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I LOVE AKINYOR ALSA😎i have kukuleko
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Why don't you all makes a video of Elsa and Anna and all the princess for a party
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essa Elsa e gorda heim
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Am i the one who saw at the first scene belle,s bra was like in her shoulder
Snow White applied too much sunscreen Tiana is my favourite out of all princesses
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Frozen Elsa CUT
CLOTHES!m/ Jo ...
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Анна Капитанюк
Эльза что то жирная
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Belle is my favourite
1.She is So savage when I saw that it's means when she drew on her face (like me I do that a lot
2.She is nice
3,She is so smart
4.And pure gold
5.she is buetiful
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12Million subs awesome if only it was 1200000000MILLIOM Subs and likes
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seems like a lot of tension between each of these princesses...
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Elsa was like "WHY IS MY FACE ON EVERYTHING!!??"
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Pretty cool and so amazing 😏
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xoxo. carlisa
No fair thay get A pool party
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Free the FISH!!! nailed It!!!😂😂😂😂😂
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