The Trump Comment That Brought About The Apocalypse

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Of all the dangerous statements President Trump made, the beginning of the end was sparked by his two-word opinion on Campbell's soup.

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W. T. F.
Rolling Ormond
I wish the WH would be become self-aware and intelligent.
Steve McBain
Stephen's real wife is actor too ? What a family !
Game Fro
Awwww, you're still not funny.
Elizabeth Encalada
Wow, Trump thinks Campbell soup is great? That's sad. My Mom's Soupa de Gallina is 10 times more delicious, natural & healthy!!!
Thomas Smith
I could write better shit than this
Avalon Run
I'm sorry but that sketch was just straight up stupid.
Orange Ziggy
That wasn't funny.
joe -_-
for the people telling they don't get the joke.......seriously guys? you don't get the cue? this is liberal show.....and they are talking about trump.......HILARIOUS!!!
pat comerford
Just when I thought Stephen could not get any better, he instead becomes souper - groan!
Harley Quinn
"Good soup🍵" lmfao😅👍
Deplorable Patriot
you're a fucking idiot Colbert, go drink a gallon of bleach and do the world a favor
Get rid of this writer...
Doesn't make sense
Piesho Nais
I disconnected from the internets for two days. Only two days and now I don't know what the hell is going on.
Michael Newell
Trump is Putin's cock Shiner cock Shiner cock Shiner cock Shiner come see cock Shiner film at eleven.
gula-gula getah sabah
She's damn cute
I always knew soup was the way to go.
Lukas Verboom
Sheri Mignano
No soup for you!
Ariel Steinsaltz
If she's talking to other survivors why does she need to explain all that?
Teh Goat
Cock holster
Ben Willms
Donald Chunky
Sascha Is my name
What did I just watch
Kris Reese
I always wanted to live in the Fallout universe.
Z.Z Shirer
I don't understand how I seem to be the only person wondering why everything in this sketch is dirty and filthy except for the brand new looking baseball bat with nails in it.
Chris Allen
Colbert: 99 out of 100 jokes are funny

Trump: 1 out of 100 things he says are not certifiably insane

I'm not mathematician, but I'd say Stephen is still winning!
Ahsan Siddiqui
fake news
Bradley Venn
Oh oh dear god!! An opinion that contradicts the left wing, socialist new world order! Quick! Lets scare everyone into thinking its the end of the world before they grow a braincell!
Logan Hall
analyze Anyone understand better this one? pmao...
That was weird.
Chronic Sonic
wtf did i just watch?!?
looks at the comment and sighs it's a JOKE you dumb asses - LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP!!!!
Blair Brown
" The Trump Comment That Brought About The Apocalypse."

Within a generation,this sentence,along with the concept of Starfleet will be the Legacy of CBS.
Julius Gotthardt Møller
Is that... Is that the "mayonaise"-bat?
Dan Bam
can you imagine 8 years of unfunny as shit trump jokes pls end this :(
Paul Borst
That is a long way to go for an unfunny "supreme leader" joke. Your writers must have been high when they wrote this bit.
Javier Fernandez
Picnic Basket Sam
So this is Crow T. Robot's vision for Earth vs. Soup...
James Travers
Not often I say this about a Colbert skit, but that was stupid. And Campbell's makes a low sodium version of all their soups for those who are worried about that. Now as for taste, if one is eating canned soup they obviously aren't all that concerned with taste anyway.
If anything can unite america it should be fear of soup. Earth vs Soup is a real probability in our future
matt jacobsen
Do we really need a 30 second ad for a 1 min video
Mathy Don
This isn't very funny...
Salima ALH
apocalyptisch geschreeuw
Bring on the soupocalypse, I am ready.
Randal R
Killer Soup from Fake outer Space?
Earth is FLAT!
Persephone White
mmm mmm good
Joshua Loren Squires
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