SML Short: Jeffy Has Hiccups!

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Jeffy has hiccups and Mario tries to get rid of them!

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Andrew Kosnosky
I'd wake em up at 7 and say get ready for school
Ryan Hall
Good work Deadpool
Brendan Take
I’d scare someone if I didn’t have to
The Axel Club/ Wii U Gaming!
I would surprise them with the scariest photo/mask in the world!
I would scare them like this I'll show them Mario's head
Tyler Schaller
To scare jeffy you need to knock him out and fill his mouth with green beans!!!!!!
Esmeralda Paz
Annie Ngo
To scare Jeffy, you need GREEN BEANS!!!
Justin Koeppen
If had to scare some one,I would throw the of cliff
glass eye
I ment nife
glass eye
I would get in a clown suit and have nice and chase them around
Jack Wolf
I would scare someone by putting them in Mario's place
Grant’s CREAMIEST memes
When u r unconscious on land from not breathing, when u pass out u will start breathing almost as soon as u pass out
vince buttitta
vince buttitta
vcgaming vc
Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart
DarkGamer XXX
I would set up turrets with a gun with nothing in them and I would let him cry
harry trewin
It would give them a nasty bruise
harry trewin
I'd point a BB gun at them and say it was an assault rifle and shoot them in the leg
Tell them to do a trust fall blindfolded but next to a cliff
carlos alvarez
Javier Reyes
I am ginut fuck my sowf
Cooper Walker
Have a gun aim it at his head say i will shoot you if you don’t give me all his money 💰 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🤬moneyyyyyyyyy
Kiwicookiecrunch Lover
I would tell my older cousin that dose not have her period and say i do but that would not be a lie bc i do
nobodycentral for real
if I scared someone I would do it with flu jeffy
Monika Prasol
Sml idea super powers 3
Nicholas Baker
I would try to kill them
escape key
I’m the only person who despises jeffy
Bolt Gaming And Animation
Chain them up and threaten the
With my katana
harlen's craft
throw my pet grenade at them

my grenade has no tnt powder in it but it is real
Lisa Ganz
I would shove a bloody pole up their ass. That's how you scare the shit out of someone.
SML idea "Jeffy fucked his mom so hard his brain melted and he fucking does."
Just kill the annoying son of a botch already. He has been funny but it gets really old, FUCK
You don’t die of “holding your breath” your body will naturally start breathing
Sponge Gar
CottonLightball 21
Really? Other channels Of you Just for sub's That's Not real
Francesca Herrmann
Beat the shit out of mario
Lit Fireness
id call pennywise
Adrian Diaz
Non-sml bad idea: Jeffy eats 1 green bean at a time
The Warrior
I would get a crossbow and threaten to kill ☠️☠️ them
Josie Willis
Turning off all the lights and jump scaring them lol p.s love you guys
Charlie L
dress as a clown
Tierney Ellicott
Probably play the Barbie song.
ruffisssgaming 890
Erin Tube
To scare people I would show them jeffy
Rachael Curtis
SML idea: Jeffy drinks redbull
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