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You've probably never seen pitches like these!
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Nolan Houston
Don't you love when the kids go to the playground and step on broken glass
Alexis Domingo
Alexis Domingo
4:00 cody is like " I can't look!"
Caden Chan
OK Jedi Ty
you guys are WAY to happy about a kids toy.
Zion Esekielu
people think its fake but think its not because im your bigest fan
Brianne Morano
you guys should really do a zip chip flying disc trick shots video it would be great..
david mish
Why do you guys being grown men scream like girls every time you do something? All of your videos are like that
Mr Boss66
I love blitz balls I use them all the time
Raphael Ribeiro
me pergunto o que vocês estão falando
I thought blitzball was that underwater sport in Final Fantasy X :P
Shayan Shah
They destroyed the door on the RC trick shot
Gener Bayaca
That short clip of Alan Becker was real
I liked when Cody got hit in the head by a bottle
isaac hale
Tie went up for a high five and got denied
Michael Minerva
nice real talk t
Walter White
This is my favorite video by DP
Noah Currie
Do a yoyo trick shot challenge
dev dholu
can I join you
Will Troyer
Where can you buy a target for wiffle balls like in this video
luiz carlos da silva
alguem fala portugues aqui i´m for brazil
Ty's face at 3:32
Sebastian Deibert
lebron dance
matt hew
2:32 dab
Jayden 1237 Ochoa
I like your videos
Jayden 1237 Ochoa
I scoured
Lucas Hermenau
can you do a video with ZIPCHIP trickshots
Teddy Sacks
I still don't understand how a ball of plastic can be 3 times as expensive as a baseball
nichole Mcguire
do a scrimmage with blitzballs
Devin Durkee
every time
Isaac Haas
#real talk
Makaio Kahawai
Cory or coby dropped the ball in the beginning
George Gamer the king
0:35 Is that daindros smashing a light bulb
Garen Gaming Fan
Cory dropped his ball in the intro
leonardo martell
que pero por que todo en inglés? que me vieron cara de que hablo en ingles o que
At 5:03 pause the video then take in the view of Ty.
Mas Show
What song is this
DragonFish Gaming
Be a bouncy ball, bounce back!
Rafal Gwozdz
Jedi Ty
Gabe the dude
I found a way to make cheap diy blitzballs with every day objects watch this video by clicking on me to find out how to make them, like if they worked for you
Hannah Leathers
you guys should do a kids edition so it's your kids all of them except Garrett's son he is to young
Elton Mörtsell
minecart redstone18
so coby is the editor before tim and chad
Vishakha Mehta
my favourite stroke was of tyer
Dominick Riggs
Diego Campos robles
Soy un c rak
Diego Campos robles
Squw pedo
Twin lolatrons
have a game of horse
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