Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking

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“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Until Summer
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Night Out
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Ondine’s Game
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Tropical Love
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Funk Is Bigger
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Ramping Up
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Overcoming Adversity
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In The Crib
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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.

Jordan is really cool tbh
people read to into this like "they were flirting" "jordan was being mean" "jordan wanted to one-up michelle" "what's up with michelle" "michelle is so different" like let others be and mind your own...
Debbie Wright
why did the other girl not flip
PandaKitty AJ
I can't even pogo..
The guy was talking so slowly that I had to check if the video was set on half speed
Edit: It actually was on 0.5 speed :DD
Frances Campbell
I murdered a hedge with a stick! Oh wait it was a POGO STICK NOT A STICK!!!
MadeBy Sofia
When he said I've broken I thought he was going to say bones
Cynda Gaming
He's teaching them a trick and they can't even stand up on it hmmmmm....
Hallie Brown
Michelle was so cringy, I can't even.
rachel vv
Fred is HOT
Soledad R
When I was 7 I would pogo with high heels 👠
Gabriel Williams
Pogo-sticking is really fun but those nice ones cost a lot
Daddy Alabama
he lowkey has a crush on the blonde girl.
Justin Wong
this is the cringiest sport ever, if u can even call it a sport
I can pogo why does it look so hard lol
Stay Meme
I thought he was gonna say he has broken over 15 bones
kelsey just marry me
Julia Carmela
I think Michelle likes the dude AHHAHHA
Teding NM
Michelle's flirting that's why she's acting weird.
Madani Gaming
I think pogo stick was brought from vat19.com
TheWafleGamingAndVlogs Andmore
TheWafleGamingAndVlogs Andmore
Can I buy a pogo shtick please
Jordan's my least favourite person in buzz feed
Thought he was gonna say
Broken over 15 bones
Rosie and Claire
Jorden is like the most active
Ok, but the music kinda sounds like animal crossing villagers talking!
Margeaux Ettiene
I thought he was gonna say he'd broken over 15 BONES
Logwd Domi
I laughed so hard at {THE GROUND} part and the {MAYBE DON'T PANIC}!! 😂😂😂
CONZ 808
woooow did you really have to jus one up your friend..I mean no one was going to do it.. then she did it.. then you were one ok I guess I have to do it too then uum😕..I like your guys video but people like you fucking annoy me..
Me at nine years old bouncing on my flashing pogo stick like a badass
Sienna Holness
omg Michelle's interaction with Fred 😂😂 did you get the digits girl ??!
Kate Zhao
"I'm holding onto you." rolls eyes
courageous pizza
when he starting saying I've broken over 15 guinesses world records i thought he was gonna say bones
Summer Williams
I thought he said I have broken about 15 bones
"I've broken over fifteen"-
Me: BONES?!?
"Guinness world records"
Me : oh.
Chat Noir
Michelle likes fred
Aubrey Davenport
poor dude has to deal with femaist
Glasses Gaming
Cringe 😩😩😩
Alexandcat xx
Michelle almost killed jordan with the fucking pogo😂
yenalis morales
look how the dude looks at the blonde girl at 1:31 where she falls
Madison Raelynn
Michelle definitely had a crush on Fred 😂
It's like they all get brainwashed at buzzfeed. Everyone there acts the same weird way.
Lauren Busic
Love the eye roll at 4:33
Selina Liu
I though he was going to say, "I've broken 15 bones" instead of, "I've broken 15 Guinness World Records".
Ryta xx
anybody else think when the guy said i have broken.. Anybody besides me think he was going to say bones? no..? just me? .-.
Where is Fred from?
0:15 i have broken over 15 bones
Danae.chantel 99
This is making me miss my pogo stick😩...... I want another😊🤣
Valentina Segovia
I love this video because Michelle and her awkwardness towards Fred <3
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