W2S - KSI ROASTS MY SISTER (The Second Verse...) Diss Track

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Btw guys this isn't a proper diss track, that will drop if KSI decides to fire back πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Jianna P
I laughed so hard at the end
Alfred Jorgensen
If you honestly think this is good then you my friend live under a fucking rock
Callum Is the best
Yes W2s ur sick at rapping can u shout me out mate
ok so i get that a "sextape" was released but wtf were u doing searching this shit on porn hub
Ron Saeed
you sucked ethan's cock
FaZe Magic
I died at the first line
w2s stop trying to diss track cuz you cant even rap and that meakes it worser for the poeple like me
Variety Gaming
Go fuck yourself
Cory Goodman
That end but was great
Amerlad mad
the is simply bad
Danish Salute
what the fudge is happening to youtube
the youtube is just like a place to war a rap
Simon Astley
Nick G
Beat is Ludacris - Get Back if anyone wanted to know.
Wayne Bjornsson
W2S, an irrelevant shit.
W2S I dare you too pin this
What where u doing in porn hub
Panda Lolly
Who is this kid?
Mr Purple Cat Gaming
Ksi's diss track sounds like a nursery song
justin Hawthorne
JJ can't rap
Szili Boom
Camryn Williams
Jj and rice gum finally got together I knew itπŸ˜‚
Tyron Whitfield
W2S you're fucking hilarious bro πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #team Shaw
Arif Isryaf
Bruhhh u guys following logan paul fuckin stupid fuck out of ideas
Malika Ibrahim
This was actually high key lit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pheonix Fusion Gaming
W2S change your name to L2S Seriously No One can dance to your beat
6:15 That's four videos mate.
Bryce Leszczynski
The sentence in your diss track, "Each brother's more retarded than the other," is a paradox, because if JJ is more retarded than Deji, than how can Deji be more retarded than JJ? It is impossible. Your logic says if x>y, then y>x, which is simply not realistic. If x>y, then y<x. That's just how the world works. There cannot be more water in bottle 1 than in bottle 2 if there is more water in bottle 2 than in bottle 1. Learn some logic.
Desean Yarbrough
Wait wait wait why is he on gay porn???!!?!??!?!??
Tasi Fainu
Roman Hughes
But you did make disstrack
Michael Moli
I got to admit

This was lut
Azz Alzahrani
You Are the retarded one for talking about his family specially his mother what did she do to you??!
Jack McCudden
Just kill yourself
Ryan Figueroa
That didn't even look like rice or ksi
Austin Chase
That was shit
Deadassassin 211
i thought i hated but your funny as shit
The diss sounds like someone cut of the scrotum of a cow then suficated a horse with the cut scrotum until the horse threw up and then somebody rapped whilst constantly inhaling the horse sick
cayden gonzales
You Went Too Far On The Second Diss Track
Dogs and Cats Rule
Look at Harry's adorable pet in the back round. 3:40
Dogs and Cats Rule
Let me just say, I'm on everyone's side in this scenario.
Dreadsafe 916383
You know but saying that ricegum is gonna fuck the shit outta you with his diss if he makes it
Honestly ik its not propper but it sucks dick
Vince Lipata
my favourite part 5:07 to 5:13
i really enjoy your video, very exciting and useful for our. Please see my channel, subscribe! and join our giveaway... β€’4
haha they all suck, KSI fucked you all up
Mr.GamerHD 12
Your the best
houda charrat
these diss track fights are F me up damn trying to get media's attention with this kind of drama pfft where IS the old youtube
Fin Belcher
I swear rice gum has the WETS reactionsπŸ˜‚
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