Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink

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Check out this parental follow up to our Truth or Drink series!

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Rafael & Bong
Madison & Craig
Leslie & Bonnie
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Kid to Parents
What position was I conceived in?
Did you ever drink, smoke, or do drugs when you were pregnant with me?
Was I a mistake?
Who's your favorite child?
Have you ever had sex in my bedroom?
Have you ever been arrested?
If I was never born -- what do you think your life would be like?
Do you perform oral sex on dad/mom?
Do you or have you ever watched adult films?
How and when did you know I was sexually active?
Have you ever disliked someone I dated?
Did you ever drop me when I was a baby?
Have you ever spied on my text messages or social media?
What's your favorite sexual position?
When I moved out -- were you relieved or sad?
Have you ever had a threesome? Would you?
Have you ever been in love with someone besides dad/mom?
If there is one thing you'd change about me, what would it be?
How many people have you slept with?

Parents to Kids
Have you ever had sex in my house? In my bedroom?
Have you ever stolen from me?
When was the last time you lied to me? What was the lie?
Do you send nude images to people you're dating?
How many people have you slept with?
Do you like me or your father/mother better?
Have you ever had a threesome? Would you?
Did you ever throw a party when I was out of town?
Did you ever have a fake ID?
What's something you're surprised you got away with?
What's something I do that embarasses you?
Have you ever heard me having sex? Even worse -- have you ever walked in on it?
When I get old, will you let me live with you or will you put me in a home?
What do we have in common that you like the most?
When did you lose your virginity? Did you use protection?
Do you have any tattoos that I don't know of?
What's your favorite sexual position?
Have you ever been in love?
If there is one thing you'd change about me, what would it be? 

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Ak iraa
1:14 I shit myself HHAHAHAHAHHA
Pickle Rick
Crying starting crying starting more crying. Women.
Nicu Chiselita
2:50 lmao, tthey seem great, and so open. Also, they way she laughs.
k h
I wouldnt put any of my parents in a home. I dont have that kinda money, figure it out yourself.
Curly Oromo
I feel like the white guy with the hat hates his mother. It's weird.
Curly Oromo
The Asian mom is so cute❤️
Amani Hossain
The mother and daughter who cried are so sweet 💗
Guy with glasses + beanie was a bit fucking weird
Nick Schoefberger
The guy in the beanie looks and sounds like a future school shooter
Jhovanny Diaz
That looks like a pretty good sturdy table does anyone know where can I find it
Water Flow
Blame everyone else for your responsibility like that count in the beanie....
Liv S
The guy with the beanie is such a socially awkward dick
Nina Lam
That son with the beanie is mad rudddeee
Why would anyone have this convo with their parents it's so gross and weird. This entire channel is just drinking And talking about sex. Super lame
When he said "Believe it..." i was kinda shook
Why is everyone saying that the guy with the glasses is mean???
I can tell he's having a good time.
Literally. In what way was he rude??
What the fuck is with the guy who wears hat and glasses I would love to punch him in the face he is so mean ... Fucking shit
At 1:08 , that dude got a bit serious
Ky Kemmer
Why were thy crying? 😂😂
GORE illa
"When your mom pretends she's asleep" ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!
@1:41 mom literally just called her girl a hoe hahahahahahahahaha
clary stargaryen
Madison is my spirit animal 😂😂😂
victoria meyers
the guy with the beanie made me uncomfortable
Walter Cox
These videos make me laugh so hard and make my day so much better !!!!!!
Clo ver
Fuck beanie guy, what an asshole. His mom is so adorable. :(
Saugat Rai
That guy with the beany suxks
Son: Have you ever had a threesome?
Dad: Yes
Son: Oh, alright. That's what's up!
The mum and daughter at the end, so sweet
The guy in thr beanie is kind of a D-bag lol
Danielle Renteria
Beanie guy is sketchy...
2:02 was the best moment lol
YT Account
4:25 "I'm very ugly when I cry" ... I guess that's put lightly, jesus what a disgusting creature
Rico Van De Wal
I think it would be fun to play this with my family, but how do we check if the answer is actually the truth?
Keith Bezanson
Me & my dad have hooked up with a few of the same woman.

My mom & I both are into bdsm an run in different groups.

So these questions would be cake walk. My parents are both very open an easy to talk with we would just drink for fun while laughing at every question.
Please don't tell me 6th
James Smith
Benie guy is mean
Young Savage lll
Dude fist bumps dad for the threesome
Doing this game with my parents would be my, and also their, worst nightmare. Actually they wouldn't want to play at all because they don't drink.
717 vibeZ
I'd get alcohol poisoning
Ilhaam Jiwaji
Lol at the Asian father son
Kacie Lysne
I'm 24 and my Dad is disabled now, with a lot of health issues and Dementia, my Mom gave up on him cause it was "too hard" for her so I have taken care of him since then, and I'd NEVER put him in a home, (I promised him,) UNLESS it was so bad that it's just basically impossible for me to take care of him alone. But my Dad is stubborn, he said he'd rather die than live in a home. If he ever got out in one, he'd be escaping daily lol
Kacie Lysne
I think it's extremely weird they have the parents ask the kids their fave sex position
William Colato
If I could do this with either of my parents omg it be so fun!! But the thing is we are so open we wouldn't have any problems with these questions! Odds are we'd already know all the answers anyway!!😂
Zuz Muz
"meanie on a beanie"
NiNa Tv
Dear braine , nice mom ....lmao😂😂😂😂😂
omg vkook
Why is everyone hating on the guy with the beanie
Madison is fucking hilarious
nutty the nutzo
Lol give dude in the beanie a break he clearly isn't that bad seems like he simply hates life not just his mom or whatever, personally I think he loves her very much.
Tamara TheMUA
Dude acting so hostile towards his mom damn
Ismael Barrera
How can i be in one of these vids?
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