Jimmy Fallon Models for a Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot

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Kendall Jenner walks Jimmy through her photography, including LOVE magazine covers, before showing off her skills with an impromptu photo shoot.

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Jimmy Fallon Models for a Kendall Jenner Photo Shoot

Donnell Jensen
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Scarface Morris
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Alberik Long
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Edi Salihaj
Christian Franco
I love her, she is the best of the whole Kardashian family. ❤
Natsumi Usaka
everyone is saying she got famous because of her family... she didn't choose that didn't she and now that she's famous cuz of them she's trying to prove the world that she has talent and is working hard on her modeling career. she wont just sit in the sofa and watch Netflix and chill.
Anooh Mize
The whole Outfit is on point! Her SHOE 😭
how the audiance could see the photo from that distance or they displayed it on some screen ? .... ok i am an idiot i got it.
Karlis Sierins
kendall throw me a pepsi plz
Unknown Truth
When you are famous for doing nothing
hey hey i have pepsi!!!
Valeria Rodriguez
when they started talking about photography she was so excited I love it
Beryl Grace
"This is a common iphone, all the kids are using it" LOL
Alex Anaya
Siwar Yow
Is that alissa voilet twin? 😂😂
My name doesn't matter and go away
could you please stop judging her
I just realized that Jimmy is basically Ted Mosby in real life hahaha
They even have similar voices and his way to talk too
Trust in Trust
who came for the thumbnail
Chantel Wong
BTS_jungkook V
m syahreza
Actually Jimmy doesn't need tryin too hard if he'd like asking most of any supermodel he want to get some beer and even get a room. Include Kendall. You know it, right?
H. 1
I feel like she's so sweet... idk
Taehyung PseudoMaknaeOfBTS
She's just constantly shooting haha
Shreyas khandelwal
when you realise Kendell Jenner and Dua Lips are different human beings😂😂
Chosen one
Should of gave him a pepsi to pose
rambo L
white people will become redundant soon
eddie rogers
can i have sex with her please?
she is goddess!!!
Sandesh Jadhav
Her Pepsi ad tho...
Nikhil Mistry
u do photography?
yeh i just take them of my friends hanging out

in that case we are all photographers
Tarif C
too bad theyre all dead
Dee C
Give me someone interesting and intellectual up there God dam it Jimmy what's this bullshit about
I want Trump to start nuclear war and wipe out the entire human race
Merp McGouder
The Jenners named a kid north? They should have named him south cause that's where Bruce\Katelyn Jenners fame is going.
wow, analogue photography and Kendall. what a paradox.
what's next sweetheart? making your own organic yogurt with fake yeast.
with analogue photography, you need to wash your own films etc. that's the whole point of it and I doubt she even does that and she probably thinks she is being "authentic". poor girl.
Risky Bisky
all i can focus with is her bod....
mic V
Adil khan
Wawoo she is beautiful
Yovani Anindya
her hair looks really nice! 😍
Daniel Guerrero
How did she become a normal young adult with all the crazy she grew up around
I love kendall
олеся герасимова
Bri B
What's the song playing at the very end
nadine nona
Oh cringe ... always so awkward and uncomfortable when these family are on TV .... they are so bland
Yassine Hasnaoui
Good body hain
Dubem Agu
yo kendall is gorg
Michael Soo
That Contax point and shoot is worth $700 for those that dont know.
Trevor Phillips
Kendall is the best. The others are annoying
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