Georgia Mz
The anxiety that gave me
Riyaad Rasheed
My Theory of Why the IPhone 7 and Plus Jet Black Scratch so easily

If you have feel The Jet Black IPhone 7 or 7 Plus On the back it's feels like glass so that's why It's scratch so easily Metal or a Rock can scratch Glass.
Jake Herd
Who the hell would have that big pockets
Miguel Castañeda
Kids in Africa could of had that
angela farra
but who's gonna take a knife and scratch their iphone 7???? 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Darluis Ortiz
You are fucking retarted
This hurt my soul T_T
I cant see such a Beautiful piece of work wasted...I feel bad as many people are craving to get one but cannot afford.......
Worst sounding video ever! Aaahhh I can't even watch it with the volume on lol
Rotton 2 The Core
Dayrely Carolina
every time he scrach the phone my heart drop's😥😥....
Why Tho
Get the matte black way more manly and sexier
Colin Adelsman
This is why I unsubscribed from tech rax
you monster ._.
hawk Mee
So it's good to be RICH,I dont think common people who bought IP7 will do the same things as him
The Plexus Empire
"It looks beautiful" his fingerprints are all over
Super Shapz86
I just paid full price for an iPhone 7, and this dick doing this
BENZ สายเบิร์น
Hello this vary beautiful !!!!!
in thai
( อยากได้ถ้าคุณทำอย่างนั้นคุณซื้อให้ฉันดีกว่า!!!! )
jojo 乔
Can I still have the phone
Tim Götz
With a sven your scratch safair glass. Its the hardest glass which is used in smartphones. Why you dont scratch it with 1,2,3,4,5,6 ?
Vincen Cohan
Why does your iPhone 7 only have one rear 🎥 camera usually it has two
Prank Wars
why do that
Dollar S
Its a fake
Elegant Cat
My jet black iPhone 7 scratched cause of a case wtf
Angel Ramirez
I'm sure the other coolers scratch more and in jet black it blends in more
why the fuck do you always have to brag about how it's so new and shit?
Hispanic xE
"You can't really see it if you don't look at the phone" 😂😂😂 no shit
sylvia smith
How could you even scratch a iPhone 7 stop spending your money on iPhones and then just Ruen it
Evyrlee and Graice Gymnastics girls
That is so stupid You spend a few thousand dollars on that and you wrecking itWow I can not believe how ungrateful people are know these days
Kaelyn Burkett
why do that to your phone
I love iPhone 7 and 7plus jet black
Jack Young
You're a cunt
Bahar Kandil
I guess I should not put my phone in the same bag as the knives
Estephanny jauregui
"OOOO. Looks beautiful man I just wanna eat that."
Courtlynn Rodgers
Fayla Broussard
i got a iphone 7 the red one
Petre Radu
You are disturbed man! Why do you do that for clicks? You are dumb you disturben asshole!
can i hv iphone 7 jet black even its scratch its okay 😀
Jayden Van Wyk
It is so interesting
Isaiah Hill
Why would someone take a knife and scratch their iPhone like that
Jonathan Cabriales
Oh yeah ,because I'm gonna scratch my iPhone with a knife every day at 12:45😂🤣
nacho arias
me dolieron esos rayones
Karl VB
by scratch he means gently massage with a knife apparently
Oz Maniah
I feel sorry for this poor iPhone
Batuhan Arslan
Mobile Weekly Review
OMG...What type of metal things using it?
Даня мастер
ajien tolentino
Fking ads
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