'War of the Planet of the Apes' star Andy Serkis teaches Sara Haines a pretty slick dance move


The actor shows off his dancing skills and discusses how motion capture is the "most liberating tool" that he believes will end type-casting.

I love Andy serkis he is the BEST!!!!!
Inventor Maniatic
she wants the monkey D
Zachary Ferguson
3:24-3:34 SICK
Traudl J. Jung
C'mon... ❤❤❤
Corey the wolf rules
I respect how he isn't completely full of himself despite all the praise he gets.
Brodie Campbell
It's 'War FOR the Planet of the Apes'
Giorgia Dalla Bona
love Andy serkis😍
erica Saint elmey
Everybody did a good job on the movie ❤️❤️
Ben Dover
What cant andy serkis do
Jack Mulligan
Can this woman stop be so yuck
He moonwalks. I'm in love.
Mosab Omar
She's ready to take the whole ceaser up in her golum
뿡뿡! ^__^
That blonde is mind-numbing.
john Baldock
i think if he did his Gollum voice that lady in blue would have cum!!
I would fangirl if I met the man who portrays Caesar too :(
it's cute they're employing horses for talk shows
So Andy Serkis is the new leonardo! Get him his Oscar! Let the memes flow!
Mizanur Hussain
sara wants some dick
Unknown GOD
serkis breakin it down y'all 😂😂 love that mofo
Brooklynboi Productions
He's fookin' brrralliant
I hate how tv presenters always say to every actor they interview is the best actor of our time and all that bs she could have been realistic and said that he's the king of mocap right now because he actually is
christian navarro
Sara Haines is such an attractive woman I love her smile
What-If Machine
Sara's incoherent fangirling is totally relatable. I'd lose my shit if I met Andy Serkis.
Mojo Jojo
Pioneer and King of motion capture Andy Serkis , he is like a founder father of all mocaps. yeah yeah some people did also that but not as good as him
skull sniper
serkis is a bit underestimated as an actor truly talented
Her reaction is literally me if I ever got to meet Andy serkis! 😂
Those days when you hate the fact that you're married.
ChefMatt Reviews
After seeing War for the Planet of the Apes, Andy Serkis deserves a freaking Academy Award for Best Actor
Ms K Jones
I behaved like the girl in blue when I was 13, and my older 15 year old friend stopped hanging around with me when she met a guy she liked a lot. I was too immature and annoying. Lady in blue reminds me of myself back then. It's awkward, but I guess she's fanning out, no biggie. - She doesn't seem to fit in with the other peeps at the counter.
tyrone loki
Hollywood should just make a SERKIS award
sami parkar
tmz lite
Silvya Darra
War for the Planet of the Apes Movie Available in hd Quality
Wouldn't mind 5000 more planet of the apes movie!
Shit , amazing movies.
A Truly great actor.
Diego M-A
Planet of the Apes: The Musical
I think Andy was blushing a little when Sarah geeking-our over him. He's adorable truly "precious"
Waheeda Hosein
Calvin Dang
King of mocap right here.
That stupid blonde bitch can't dance shit! Get some dance shoes not fucking high heels!
Haaris Talks Alot
I have a feeling this movie is going to create a brilliant trilogy! Can't wait to see it and review it this weekend! Do keep an eye out, I do spoiler free reviews
Mia Blundstone
War for the Planet of the Apes Online HD https://plus.google.com/+LucindaEllistonStaring/posts/g24WxpKE81E
Stephen Lawrence
I guess the dance move was ape-plus
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