.
this rong big rong
any phone will scratch if it's on techrax hand even the phone has case on it.
Brian Caulfield
1:20 is he okay 😂
Elida Laclau
Só nos USA mesmo aonde o iPhone eh 3 dólares
Elida Laclau
Caralho meu irmão q agonia do caralho
Shariq Shah
Can u send me iPhone 7 plz 😭.. it cost 1lac in my country...
I put my phone in my pocket with a pebble and ran for 1 hour and I went to look at my phone there was a lot of scratches
Jose Prudente
Me wanting an iPhone so bad and this dude just destroys them for views
Jake McGuire
1:23 spasm
RedBuL RedBull
Crenco deficiente
Richard D. Asante
Pointless! Useless!
Arnav Agarwal
U just wasted an iPhone and money
haseeb ahmed
Why would someone fcking knife their phone....
karthik manikanta
U r so sick and me too
R.I.P iphone 7 -|- 16.09.2017–16.09.2017
Juan Kurt Walter Alariao
stop scratching th iphone!!
Yarzar Win
فضلي مطنووخ 901
Give it to me
فضلي مطنووخ 901
Anunay Dwivedi
Did anyone notice he is lefty
Unicorn Sparkles
Y would u ever in ur normal life put a knife 2 ur phone
Sudhar Shan
I subscribed your channel .i request you buy a iphone 7 plus for me .my address is no 1/293 periyar street pallikarani chennai ,tamilnadu, name suresh please send me.
Ray Es
What a waste. The light key test proved what we wanted to know...
Is he mentally insane or something
Zachery Stopher
I'm still trying to figure out when anyone's keys move that much in a pocket
Ilya The Guy
I had a feeling that iphone was having a sex with those keys 😂
maddie consuelo
"I just wanna eat that!"
bL x pandaa
4:51 😏
عبد الواجد
This guy is crazy
Serge Kloninger
give the phone to poor people instead of your fucking destroying
Klaas Huntelaar
For What!!??
michael nathanael
OMG! kids in africa could eat that knife :(
Bryan Taylor
Ok well if your Scratching your Phone with a Damn Knife Of course Its gonna Scratch its Not gonna Be Bold and Take Hold to it..
Joey Vall
ughh this video hurt my soul lol
Pablo Vargas
dude just give me the phone if u dont want it that bad lmao
Okay so I might be getting an iPhone 7. What color should I get?
Cassi McCammon
So you're telling me I can no longer just randomly fucking glide my knives on my phone anymore if I get the jet black iPhone?
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