its shit no star trek
I wish I'd thought this through
What the hell is wrong with all the racist, sexist morons complaining about the diversity in this trailer? Star Trek has always been about diversity and celebrating our differences. Gene Roddenberry came up with the IDIC philosophy - Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. If you can't handle that, you have no business calling yourself a Star Trek fan.
Tyler Johnson
Great... another one... what ever i guess directors are just shitting movies out now...
xing xu
although she is black, at least she is good looking, so I have no problem with it, John Boyega though, is another story.
nathan g
The characters do nothing for me. Of course when It bombs they will blame the fans, never themselves.
We want axanar
I miss axanar
David Boggs
"NIgger trek!!"
Christofer Riche
Wow! Another Star Trek film!
Lynn Messier
I am a real Star Trek fan,I have watched it since it began.Iam now 67,and I still love Star Trek,but please stop making these prequels.I like the real Star Trek series,Enterprise,Voyager,Picard,Kirk and all but bring back Capt.Kirk. He was the first and will always be the only.And I want Chris Pine as KIRK,he made the perfect Kirk.
geez this looks beyound shitty, oh well 10-20 years from now we hopefully get a chance to get real Star Trek again
Jim Abbey
This series WILL flop and be an epic fail!
I don't think Roddenberry would approve.
Congratulations CBS and JJ Abrams, you killed a brand name I thought couldn't be killed.
Daryl Katz
I was a little skeptical about this show when I first heard about it, but it actually looks really good.
423 salty neckbeards downvoted this video.
Why do the Klingon's have lumpy foreheads?
Those do not look like Klingons to me.
Trevor Cokley
I have mixed feelings.
Star Trek: Feminism
They should run these stupid prequels back to the Roman Empire.
Why a woman captain wouldn't work : she couldn't park the spaceship without denting it.

Why a black woman captain wouldn't work : she'd get her baby daddy to steal the spaceship before trying to park it.
Tyler Gregory
You know if there was holodeck nobody would get anything done, they would be in there fucking all the time.
Won't last more than one season.
Kevin Holland
I'm hyped for this. It'll be a nice break from marvel/dc overload.
Mike Epp
Fake Star Trek.
This looks so boring and so recycled.
Brian Morrison
looks good, feels hollow.
seems like ferengi have gained control of the soul of trek.
how sucky and insulting will the theme song be?
Hugh Mungus
Star Trek Discovery of feminazi's and diversity
Strahd Zarovic
Jose Manuel Capdevila Gutierrez
Mass effect Uniforms????
Asfan Shirim
I miss Babylon 5!
Kool Kendall
Sad when "The Orville" will be better.Plus a black woman as the leading role will not hold up well with older Star Trek fans.Failure in 3,2,1.........
Even Star Trek -- destroyed by SJW PC Identity Politics.
Robert Jones
Love to see another female captain... but what the heck did they do to the klingons?
Reminds me of the Wing Commander depictions of the Kilrathi...
nothing but a bunch of shaved cats
Jesse Seven
Star Trek and Star Wars have become politically correct feminist fests. Garbage in, garbage out.
James McHugo
Hmmm... Wonderful eye candy. Doesn't look like Star Trek, doesn't sound like Star Trek. Hopefully it finds an audience, I'm planning to watch it, but based on this trailer, I think most Trekkies are going to be disappointed.
Miles Bridges
If they kill off Michelle Yeoh in the first episode (mark my words, its a strong possibility), it won't be worth watching. I'm calling it now on time of death.
Initial impressions lead me to believe this will be more style over substance. What makes the Star Trek series top-tier is and always will be the characters and their social interactions. Neither of which seem like a priority from what I can see in this trailer. Hopefully Im dead wrong.
At least enterprise attempted to dial it back a little to fit better with the original series. This is nuts on the CG, it's dark as hell, has bad acting. Looks like it's going to be shit.
Lord Orca
This looks like shit, not talking about the Affects but about the story and acting. The Axanar fan shit looked better then this.
david mehta
Mark Zabala
The Spacewalking Dead.
Jimmy Norris
Ten years before kirk, Spock and the Enterprise... But somehow still more futuristic.
KK Hagerty
I still want a TV show about what happened after Picard
M_ Hub
wrong badge on her uniform....
the Enterprise badge was adopted AFTER the NCC-1701 returned from its 5 year mission
maestro4202 2
I wish this wasn't true but this just looks like it's set up to bomb horribly.
Axanar looked better...
I love the alien saying that he was born to sense death, and that he senses it "now." After watching this tedious, abysmal, predictable, trailer, I have to agree with him! ;)
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