BBC expert Robert Kelly whose family hilariously crashed his interview hold press conference

Daughter Marion is utterly adorable!

Zoretta Guillory
this is crazy Korea is crazy America thought it was cute and funny.
Pal Pal
why they have to justify for a normal situation?
This is so pathetic. That poor family. The video was the cutest/funniest thing I've seen in ages. Nothing in it suggests anything but an adorable/hilarious family faux pas. Why are so many people trying to lay a guilt trip on them?
Linardi Wijaya
What the fuck, fucking korea, leave them, fucking shit....
Hyms Songs Kin
I love this family, their children's a so cute, there no need to explains about anything in that situations...put yourself in his positions at that will you react? Peace, love n no hate...
Leave along those magnificent family
Vibha Gandhi
That's sad such a cute vid it was and they have to justify it. What's wrong with people???
Princess Heart
im so scared he looks angry
Victoria Zillo
All the questions are none sense, there is no need to put this man under this situation
Bob Sierra
While the Media is trying to fry them.
Eiman Pencinta Muhaddith - Si
everything will be ok..
and why so serious?..
he had a kids, he had a wife, and he is a human like we others..
he is a professional..
it just an "accidental"..
just cut off this things!!..
this is not serious issues!!
and why so serious?..
Karylle K
gosh! he doesn't have to explain anything!!
duja Duja
I love their son n daughter
Redmi Two
Professor u have not done anything wrong to apologize
I bet he was butt naked
imel asmr
They have to justify this because of the country they live in..?
and some ppl think he didnt wear pants because he sat. :(
most of us are amused by that video
francisco canales
se que su niña es muy activa.curiosa e imteligente prepare bien su niña.
francisco canales
leccion aprendida señor kelly siempre hay que ser un padre atento y cariñoso no importa la situacion en que este,no se necesita ser un experto en eso.SALUDOS
John Cheresna
I have no idea, why they are being treated that way.They seem like very caring parents. All the best to them.
They are an adorable family.
Poor guy!
Marilyn Miltenberger
leave them alone,shit!
morison andoor
It's stupid they held a press conference. More stupid the journalists who doesn't even know that was normal parenting, nothing weird about it. This is what the media the dumbest mainstream media is coming to.
Sidney Belsey
seriously folks?! does he really having to justify this video? It was funny video and the kids are fine!
Dick Jones
your a fucking maggot. All you cared about was your image on camera. Your a filthy turd and yes you did push her out of the way. TURD.
These two have nothing to explain to anyone. They did what any normal parent would do in a situation where one parent is on an important business call...quickly escort the children away.
Geeesh.. People get a life. Leave these people alone. Go make your own youtube videos or something..
Watcher of Truth
There are 3 kinds of people in the world: people who live out racism ideas. Second: people who think everyone's a racist. And third: people who don't care about racial issues let alone mixtures.
The first 2 people are both judgmental and intolerant.
k bye
i feel sorry for him and her wife fuck netizens they are the most crazy community.
Ras Fiend
It is sad that these parents felt they had to answer these questions which are ridiculous! Those kids are so cute and it is obvious this is a family full of love. Relax people!
Simon Cowell
The fact that he is so serious about this, is actually the problem. By justifying himself, he just feeds the haters and ultrasensitives.

Its a no from me
Alexandra Stefanidou
Jesus Christ what is such a big deal??? It was a very very funny moment, nothing to apologise for! One of the best Internet moments!
I wish the family some "PEACE" after this. They're just a normal family. I pray they can get back to their normal routines without everyone questioning them over one incident. Their children look to be very well cared for.
I don't think he needs to justify himself but I do think he lied about the part where he wanted to "move his daughter behind the chair because they have books and toys there"
Why does he have to explain himself?
This is stupid that they are being interviewed about that incident!
L.A. Prodigy
Marion runs the show now, i mean Commissioner Gordon
Very adorable family!!! Some people are just born haters!!
Bubble Gum
Marion should have her own reality show 😂
Chetan Bhadrashette
I feel sad that they have to justify normal parenting. They're good parents and professionals. They handled the situation way better than anyone else would've.
Elexie Munyeneh
I wanna see more of the little girl
why so serious?
Why do they have to justify this.. wtf.. people need to worry about their home and shit than other ppl smh
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