STAR TREK: DISCOVERY - First Look Trailer (2017) Sonequa Martin-Green

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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY - First Look Trailer (2017) Sonequa Martin-Green

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PLOT: Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

CAST: Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Jason Isaacs

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Carlos Rincon
Mass Effect: Andromeda - The TV Series.
I'd like to see a new star trek series where the Federation has been corrupted by PC police politics, and the Klingons ally with the Cardasians to take over (hack) the Federation, because they've become to weak. Then One Captain (yes a white man) cinvinces (makes a deal with) a fleet of Starships, begins a new federation, under the slogan "Make the Federation Great Again", then goes out and kicks Galactic ASS!
Jf Mc
Nooooooo! They ruined it before it had a chance with PC Bullshit. Why the hell would they cast those 2 chicks? They don't seem at all believable as comanders. This is so fucking sad and wrong. Stupid sexist liberal minded morons ruin everything...
spil been
Morphic c
Michelle Yeoh is hot bananas.
My species is biologically determined to sense the coming of death.

standing at a red light better not walk into traffic
sitting on a bomb with 10 seconds before detonation better run
pointing a gun at his own head better not pull the trigger

lmao these guys would sense death 24/7
Phoenix Quill
Ya do know that all species are biologically determined to sense the coming of death, right?
Why not rather make a show 100 or 150 years after DS9?
I thought it was going to be in the original universe? This looks completely like the new universe though.
Robert Minas
if it's before Kirk's time, why does it look way modern than the actual Kirk time.
Sausage Jockey
Feminist bullshit again
Marcin S
what is this...sifi movie?
This looks awesome!
But... I will wait for this to have gone far beyond at least two seasons, since most of good series is just cut right of, with all these cliffhangers... No matter company, they should really, really making some better ending, or a movie as some have done in the past.
If the heroes or main characters die or not, just as long we know for fact, what happens at the end.
So I will wait for it, as I did with Stargate. The truth was I didn't thought to buy it, before I saw it was complete years later. And the first serie did the best thing. Not only one movie, but two for the ending of a great show.
Do this happen today? No.
jhon doe
new klingons are stupid, the new aliens are stupid, why does the fed ship resemble a bird of prey, the Asian captain saying "i will save you all" just makes me want to laugh at the stupidity of SJWs the only thing an Asian women is going to do on a battlefield is cry and ask an asian man to save her
Perkins PancakeHouse
I'm sorry but those are not Klingons.
Master Chief 00117
Will fail faster then Hillary. One more feminist Captain that will let emotions rule her thoughts.
Nuchinuchi TekTon
Greennorth Pine
Trash this piece of junk . Whaaat ? that yeoh old nun ???? they crewed the movie , f-ked it
Thors Hammer
Oh dear god, let it be a great tv-show!
Grsp Kennedy
What happened to the klingons? They look like the devil.
Pan Ko
come ooon guys...not ''pre kirk'' again...we wana see Zan Luk and Janway as admirals in an after voyager-tng series...
Strange Horizons
HAHAHA!! These spoofs kill me!
Howard Fox
Looks horrible !
another feminist propaganda......
TyOrca 5
Okay, this does look good, even though it feels a little forced in some area's. I think it will be worth the watch because of just how many good actors are in this series. I don't think it will disappoint to tell the truth it looks interesting and somewhat different so I can deal with that.
Dorium Maldovar
Very intriguing! I can't wait to see this!
Edgar Rosell
boycott this stupid iteration...Star Trek Prelude to Axanar is the real Star Trek that Gene Roddenberry created...
Please be better than enterprise. That was dog shit.
Soooo.......Much......LENS...FLARE!!!! MY EYES!
The Orville looks so much better
Its so god damn shitty, what the fuck is this, this is not Star Trek,
What the fuck were they thinking, i wouldn't pay to see this garbage
M Ludford
is this a TV SERIES.?
Iloyd Martinez
The most emotional Vulcan ever........
Tom Liu
Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!! Oh my god!!!
Belle Slay
Sasha... 😭😭😭 we miss you in The Walking Dead. Rick lost one great friend/soldier on his side. 😭😭😭
Margo Lewis
can't wait to see this
Daniel Mocsny
I sense the coming of lens flares.
Clay Stroud
the only thing I have a problem with is WTF HAVE THEY DONE TO THE KLINGONS?!?
Alana Dill
It doesn't exactly look like fun, but it looks good. :-)
Sangeeta Gaikwad
this looks 'Ok' not soo familiar...
I dig the captain, nice cast!
James Madison
She looks moody...Ha ha ha ha.
dont know about this show it doesn't have the same as star trek
Phillip IV
The Klingons look like Black people.
Phillip IV
Another token Black lady.
Dhaezi Flower
I was really hoping for something more Voyagerish... this feels like a mix between Enterprise and new Star Trek movies... oh I'm sure it will "succeed" but not really my cup of tea
Sorry Next Generation all the way more 24th century please.
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