Navy SEALs talk publicly about drug abuse in the ranks


One of the most honored and respected segments of the U.S. military is battling an enemy within. For the first time, Navy SEALs are talking publicly about drug abuse in the ranks. David Martin is investigating this.

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Paul D
Why is it a problem? These guys put their lives at risk. Let them do what they want on their time off. And marijuana is allot safer than alcohol anyway. The problem is drug testing.
Red Foreman
What about drug tests?
Reed Pennington
Some of the greatest minds and accomplishments are a direct result of drug use. Americans need to lighten up a little.
Felicia Xoxo
If the elder say it a brand new issue the older co and warrants have its bulshit that been around so long even in our government all areas of it
Why not just get rid of anyone testing positive? It’s not like there are not plenty of people waiting to step into their shoes.
HEY TONY, is that You?
They most likely should use cannabis during their down time.... a much better choice than alcohol which is epidemic in the military.
63 Rat Rod
dose everyone from the top down and put all the guns away for a while......the other way around eh?
Seem like a fun to join The Ship crew
Caleb Perry
y'all look I've fat bodies. I call bs.
Porter Aldous
Eh, army green berets could replace seals. They do the same thing anyway. Except their pride doesn't get to them and they don't seek national attention.
Zack Taylor
This is bullcrap. Drugs have been in the military since the beginning. Guys just don't get caught. And they know how to get around the testing.
steven wentling
You have to take a UA routinely, at home and away. This is fake news.
David Digital
Blame Obama
Tom Simmo
My Green Beret neighbor said they handed out green dragons to the SF to take before going out on missions. Keep them up 3 days.
Nathan Drake
They were kicked off for merely doing cocaine??? I thought they were gonna say heroin or oxys.
Nathan Drake
Sorry commander but sometimes you jus gotsta gecha freak on.
Tyrone Shoelaces
(Social experiment) for all military legalize the herb for 1 week and compare crime rate and all around PT, encourage no alcohol. Guarantee you domestic violence won't be heard of just huge profits at your local PX.
Jeremy Drewry
So they didn’t kick dude out the first time he popped hot for Coke?!?! Damn, guess the infantry has higher standards.
John Fabio
Play with snakes...You will be bit..
Christopher Fairfield
You trying being one the most badass killing machines in world..... let me no how well u sleep at night??? I’m not one but I can c the correlation
Wyatt Cervantes
Just smoke some weed!
Shaggy Locs
Seal are bunch of redneck
Paul Arlukiewicz
gamma omega delta
Drug tests are a joke, I personally know of 7 infantrymen who popped for marijuana in Iraq. The samples taken where then tests on site at another location within the same base. All they got was a slap on the wrist and were given two day leave to clear their heads. They all laughed it off, one making a scene stating he needed mental help but was dismissed. Off the went back down range. At a later incident my bud went awol to ensure he made a statement. Got $40 worth of hash and let it rip. He was sent home with “other than honorable” in fear he would hurt himself or others if he were given “dishonorable”. Urine tests don’t mean jack if the samples are being tested by the same organization.
Truesay Mahoney
you need Don Shipley back they do not make them like him and his guys anymore
Jumperman 1
Well look at this. Special forces this, special forces that........
James Kerr
Okay, so if I'm getting the math here correctly, <0.0055 percent of SEAL's in three months popped? If we times that by four to account for a year, that's still only 2 percent. That's about on par with any other service's "normal" forces average; I get the heightened concern, especially with the sensitivity of their jobs. But, this sounds more like hyperbole from the news media outlets whom love to bash military anyhow.
You should be able to smoke weed, and that's the only drug that stays in your system other than LSD for 2-4 weeks. I'm sure steroids would be a problem for these guys
wilson blauheuer
if alcohol is considered okay, why are they surprised when some decide to try a different high?
William Villar
For a unit that prides itself on being secretive ..Navy SEALs really love to talk.
Steve Yurchak
Human beings are infallible! The use of drugs in the service is much much higher than in the SEALS. When I was in A School in Pensacola, Fl in barracks D, there was a group of sailors selling drugs to other sailors. Command caught wind of it and ordered full urinalysis of all barracks. A lot of sailors went to captains mast and went straight to the brig and/or got booted out. This is mostly FAKE news by a progressive news network.
cletus the slob
the military should have legal sanctioned anabolic androgenic steroids to improve performance
drug abuse was rampant in the Marine Corps as well, except we have standards and when the Marine is caught either by drug test or other means they are booted out as there is a zero tolerance policy. I bet you that man up there talking abused alcohol on more than one occasion and alcohol is a drug a legal drug yes, but a drug none the less, and drug abuse is drug abuse.
Mary Booth
Mary Booth
Will K
Lol at idiots thinking SEALS do drugs. The military run biweekly blood tests on passive seals and active drug tests day in and day out
Big Richard
What if I told you some drugs enhance performance and some people would do anything to be the best at what they do and sharp. I personally couldn't imagine going into a combat operation not on adderall. What a beautiful, literally life saving drug. You would be 50x more alert, more mentally focused and engaged with the enemy and winning in combat. This is a life saving pill in some situations. Why does it surprise you an extreme group of only the elite are willing to go to the extreme to be elite. That's kind of the point. Be the most elite fighting specimen on earth.
It's 905
Lets test every member of Congress, everyone that has a job in D.C. I'd bet you they will say it violates thier constitutional rights or some other double speak.Never going to happen.
AC Cannabis
it's a career killer to narc on your brothers... and an act of TREASON.
Promoting the seals as exciting attracted the wrong types. Discipline, physical strength and team character is primary. Fry the freaks if they cant stop taking drugs while in the military. Army stopped requiring a minimum rank of SGT and unit sponsorship for entry to Special Forces which I feel got Pat Tillman killed. Things are bound to get ate up in war but at least start with guys out for the force, not a fun joy ride on drugs.
They forgot steroids and nootropics.
C.V.A NO.58
it's not just in US spec ops but also in UK but you won't hear about it as it's hushed up alot.
Jonathan Niday
Hey that's cool that some navy seals smoke weed
S. Haugh
Let's test all the dickless schucks at CBS for stupidity, drugs and etc...
Sorry part of the is bs. No Seal would dishonor his team by telling the truth under a mask.

RIP JTH you never dishonored your team.
Luke Free fall
lol Americans are so dramatic! Jesus said no to drugs think of the Jesus:P
shane scallan
Extreme fatigue alone can cause a person to flip out. Mixed with amphetamine it greatly increases this chance.
Garrett Jones
Let these men do drugs
adam adams
Functioning at that high a level, athletes at these levels (its in pro sports as well) are looking for help for their bodies-1, 2-we are asking these guys to do things i think some of them would like to forget, so it may be a coping mechanism (myth), Its sad. Hope these warriors get the help they need so they can continue being at the tip of the spear and the best we have to offer.
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