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You've probably never seen pitches like these!
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Feather Fanatics
Ty reminds me of Michael Scott from the office
Jadin Bedi
You're the best
Patel Kajal
Nc all trick shot....
. Are best
Bill Nye
Where did you get the targets
Kobe Gurley
Did any one see the person on the left drop when ty was saying welcome to blitz ball trick shots
Ashley Oliver
That intro was sick
I guess I'm the only one who's never heard of "Blitzball." Alright.
Hunter 27171
be a bouncy ball. bounce back
RedFang Gaming
Ty Zapadka
DP should do hockey trick shots, like if you agree
Mad Heffalump
I think that "Don't be a hacky-sack" is my new motto! Thanks Ty!
Alan Becker right here.
bahahahahahahahaha jediiiiiiiiiiii
Handball trick shot ?
Ivan Reyes
was that a 2 seam or a riser on #1
Ali matar
All sports and video games 🤑😎👍👍👍
DP u guys should do VLOGS in the new house and probably do like a game of baseball
Jessica Jones
you guys should do more of these blitzball trickshot videos
GamingWithJack 0409
You can't call it a swisho draino if it doesn't swish
Kush MasterB
How many times do you guys think they messed up the Cody trust shot?
RC Collins
Is fieldhouse dphq2
Ehab Abutabikh
Rip door
Hashir Ahmed
Who is watching in July 2017
Devan Lewis
Is swerve ball the same
I once hit a light with a blitzball but I wasn't celebrating when I hit it
James Pratley
this was uploaded on my birthday lol
Lightning Nation
My favorite shot: when he threw the hat on the camera
matt mopp
Your so fake
Kyle Gaming
Do a video in Nashville with Marcus Mariota
Sam Brady
Did anyone realise that Cory dropped the ball at the start?
Ray Angeledes
Where'd u get the strike zone, or did ya guys make it
Ethan Huse
Your seriously breaking glass where kids play
Mister Ab
rc car Cody trust shot
Gissel Rodriguez
Can you do a video of all the missed jajaaja
Aussie rock
What ever number like you land on is who you are

1: Tyler
2: Cody
3: Garret
4: Coby
5: Cory
6: Tim (editor)
7: Chad (editor)
Fahim Ahmed
last shot is worlds best
you are so cool
Miranda Shapiro
Noah Jezior
savage king 2121
bring the rage moster back
Konke Khumalo
" little sister hey dude perfect did you guys make a minecraft app cause i am crazy about it and videos"😝😝😊😋
David Skarja
The last shot with ty
Chitra S
"be a bouncy ball and bounce back"
harley lindquist
You should do a trick shot with your hover board
Fire Dragon2724
Find the diffrens
Tristan Ramkissoon
Ty should play baseball
Paul Timmons
is garret a lefty?
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