Marius Marios
Is this is a gay movie? ruined the spirit of the movie....
rahim pouya
The title should be : STAR TREK: VAGINA
John Q. Public
Just what we need, estrogen driven SJWers!
Paul D
OK I am not an extreme Star Trek fan but have watched all series and films. I got to episode 4 of this new series and the Tardigrade drive was put into use. Yes Star Trek has some crazy stuff in it (giant space whales and giant space jelly fish to name a few), but this drive idea is total bollocks.
Also why do directors have to keep messing around with the Klingons, I feel really sorry for them, is it racist to continually mess around with their looks?
Watch The Expanse. The story is great and the science is almost practical.
Doug McKinnon
damm..not one male Scotsman among them...expect this ship to crash.
Doug McKinnon
Should have seen it coming when they changed the misson from "where no man has gone before" To " no one"
Doug McKinnon
Women captains?...there goes this franchise...Go in peace STAR TREK...I shall miss you.
3G Bloke
honestly thought it was a parody, women looking that pampered and made up in a star command genre is really out of place.

This could have doubled as a make up advertisement playing in the background in fken starwars.
why don't they finally make a post-Nemesis tv show?
Paul A
I don't know what's smells worst, Ghostbusters or Startrek Discovery!!
Paul A
It's like watching your favourite TV shows with disabled characters wanting to be a smart strong man but will NEVER happen!!
Linus Magnus
Terrible acting!
Linus Magnus
Crap. Not Star Trek.
High Maintenance Minimalist
Never been a trekkie but I must admit, I want to watch this.
Tom - S
Star Trek?? Looks more like "Star Tampon".
I live in Vancouver and already am bombarded on a daily basis by too many bad Chinese accents. I'll pass on this shitty show.
i was thinking of getting into star trek by trying out star trek: enterprises
The Poison Bucket
well this looks like a turd
I'm already disappointed. They're going to destroy the franchise like JJ Abrams destroyed the film series and Star Wars....
Brent Orrick
Hey morons its a new tv series you frikin idiots pay attention
Nick Fisher
No major stars, not even B's. CBS you're screwing the pooch on this. #notmytrek
Going to suck with Sonequa Martin-Green as main lead actor , she is a horrible actor , well not horrible but average .
Klingon lives matter!!!
32 Yr Old Casual Food Industry Worker
fake and gay
Why would they set it pre TOS?
Kimono sobek
doesn't look promising
Natelostgetoverit CryBaby
So this is about feminism.... typical bullshit.
guy manitoba
I'll watch it!
billy toob
After Sasha died in the walking dead, she resurrected into a new sci fi world of Star Trek......she will always be my girl but the new star trek show looks awful. The art and visions are way too childish.
Tim Lepo
Great, no white straight males. A SJW version for us Star Trek fans. No gonna see this garbage... Ever.
Goony Art
there are no white people. Racists shit Not gona watch this multiculturalism BULLSHIT
I have never been a Star Trek fan, maybe cuz I never gave it a chance....but I'll watch it for Michelle Yeoh for sure : D
Marco Eduardo
WELCOME to the holy shit motherfucker FEMINIST VERSION OF STAR TREK!
mtv pls
This is gonna flop just like that sjw ghost busters
Neil T
same ole shit..different day..nothing new here.... just a re hash with better visuals...
How can you be promoting diversity if your using sex, race or gender as a "privilege", whether it be in the media or workplace?.....are the Feminist/SJW's in fact saying "we are not the same" and thereby promoting their own exclusiveness
by demanding special privilege at the expense of others more capable.
Should not all things be based on merit,....that's what Star Trek initially promoted that even if you were as ugly
as a Bull Dyke Feminist that wore her ass on her head she'd still get a job in security if she could in fact do the job.
Why do they keep going backwards. What's next, StarTrek Cave Clans?
I keep changing my YouTube name
Attention: if anyone runs into a commenter named Jotunn Dovregubben, you should know that he/she radically misinterpreted and got angry over one of my comments. This is not meant as a personal attack - I am merely hoping to explain myself and quell any confusion over my original meaning.
I deleted the original comment to avoid it turning into a debate thread, but the gist of it was that I stood up for the diversity in Star Trek, and Jotunn misinterpreted this as racism because he/she thought I had implied that racial differences make people fundamentally different. Jotunn also accused me of being a neo-Nazi and made a number of related assumptions and accusations of racism with no basis whatsoever.
To be clear, this was not my intention at all. I believe that more racial diversity in entertainment will help everyone realize that we are all human. The concept of race is a construct based on judging people on their appearances, which, of course, is fundamentally wrong. Sadly, racism does exist in this world, and in order to combat it, we first need to recognize that it exists. I don't believe I was being racist in any way by admiring the diversity in Star Trek. My intention was to applaud the way Star Trek represents all colors of people more equally than other shows, and thus helps the audience realize that all humans are equal. I apologize for not making this clear in my original comment.
I do have a message for Jotunn: if you're reading this, I think maybe you should think twice before you call someone a neo-Nazi. The neo-Nazi groups have views completely opposed to my own, and I want to make it clear that I do not support them in any way at all. I am a lifelong liberal and see no place for hate, racial or otherwise, in this world. I'm sorry that my original comment was not as clearly worded as it could have been. If you really want to stand up for equality and fairness, my advice would be to pick your battles carefully and find out if someone is really who you think they are before attacking them. Thank you, and have a lovely day.
Jotunn Dovregubben
Ugh. I'm so sick of brown people. They are quite unpleasant to look at. I think I'll pass on this.
Ravan Oliver
Where's the future? Where are the 3D control panels?! Have script writers lost so much of their imagination that all they can do is rehash?
carlos duarte
i don't understand the downvotes, this seemed rather solid
shawn eldridge
Oh my goodness here we go again another Star Trek movie or TV series give me a break.🙅
Every time I see a white male as the main actor, I puke my eyes out
"My people were biologically determined for one purpose and one purpose alone. To dispense brainless oneliners. I feel one coming now.''
Robert Huddart
Donald trump will make a suprise apperance in space
Keith Cox
enough with the prequels make one after voyager
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