Who Killed The Famous Chef?

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Use your sleuthing skills!

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Jade Terrell
Donathan Walters
Julian Goza
Tommy Oceanak
Nadia Mohebban
Elior Ilishah

Whise owl AJ
Obiously it was her
Holly 'O Hair
wow I never knew drake can cook
سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Who killed Drake?
Swimmer In Jeans
YAY!!!! P.J.
Bathila Jayasiri
I knew it was her -_-
Phil better cook some Lasagna for PJ
Samarra O
What a waist of candy cane
Michaela Rowan
PJ is my favorite narrator from your murder mystery videos. He should be im more if them!!!
kamiles life
Low key, he looks so much like drake, but a more younger version like tf?😂😂😂😂
Sarah Sarah
Legit I thought the thumbnail was drake
Keyla Inca
Natasya Amadea
hey its drake
Proud Ravenclaw!
I solved it!!!
Armando The Third
I thought Drake was on the thumbnail. Lol.
Reading Rachel
Are there any more of this series aside from the Beauty Blogger one
User not Found
You should do a who killed Hae min lee
shadow striker
nice to see Drake chose a different Carter choice.
Erin Carter
Eww I hate grape flavored popsicles!!! 🤢🍇
Gokusaiyan5 Smasher
i thought that was drake in the thumbnail
The buissness parter was my guess
Mario Horta
Some missed key points were that the hand with the brown glove and the bottle was female it's pretty distinctive based on style of glove and shape. Also that is a wine bottle she used which relates back to the restaurant. And finally activist won't know where you live.
Belle Disney
Oh and I love these types of murder mystery stuff can you please do another one with a man who was rich and someone killed him??? Thank you for this vid
Buzzfeed please tell me the name of the song that starts at 3:28 till the very end. I'm dying because i cant find it anywhere.
Zaina Zoughbor
Zion Earle
It has to be the sous- chef because the activist doesn't want to kill animals, so she can't kill a human. The business man couldn't have killed the chef because he faints at the sight of blood. The sous-chef knows how to cut things, for she cuts animals for a living. She hits him with a bottle for the chef to go unconscious, then stabs him with a candy cane so no one will think she used a fatal weapon.
SuperKawaiiKarissa 17
he looks like Drake...
vobby Kasuka
WATCH SHERLOCK! Cumbercookies unite~~
I got it right
Ricegum Jr
how does he not hear the door opening
Game Slayer
I thought that was Drake
Sura A.
Katelyn Van Mierlo
I knew it had to be either the businesses partner because of the cancans or the sous chef because she had access to bottles.
Dreamz Plays
Ramsey killed him
Feras Hashem
is this real ik if its fake then i will look like a complete idiot lol
grace grace
What's the name of the song at the end of the video?
Allyssa Conry
Was i the only one who thought phil looked like white drake
Slime Overload27
I got it right!
Dino Bros RBLX
why dont you make it more harder? it was so obvious the sound effects and smile.
Fiona Mei
thought that was Drake for a moment
Amirah Gulnawaz
Yes got it right I could tell it was the sous chef she looked so suspicious
Mr Megeladon Man
leanas mother
Frozen Chili
Wow P.J is baaaack!!
Aparna Rajesh
What a tragedy. Here today, gone tomato..
Zahryel Fonseca
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was drake
Glugger Gaming EXTREME
was it the dragonborn?
Mary Enriquez
I have watched every solve this murder video and I got them all right, this is fun to solve I should just become a detective lol
Kurt Alabado
Drake's a chef now??
Kdot will drop another fire diss track
Fa N
Lol one looks like the weekend and the other looks like drake
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