Shane Van Boening ● What A Shot! 31 [Audiomachine - Freedom Fighters (Extended)] genipool14 cut

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This video is created from materials of:
CueSports International
The Action Reports
Inside Pool Magazine
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation
Music: Audiomachine - Freedom Fighters (Extended)

Shane Van Boening - Chang Yu Lung 张玉龙: World Pool Championship 2014
10 questions with Darren Appleton
10 questions with Jason Shaw
10 questions with John Morra
Shane Van Boening - Lee Van Corteza: US Open 9-ball 2013 Final
Shane Van Boening - Dennis Orcollo: US Open 9-ball 2012 Final
Shane Van Boening - Alex Pagulayan: US Open 9-ball 2012
TAR podcasts with Shane Van Boening, Efren Reyes, Mike Dechaine
Shane Van Boening - Dennis Orcollo: Insidepoolmag Bigfoot 10-ball
Joe Rogan interview from TAR channel
Shane Van Boening story from SDPB channel
Shane Van Boening - Alex Pagulayan: Insidepoolmag Bigfoot 10-ball
Shane Van Boening - Alex Pagulayan: All Japan Championship
Shane Van Boening - Saeed Ali: World Pool Championship 2014
Shane Van Boening - Niels Feijen: Derby City Classic Bigfoot 10-ball 2014 Final
Shane Van Boening - Alex Pagulayan: Southern Billiards Classic

 philippines orcullo
great pool shots, best pool shots, great billiad shots

david kline
Lol what, roe rogan lol
Rizky Adnadi
Definitely Shane van Boening the south dakota kid
Ronnie Bonspille
who gives a poop about what john morra has to say
Dylan Courville
who is #2 ? its dennis, shane, fransisco, someone then efren.
Lai Creencia
he plays good when he wears his pink shirt
Owen Monast
Those reverse banks just so pretty and satisfying when Shane executes them
Ante Miocevic
the best player ever!!!!
rukshan ronald
music is too loud,cant hear what they are saying properly.
Jed Farley
Wish I had half his potential.
Juan alberto Epieyu Uriana
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Sin duda alguna el mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! qué bola 10 más hermosa...
SVB Is by far one of the best hall of famer pool players out there! I understand he's not in the hall of fame yet, but they said once he's 40 he's already 100% Guaranteed to be in. Such an amazing player.
Parker Merrill
can anyone tell me if the r360 cue by cuetec that Shane uses has a wood or graphite shaft on the outer layer
I wanna see a What A Shot of Alex P!!!
Mark Aeron Rrr Santos
why cant save it to offline
Mounir Ajjabi
ko pin yi is better at the moment i think
Michael Smith
Sam Brown
Such a good video but turn down the music in the mix! Hard to hear what they are saying.
roy'sz shelton
He's badass pool player ! :P
Nice job genipool14.
Gabriel Pelegrino Gama
0:53 Jennifer Barretta is freaking hot.
He's great but he has problems with ko pin ye!!! I don't know what it is..he smokes everyone accept him
Alex Maslov
Да, Женя, талантливейший ты спец по части видео.
I don't think he could've beat efren or earl
In their prime. But nowadays he is one of the best. World championships that's the only thing he is missing.
One of my favorite player, SVB.
Michael Joseph
Number 1 in the universe go SVB
Ramy Helmy
SVB ... No.1 in the world !!
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