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Gergana Miller
Funny... I am a WHITE woman from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria). Guess what - we have been slaves to the Turkish Empire for 500 years! I don't know who labeled slavery as something that happened to just black people, but I find it very arrogant and utterly retarded when I hear someone telling me I don't have the say so because I am white and they never even bothered to know what has happened in this world outside the US!
nadia guo
why can't she say "social"

"so-sial justish"
yogi yogi
we gave them mules gave them 40 acreas what they do sale it they to lazy work theres few hard working blacks
Apollo DA
Whites where paid for slavery
Robert Sexton
Maybe we should focus on modern day slavery :/
Terminus Affiliation
Blaire White, you are so goddamn awesome. I love you, I love you, I love you. Please keep up the good work. You are smart as hell and strong. Thank you.
rageface memeaholic
There is no such thing as multiple races. There is one human race. Your skin color does not make you different race it makes you different skin color. A white American is a lighter version of a black American. Y'all can suck a big pimply mex dick if you believe otherwise.
Not giving anyone money.
Billy Cru
you cant be smart and wear costumes at the same time. you could only be a whore and no one cares about whores.
You want to do something special for us... but no feet pictures.
Ok, Blaire White... topless would do it also ;-)

Anybody in favor of it, give thumbs up... I mean hey... men have to preserve their feminist-attributed fame for being sooo sexist and pigs, I feel the need to work for keeping that up.
Eonie dude
I think Transgenderism is a mental disorder but you're the only person who doesn't make a deal about it. You're amazing. Thank God you aren't an SJW
Robin Patty
I will give to every black person that I run into that was a slave themselves in the US pre-Civil War everything that I own.
Joey Macaroni
I'm crying because of Blaire White not being a trap but a tranny
Tyran J. Howerton
Why do I need reparations!? Like really, that is a bad way to get money. I would rather earn or receive money in better ways. At least through working towards my dreams. Also, I am for weebs and anime lovers. Anyone can watch anime and enjoy that! Furthermore, I do not mind if I am black or another nationality. The fact is, I love other nationalities besides my own, and I am very proud of it. As an American, I support better treatment of all nationalities, not just my own. As far as I am concerned, I will not force other people to give me money and benefits due to my nationality. Instead, I will ask for money and benefits, or earn them through work and following my imagination and Raith. I will never ask for reparations, and I refuse to follow the crazy stuff some of the people in my nationality are doing. I rest my case. All nationalities matter.
blackwolf gaming
post nudes of yourself online. cmon blaire you know you want to!!!!! for 100k!!!!
I want reparations for my ancestors who died fighting against the confederacy in the civil war.
You don't do enough videos. 😔
Ashley Sharp
iu li
So Blaire, how is to be the most beautiful man in the world and the most intelligent girl in the world at the same time?
Fat Tony
Jade Joiner
Blaire, why are your titles are always talking about the negative side of anything pro-black. (I'm talking about BLM). I'm totally aware of the fact that black people can be racist. I'm aware that they may grow violent, but I wonder if you are aware that not every person that is involved, influenced, or a protester is not motivated by hate. I've seen many peaceful protest (I live in Missouri, and frequent the area of Michael Brown's death). Of course, my curiosity and stupidity lead me to ask one of the groups peacefully protesting, why aren't they mad or violent. Simply, a nice woman told me, (and I quote), "We are upset about other races getting justice, and we get shot or end up dead". So Blaire before saying BLM is a racist movement, you need to think about everything that goes into it. You seem like you do research. Research the the deaths/injuries that are full of injustice. Research the peaceful protest. Try to see it from the eyes of black people. Yes, opression is real (I'm 18, and throughout my whole educational career, I've dealt with harsh reality of racism), and the struggle of being ripped down, and constantly belittled all because of the color of your skin is real. But, if you don't want to see the positive in BLM. Do reports on other "Hate Groups". Where are the KKK videos? ISIS? Heck, where are the videos about the racist white people (Typically the women are on video) belittling Blacks (Calling them the N word and everything below and above the sun), Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, etc.

Blaire and Blaire's fan don't see this as a "diss" toward you guys, or me being a SJW. This is just me really wondering, and giving constructive criticism.
Hey guys I don't know if you heard but Logic is half white and half black (crazy I know), would he be forced to pay reparations to himself? hmmm
Danny White
off topic, but i just got cuious. blaire, is that your real hair??? cause holy fuck it's really nice
A Man Apart
This woman is weird. I'm sensing something wrong with her. I'd guess she is either a pornstar or transgender!!
as a lazy black men l agree with this
people actually believe this bullshit of a change l?
don't forget people, this channel is just a joke/troll

though I'm suprised it's still going
Eight Ball
Can I just say you're cute af in cat ears
lily monroy
I'm black Irish( I have relation the slave trade thing ) but morally I can understand reparation but realistically its wrong.
it opens a wormhole cause everything be get something what the descents of those in the interment camps in forties
the jews the Irish
native americans and what all the international atroticies they'd be swimming debt for the next century
tvoja mama
as a straight man is it wrong that I feel atracted to Blaire
Jason Steel
Why should I pay black people for something I did not do Last time I know slavery was over with.If people truly want equal rights then I should not have to pay nothing Not just black people were slaves Even white people were slaves So why should we give certain people special rights
Nat Lopez
Can you please talk about how racial sensitivity like black history month enables the black community into learned helplessness?
johny appleseed
i don't understand how blaire is trans i mean she looks exactly like a woman like most of the time you can tell when someone is a tranny. not with blaire. she looks exactly like a beautiful woman
Blades Toni
these lies have been told by history books for decades. truth is stupid dont recognize a lie when she hear one (but we do), but wanna run her mouth. please stop embarrassing, ur family.
What are your guys opinions on the US governments reparations for ww2 Japanese internment camps
Nichole Callaway
your amazing girl. I'm glad I found an lgbt person with the same views as me and who doesn't "fit in" with the lgbt community
stevie bops
The UN will say the Us owes the descendants of slaves money, but what are they doing for the slaves in Libya NOW?
Unadulterated garbage. If you know so much on this subject, maybe you should come to my university and lecture the african american studies department.
Liam Doughty
Black people haven't heard of welfare or the civil war
Eggroll Sama
all my family on my mother's side came over as indentured servants in the 1800s....ive never had an ancester that owned a slave.
they were allowed to stay, if they wanna go back to africa pay for it and let them go. you'll see no one leave....
Rueful Destiny
Yeah im black and I think we just need to not get over it but stop bringing it up so much. I wanna move past it but lately race keeps getting brought up about stuff. This reparation thing is dumb
Bungalo Bill
To celebrate you should pay reparations to all the youtubers with fewer subscribers.
I Am Ra
I'd like to add that black people weren't 100% percent of the people involved with slavery. Black people owned black people, white owned white, and every colour in between in a lot of different combinations.
I Am Ra
Given the topic, i am absolutely shocked at the like/dislike ratio. I guess people really are understanding you. Not that the like button really matters that much, but where the haters at?!
Aarn Vlad
Blaire is Nacht BASic
Mateo m
Do I have to pay reparations since I wasn't born her but I am still white
An Average Broke Gamer
I'm black and the. blacktivist black lives matter is bs its full of people who hate white people they no slavery works both ways right not to mention only 1.4% of modern day white people owned slaves its all bull shit
kailyn k.
ummmmm no ..I work hard for mines ...I don't need to get paid for something that happened years ago -.- this is just stupid
smu johnson
Blaire, no more lip injections or whatever that is. You are beautiful as you are.
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