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Kadie C
I don't believe in reparations, I believe in reclamation. Thug life.
s n
@ everyone in the comments: if you make a generalization the chances are high that you are wrong. The world isn't black and white, it's not that easy ;)
Yoyo Ball
Freedom was their reparation, so we don't owe them anything.
So if you are Black and alive in the USA its likely you were raised with government funds. Paid in Full Bro.
mandy mae
Btw I'm part cherokee and I don't whine begg or feel the blood of my far distant PPL should be exploited simply. Because I want money never owed to me to began with.. I didn't walk the trail of tears ... Or suffer the anguish..blood ..betrail..inhuman conditions of those who walked it .. Nor did any black person have the understanding of all those poor black PPL who were sold into salavory by their own PPL
mandy mae
Why were the native Americans not paid. For the inhumane..savage. Way their land was stolen???? Nobody ever gave them a cent!!! They were lied too .. Raped run off their land !!! You never hear the native Americans screaming for any reparations DO YOU!!!!!!!! Trail of tears plzz Google and read!!!!!!!! Reparations?????? Sorry your own ppl sold you into slavery did you not know that???? Ask Africa to give you reparations for they made money because they SOLD SOLD THEIR OWN PPL... They made money do you not get that part ....I'm not saying it's right it's appaling and disgustingly so... but this reparations is bullshit ..
TheHarsh Truth
Black people have no hope in hell getting reparations as long as white privileged snowflake female feminists tell you they are more oppressed than black people. Better go to "Plan-B" aka "get a job"
Satanic Satan Devil
Should Germany pay for Jews Italy pay for Catholics and Britten pay for India
Weren't ancient Egyptians niggers? Where's my reparations check you fucking niggers? L0L
Jin Ion
yOUR RIGHT MO FO. I owe you a box of 9MM Fired in your direction at 1200 FPS!!!!
Ruthlyss Targaryen
I am half Chickasaw, we as a nation owned black slaves. We also owned other native American people as well as white people, and yet reparationists would consider half of me to be oppressed by the white man. I am also half Bosnian, my grandparents coming over to theUnited States in the 20s when it was still Yugoslavia. They did not own slaves, they were very poor until the 80s when my grandfather got a job and an airline company. And yet, because of the color of their skin, reparationists would insist that they (and myself by extension) owe them money, even though I have never in my life owned a slave. Fighting racism with racism is a losing battle.
Arthur Serino
What if you're descended from black people who owned slaves? Do you owe reparations then, or are you exempt because melanin?
Melissa Crites
I absolutely adore you! What you said could have come from me...if I weren't too much of a coward to say so.
Scooter2020 ___
A+ You are so well informed and comprehensive its amazing. Blacks still enslave blacks today!! But not whites. Whites also fought wars to end slavery. I think US CITIZENSHIP ( and the matchless OPPORTUNITY that goes with it ) is REPARATIONS. Cheers!!!
people that don't have nothing to do with slavery shouldn't be paying money to dark skinned individuals that's just dumb
dan's dimple
i dont understand this bs, if they want equality then why do they want to take money from other people,,, that isnt equal.
Luke Crampton
lol if people think whites will pay reparations they are 💯 percent stupid
played a villain but will die a hero
Barbarians kidnapped and enslaved Europeans. Do they owe white people money?
Cali Llama
JFK Shot First
omy gosh slavery ended over 150 years ago let go of it blm
Carl Gustav Tessin
When shall the the turks pay reperation to the Bulgarians, greeks, Serb, rumanien, hungarian, austrian, bavarian, french and British. When shall the the Berbers pay reperations to the Italiens, spanish, French, British, Irish and the Icelandic peoeple..
Saje'- Antoine Rose
This video was just a an excuse for all the white people to undermine slavery and racism so they can feel better about themselves LOL. Ive rarely seen any black people ask for reparations.
Fuck this shit I'm out
Unless you are a persons boss or owe that person money you don't owe anyone shit
J C. Johnson
You mention that it would be hard to find a descendent of an actual slave owner. Well I do lots of genealogy work... yeah I found some terrible stuff.
J C. Johnson
My many great grandfather was a Portuguese slave sold to the British by the Spanish. Should I ask Hispanic people to pay reparations to me?
I've Said It before, I was never a slave. And no living white person has enslaved me, no one's enslaved ME for that matter. How can I take money out of the pockets of people who never did anything to pay for torment I never experienced? Ex slaves should've been paid by the people who enslaved them ages ago. they were allowed them to die with no compensation, and that's horrible. That shouldn't have happened, but paying me won't fix their suffering. I don't deserve their money until I go through what they went through.
