Beauty and the Beast Movie CLIP - Something There (2017) - Dan Stevens Movie

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Starring: Dan Stevens and Emma Watson
Beauty and the Beast Movie CLIP - Something There (2017) - Dan Stevens Movie

An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.

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Sajid Samoon
Beast: throws colossal snowball at Belle's head
Belle: gets a concussion
Beast: laughs
Belle looks like little red riding hood
kenshin rurouni
0:22 EQUALITY!!!!
JamesBond&AutoRacingFan 1989
Faith Marshall
I like two things fixed here--
1. The Beast said "When we touched" AFTER they touched, not before. That was always annoying in the cartoon.
2. He finally got his aim after 26 years!
just another Hufflepuff
Guys I can't be the only one attracted to this Beast am I?
johnny cake
he should have thrown the horse at her for that God awful singing.
Madeleyne Kj
0:05 Beast trying to imitate the horse is the cutest thing ever.
Bruce David
Pedophile story of Rape
We actually get to see a less "beastly" beast in this scene. You would think he was human.
Soraya Alhady
Alright now...thumbs up if you think the beast is hotter than human form

(Not saying Dan Stevens isnt good-looking btw)
Raquel Robles
Am I the only one who thinks that her voice sounds spliced and robotic? They should have just let her sing the whole song, and then cleaned it up a little bit at the expense of her sounding only slightly unnatural.
Bagus Giyandi Wiswanata
Am i the only one who laugh when philipe shake his head and the beast shake his head too?
Nora Farron
0:24 Right the in face yo!!!
Californiaman 1122
she sings good but she cuts to fast and she can't even hold a note I see why she's not a singer however good song though
I really wanted the next scene to show Belle with a huge bruise on her face from that snowball. That would've been fucking hilarious.
Why Emma even sing so well?? she is so perfect!😍
Alia Rajab
What can't Emma Watson do ?????? 😂😂❤❤ I love her
Daniel Hwang
0:23 It was at this moment, Belle knew she fucked up
Robin Jashinsky
Geez!!! Give her a concussion by throwing a big-ass snowball.
Mark Hudson
Smurfs: The Lost Village ||Full Movie||
Notyour averagegamer
Me me big beast
Jerold Macaya
Belle Fucking Dies
Adam Milette
TV Tropes: "During "Something There" Belle throws a snowball at Beast. This time he actually manages to retaliate; she barely has time to react before his big snowball hits her full in the face and knocks her to the ground."
Nicky Tjiupek
Em forgot her wand :(
Did they alter Dan's voice to make it sound deeper? His singing voice is really deep I was shocked. lol
Zack Fisher
she didnt see it there before cause the beast kidnapped her
Jessica Corlichsdcghj
Ugh... I'm sorry, but they just drenched Emma's voice in auto-tune the way the Colonel drenches chicken in cooking oil.
She singing how sweet and kinda he is and decides to throw snowballs at him...she deserves what she gets lmao
Thủy Cúc Nguyễn
0:28 she looks scary
Wendy Najera
0:08 I like how unsure rhymes with before in British
0:20 that haha is so cute xD
Abigail C. Terrell
0:27 uuuuuugggh that smile will be the death of meee
Samantha Blaisdell
Butler Boodafis
the autotune on Emma's voice is most obvious at the end of her phrases and words (when she says "unrefined" it's a bit easier to tell). Beast's singing on the other hand sounds rather genuine (besides the deepening of his voice).
Jason Cool
@ 0:23.1 Belle knew she fucked up
Aaron Graf AstronAaron
Everyone in the theater laughed so hard when Belle got hit in the face with the snowball
my harvin
Peter Regan
I would've been happy if they ended it with him accidentally killing her there lol.
Trix Malone
My God, who can honestly WATCH this shit?!
kate wood
so. much. auto tune.
Eve M
Dan Stevens is hot
Rick Sanchez
Cat Santiago
I LOVE how he looked at her and how he said "never"! 😍😍😍😍
Jack Valeska
Emma Watson punched Tom Felton in the face nobody cares. Dan Stevens Knocks out Emma Watson with a snowball EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR MIND!
Deborah Cristina
amo esse casal😂😂😂
Good movie. 9/10 Recommend 👌
Jaden Mendez
0:23 It was that moment Belle knew, she fucked up lol 😂
i can NOT be the only one who hears autotune the whole time right?
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