Salvatore Chiolo
You girls are great I love all your videos so funny
Skate Doc
I thought he was going to say I've broken 15 bones
InvisibleSkeleton Gaming & More!
The one handed and the tucks are really easy for me
kill me
“I’ve broken over 15 Guinness World records...” I tHouGht hE wAs gOinG tO sAy bOnEs
5:34 he's just totally staring at her even on a pogo
Malic Alex
1:45 close your eyes and listen
Malic Alex
1:31 I thought she died
mariax videos
"Jesus Christ , Michelle
xiuxiu ld
Jordan was a gymnast though
Danica Allison Wayne
"Aren't you proud of me, mom? This is my job!"

Fred quickly replies, "Me too!"

My face. (-_-) "Dork."
Toasted Toast
1:57 no wait it’s your google glasses
Rochelle ro
@3:20 is just purely adorable 😂😂 Michelle+Fred ❤
Ashley the Lamb
I see them as powerpuff girls
sir Ethan
WOMEN!!! Try Extreme Pogo Sticking
xDramaLlama_ にゃ
Me doing ANYTHING during gym class
Donskyhotie p
Michelle you're too obvious ... haha love your attitude in this episode :-)
Rosey Draws
when he said
“ive broken over 15...”
i legit though he was about to say
“ive broken over 15 bones”
jenna jones
The thumbnail looks like a guy on a giant syringe lol
- -
I dont like the white girl with blonde hair 🙄
Mea Mata
I thought he would say “ i have broken 15 bones” 😂😂
When is was 9 i could flip on pogo
OL Gaming
i thought he was going to say ive broken over 15 bones
spongebob cat lover 10
Im ten and I can pogo better than u guys 😃😄 seeped for the back flip
Azael Garza
Michelle looks like a old version of my ex and its making me feel weird
Mharlowe Abuan
The blonde lady is trash
Schyzo Scherzo
Honestly, Michelle and Jordan were so annoying in this video.
Theresa Dunn
i wish all of them did a back flips
Is the dude polish because of his mame and look
Hjalte Ramsland
Jakub Kozubski
I can pogo stick with out hands both I'm only 12
Irie Wright
You should try professional scootering
Bailey Beiting
"i'm an extreme pogo sticker" sure that's a great way to impress a girls father😂😂
shineloves you
Aww i wanna use a pogo so bad now😍😍😍😭😭😭😭
Midnight Titan65
The pogo stick is easy
I never seen people fail so hard at something i learned in 2 hours
EverythingDIY AndTrends
When he said he broke over 15 world records, I thought he was going to say that he broke over 15 bones
1:32 When I see cheese fries
Those 3 can be the new, Try Girls
Michelle looks exactly like one of my old classmates.
muffin gaming
I saw pogo fred at the fair
hanaa playz
Berry alen
Random Raeleigh
When he said that he has broken over 15 world records or whatever, I thought he was going to say I’ve broken over 15 bones. 😂 Anyone else think that? 😂😂
patatito 1
michelle looks like mia khalifa ;)
The guy said that there pogosticks don't use springs like others and then says the more air you pump in the tougher the spring gets

Seems legit
Isaac the Trans Edgelord
me: quietly is she okay?
gman random
I thought he was about to say i've broken about 15 bones.
LaDonna Scharberg
He was staring😳
Roblox Radman
I thought he was gonna say I have broken 15 bones 😂
Hold up hold up HOLD UP
he said "uses air n not a spring"
Emediatly after says "the more air you add the stiffer the spring becomes"
Did anybody catch that?
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