BBC expert Robert Kelly whose family hilariously crashed his interview hold press conference

Daughter Marion is utterly adorable!

wateves wateves
Its ridiculous they make people feel they have to apologize for personal stuff.
Tafa Fa
What is the purpose for the interview?
Chhiring Lama
beautiful family , god bless you and your family .
I thought it was hilarious ! No abuse here just real life.
Kentley King Taggart
so funney love it
Emerita Uy
the reporter who keep on questioning Prof. Kelly I think didn't experienced parenting... all questions are all out of proportion. Didn't she knows that everybody except her were all amused and liking the reaction of the family during that very moment....we just create some other observation through our immagination like wearing pants, the mother just came from the toilet, the two kids trying to crushed the interview but other than than we all understand that unintentional event can happen anytime anywhere. I don't think their was an abuse treatment to the kids. Maybe that was the reporter of South Korean government who want's to punish Prof. Kelly for reporting such scandal.
Muhd Raziq
they treat the child badly? WTF is this?.... they did what the normal parent would do .....
R jam
Their putting them through the ringer because of the interracial family & marriage situation
This is ridiculous, that this family is answering these types of questions. This is a typical day in a NORMAL family... whether Skype, webcam or any other social-media... SHIT HAPPENS!

*one of my favorite "real" videos of all time... ;-)
Legit YouTube Videos
This guy is an ace !!πŸ’ͺ
Legit YouTube Videos
Leave them alone idiot journalist
Goodbye privacy for that family... for the rest of their lives.
Vina Wainis
are they seriously kidding? we all can see this is not something they plan on doing. if you look at the video it clearly show how surprised he was he was seriously stuttering when the daughter came in the room cant even talk straight and if it was a set up the wife sure did an awesome job acting. smh poor family.
Roni thounaojam
some people r really crazzyyy πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”« wht the hell is wrong with u all .
ipsy bitsy
Korea always make if feel bad. how sad
Ross Rossiter
evil evil parents, they should be judged by tv audiences the world over, I cannot believe this nonsense
Stupid interview, fuck the fuck out of the fuck!
Why the fuck are they justifying their actions here?!?! This worlds gone to shit!
Nikita Dewar
this is why Donald Trump hates the media! Stupid questions!
Claud Ka Kei Yeung
Why is this necessary.....?
Barbara Jackson
ppl make a big deal out of NOTHING!!!! Whoes ideal was it to have them interviews any ways and who wrote these ridiculous questions!!! only a pervert would think that man did have pants on!!! It was obvious he was trying to not cause any more distraction. this was funny as funny could be a cute family.
onein tenman
Well done. Only, too bad you gave them 'yucky' American accents.
ha. this us ridiculous. makes them sound guilty actually! people need to calm down
Lisa Summers
I didn't see anything wrong wtf?
Tania Polanco
Why people feel that they have the right to say something about people family.
Dean Denis
That clip was so funny, yes that's life.
Lori Vasconcellos
It's ABSURD that they had to hold this press conference to say their children weren't harmed. It's clear in the video they reacted to an emergency and that the children were ok.
why the heck its any of others business. why they need to clarify. poor professor.
Kiliwia Kiliwa
Those are stupid and mean questions.
Amy Harmer
l feel so sorry for the family
Rayleons Isabella
Tormenting them, like they did something wrong when they didn't !!:(
Rayleons Isabella
Can like these ppl who are like blowing things up into such a big matter , like shut up ???!!! Think about it , if u were in there shoes u would probably do the same thing. Cut the crap it's like what they are doing is for entertainment only !:(
This is just insulting....
I can't believe he has to defend anything.
Kate A
I would've said to them all "PISS OFF!" But seriously why are they being interrogated? πŸ™„
why the reporter so mean??? relax... i love this family...
WTF! Why are they explaining things?! Who the hell made them hold a press conference?!!! 😠😬😠😬
Who the fuck is the woman asking all these stupid question
wow this is very sad... people on the internet should get a fucking life. they dont have to explain how they conduct their family. sigh
Safiyya Ali
Anyone who's a parent would understand what happened there and how it was handled was not abusive .
This is so stupid. The Korean press is just as mental as the north. Fuck Korea. Both of them.
Barbara Wasilak
that press conference was UNNECESSARY!!!!! .... they should LEAVE that country NOW, before we hear they were ARRESTED!!!! .... I'm NOT KIDDING!!!!
Tracy Gordon
This is ridiculous. That video made a lot of people happy so why do they now need to justify their actions. Terrible πŸ˜’
JΓ©rΓ΄me la Cible
Que linda familia πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’ž
Meli Saubuluti
good parents but not ready for the suprise when the kids do prison breaks lol. bless you Dr
Sangi Mizo
Marion Is The "IT" girl.I Love Her.
0Lilly zone
leave this family alone already! geez so much drama.
Chumps on a chuppa...harder than Churchill chumped on a Cigar.....
Shania Rover
I cannot believe the world has come down to this, where a normal family that had the misfortune of having 3 seconds of their real life on tv, first went on from sheer admiration to this sort of public humiliation where they have to justify? There are bigger issues to worry about in the world. I feel so sorry for them. Like it wasn't already traumatic enough. What is sadder is the children don't have a clue and the parents now have to deal with this unnecessary accusation.
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