Random Girl in the mall blows everyone away at the karaokemachine singing Whitney Houston

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This is one of the most impressive displays of raw talent you will ever see. A random South-East Asian girl steps up to a karaoke machine in a store in front of a grocery shop and sings Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You. She absolutely floors everyone! A must see!

Elijah Craig
Its a shame its such a bad recording Both audio and visual...This girl is awesome
Jim Wilson
You are awesome,you have a very beautiful ,terrific and electrifying voice; you could have a wonderful and exciting career; will follow you if you are on you tube.
Beautiful, but then I love the Philippines
Peter reteP
great :)
Clarissa Williams
she sounds so beautiful
Shane Stainbrook
but it is not a whitney Houston song
Shane Stainbrook
great voice
jayson zapanta
If this is really her voice, its a wow!
Alex Havier
Beautiful and very talented!
Jay Eddie
looks like guy wants to dance with the broom??? Man, She hit not once but every note, pitch perfect.......wonder where she is today? I have been trying to contact you for a while, Keep up the great singing!
Jethro Carino
can I invite you to sing in my wedding..? contact me in fb Car Jeth thank you
Jeric Lato
Nice ate zendee
Rebekah French
she is singing dolly
She just pass by ... thanks to someone who capture talent and moment !
dindo segismundo
Superb iha..... Nice one....
Joseph Rios
Evan Hager
I only came because the title was cut off to "random girl in mall blows everyone...."
Papa Smurf
You need to get on The Voice!!!!!
Al W'
Probably Filipino, Im sure they are born with a karaoke microphone in their hands
Adrianna Graf
8,000 haters I bet all those dislikes are from fat ugly girls.
Patrick Flanagan
Stalker behind the liquor aisle.
Ladi Hawke
Great voice!!
Bettina D.
SERIOUSLY....That was amazing! Sign that girl!! Beautiful! D
el gar
Well...she appears to be Pinay, so a great singing voice honed through a lifetime of 'wow-wow-wee' videoke participation is somewhat expected!! LOL! Beautiful rendition.
LiifeNLiipstiick 254
Wow! Brb while I try to hit that high note lol
Shari B
I seen this video long ago but just watched it again what a big voice sounds just like Whitney Houston God rest her soul
MIchael Belt
That is an amazing song; penned by none other than Dolly Parton and made famous by Whitney Houston; written 43 years ago and still going strong...
luciano ramos
natural talent..
jr. smith
Wow, this girl touched my soul with her angelic voice. And made a grown man cry... God bless her.

What is her name?
Did she really blow everyone?
The B Company
Right at 3:55...attagirl...singing is love, life, joy!
Henry Francisco
nice galing nman
That was so great! Amazing performance.
Drop the Mic!....Awesome..
Hanz Flefowitz
I'd lick that booty.
Tom Grey
Amazing :)
Most mabuhay bitches eat too much this one lip syncs like it's goanna get her a free lunch
zumba love Web
hopefully she won somethig....she was great...where is she now.....
Cody M
Wow, when she very first started, I was very worried. That's a very powerful song that requires a lot of vocal power. But she killed it. Very impressive. Whitney herself struggled performing this song near the end of her career.
Hammer Rocks
As the Filipino's have always said, you know you're a Filipino, as no matter what your profession is, be it a doctor, lawyer, engineer or a nurse, you always wished you were a professional singer.
James Brotherton
Hey Mama
when i clicked the video : okay
when i was watching the video: AY PILIPINO PALA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Jhush Smith
i just want to know what the cleaner was cleaning? seems like only one spot was dirty 😂
Richardjohn Myers
I will always love u
Stacy Morris
Zoe Ratner
Cathy Henderson I am with you on that
Nampell Chophel
Shes got the voice
Lin Rey
Wow!Every time I here her she blows me away.
Tyler Costagin
Frank M did you even read my comment. Whitney copied Dolly and sang it way better. That's why til this day everyone sings whitneys version. My whole point was if yougonna sing someone's song as good as Whitney, you better be better then the person who sings it.
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