Me me Big boy
"if I can't take credit for a white man walking on the moon, then I'm damn sure I'm not going to take credit for slavery."
Aka Joe
Muslims owe white people reparations big time! Muslims enslaved so many white people (they're still enslaving Christians....among the few that they haven't crucified or executed in other ways) that there have been more white than black slaves, in the entire history of humanity.
WOWWW!! Anothr GREAT video!
Alyssa sparrow
I think the ears are cute
johanna rose
no white dude owes me any money unless i let him borrow some money and he didn't pay it back 💁🏾
kenneth johnson
so slaves should get reparations. ok well then Egyptians, and middle eastern peoples owe whites for their enslavement. the moors owe that Spanish for their enslavement. the Greeks and Romans owe everyone for their enslavement. this list can go on. now lets talk reparations, they got it in the form of 40 acres and a mule. take into the cost of that and with inflation they were well paid. all they had to do was show up and get it. did they no why, you would have to ask them that question.
I wonder if white people will pay reperations to black people then the turks will pay reperations to all the countries conquered by the ottoman empire.
hana may
white people were kept as slaves too!!!
Julia Kim
By this logic the Japanese should be paying reparations to South Korea, Great Britain should to India, France to Haiti, so on and so forth.
Mae Langston
the talk of reparations is slippery and not cut and dry but there are some points you made that were iffy.Like most of white people not being slave owners is true but that doesn't excuse the fact that the white people who didn't own slaves (apart from the small group of abolitionists) condoned slavery and consumed the products of slavery.Also how there were african slave owners who sold slaves to America,how slavery was view and treated in Africa at that time was different than how it was in America,as in cattle slavery.Differences like how in America a child born from a slave is by default also a slave,and how slaves were worked till death,in Africa at that time children born from slaves were not slaves,and slaves were people with debt to pay off or prisoners of war.Even as a prisoner of war you could be set free long before natural death.What really makes the difference between white 'slaves' and black slaves is that black people as a whole today still have to endure the negative affects that slavery has on society,white people as a whole,do not.
Hannah Smith
This is so fucking fucked up.
All they're doing is taking advantage of the very real pain their ancestors endured. I would be so ashamed of myself if I ever tried to do that.
One word: LIBERIA
Michael Privat
Obviously you have to post feet!
Milana Mill
I feel like the reason why there's black lives matter and blacktivist crying for money, because they were always teached that their history was special. No matter the country you would always hear about american slave trade, even in finland where I'm from we would learn about american history and especially slavery while totally ignoring and not even mentioning slavery in other countries or slaves that had is more brutal. I believe same happens in america where slavery is only taught as "american" thing in form of "whites against blacks" while the history of slavery overall is often overlooked or dismissed, especially in people's attitudes. You try to mention irish slave trade and no one hardly cares while if you mention black slave trade everyone takes it as the most horrible thing happened in human history. Sure slavery was bad but it was bad everywhere and I genuinely feel that in order for blacks to get rid of this victim mentality, they need to realize that they were not special or "exceptional" part of the history.

Excuse my poor spelling and all the mistakes, it's late and I'm sleepy.
James Feisley
50 years of Welfare equal more than enough reparations for sitting in government housing, watching TV high on crack.
Jackie Gardner
My great grandfather owned "slaves", but he came from a background where one or two of his grandparents were kidnapped from Ireland and brought over as slaves as children and a couple of other people in his family came over to work as indentured servants and were never paid. Like, sleeping on the steps of the courthouse in protest. So he was very kind to them and treated them as best he could giving them good living conditions, good food and doctors when needed. I know that this was not the behavior of the majority of slave owners, but it really pisses me off when someone says I owe money to black people because a couple of my ancestors were slave owners when I had more ancestors who WERE slaves and treated terribly. No one owes anyone anything for what their ancestors did or did not do. I don't think that the people who are descended from the people who owned my ancestors as slaves should owe me anything. It's too far in the past and did not involve me.
captain sleeper
wait I'm mixed so does that mean I have to pay and receive repetitions lol okay😏😏
Brian Vazquez
I loved the Gaga clip at the end hahahah
here in india we have never heard of anything related to slavery in U.S.A...nothing in our textbooks nor in the media...perhaps your mainstream media is a double edged sword
Luminous Conduit
I don't want reparations. I mean, I'm fine with Affirmative Action!! lmao I'm joking. Sorta. Maybe.
bleedinggums roberts
lol feet people
Person The-Person
Saying that all white people should be held accountable for the past actions of a few racist scumbags is like saying that all Muslims should be imprisoned for the actions of a few Muslim terrorists. Yet, for some reason, SJWs would only stand behind one of those statements.
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