Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking

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“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Until Summer
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Night Out
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Ondine’s Game
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Tropical Love
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Funk Is Bigger
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Ramping Up
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Overcoming Adversity
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In The Crib
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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam.

michelle lowkey likes fred she was trying to act cute

i cringed so hard
Betzy Arr
You can tell Michelle like's him.
Rose Blue
Michelle likes him.
I feel like he thinks pogoing gets all the ladies. It doesn't.
Lauren Whittington
Pause on 1:33
E Hoen
"I've got to just do it"-Michelle Sponsored by Nike
Muriel Bautista
I ship fred and mich
It's Mayo
"Okay maybe don't freak out?!"
Proceeds to freak out
Tom Williams
Casper aint doin that B-flip
The blonde girl kinda looks like Loren gray when she said 'are you proud of me mom?'
weakest net
3 girls going up and down a guys pogo stick
Satanic Onion
The blonde chick tho
ArcticFox Fanatic17
Michelle is like "ur making it like its slow but its fast ITS FAST" and then she runs to the back of the line
ArcticFox Fanatic17
" your going fast" runs to the back of the line she is soo funny LOL
Sierra_Wow _Its_Meee
There needs to be

"The Try Girls"
Kasper Outzen
Im i the only one that saw that Fred just "looked" at her butt 3:47 just why xD
chielog ebit
kelsey always looks like she smells good ..
wizard elf
im 12 and can do this stuff but on a regular pogo stick so that's probably a little harder
Nicole Melo
Women try all star cheerleading please
PogoFred is such an enthusiastic teacher
Jedidah Juice
Izit just me or does kelsey remind me f the actress for Harley Quinn?
Ana Luisa
i though he was going to say "i've broken over 15 bones"
Erza Scarlet
When Jordan did the flip it kinda helped that she was a gymnast until 18
pgo 2003
What happened to Jordan? She's acting a little weird.
pgo 2003
1:48 hahahaha I can't stop laughing.
anyone else catch fred looking at their butts when they jumped
Kendall VonKahle
Jordan was scared to do the backflip, but she was a competitive gymnast until she was 18????
MarshmallowsAnd Chocolate
I really feel like Jordan is extremely competitive in all of these videos, she almost makes it less fun to watch. She always tries to one up people, like it's a competition.
Valeria Talavera
when he said introducing himself, he said "I've broken over 15 records". I really thought he was going to say "I've broken over 15 bones" 😂
Midna Twili
OMG!! I've met pogo Fred before!! It was in Nova Scotia at the buskers, and I actually have pics with him 😂😃
Gurleen Kaur
R.I.P headphone users
am i the only one who dislikes Jordan...
Akua Yeboaa Nyarko
lol the girl in the pink flapping everywhere....totally me...awkwaaarrrrdddd af "sigh"
Michaella McKinley
the guy says he broke records and im like: well how many bones have you broken?!!!!
Kristina Stadnyk
3:25 was so awkward
Allie Jeffs
4:34 look at Fred's face after he sees Michelle's face XD 👏🤣
Gryffindor girl
4:37 im thinking she's gonna make it 4:39 just kidding she didn't
That one geek
I thought he was going to say he broke 15 bones lol
Michelle is SO cute.
Joshler The bean
Who else thought he was going to say "I've broken over 15 bones"
sk8ergirl 1013
why did blondie need a different pogo stick
Haris Atmaca
the guy just stands there
tom rabiega
the pogo guy fred is polish i can tell by his last name
Rachel Barr
#Fred+Michelle ❤
Daisy Rodriguez
Michele was crushing on Fred and Fred was crushing on the blonde girl🤔
Jordan is so hot...
Micheal Miko
Aww, blonde chick when he said "and you did some backflips!" and she hadn't been able to, at 5:57 :(
Kim Flores
That moment when you think she's actually gonna finish the flip... then fails..
Alex Powlson
When he said he broke 15 records , I thought he would say "I broke 50 bones"
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