River Treasure: 4 iPhones, 2 GoPro's, Pentax WG2 And MOAR!!

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River Treasure! iPhones, GoPros and Raybans and more await anyone to find. MOAR River Treasure videos on my channel. Don't forget to subscribe if you like my videos!
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Please use this affiliate link to my friends here to purchase a metal detector or other gear. You will get the best price and service anywhere I guarantee. Plus, it helps support my channel. I really appreciate it… The ‘Chigg
My affiliate link: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Вячеслав Плетнев
Такой вид дна водоёма, как будто там помойка:))) Как там люди купаются??? Столько огромных валунов, ноги можно сломать или вообще там остаться на корм рыбам! А так интересное видео и находки клёвые..Палец вверх!!!
Alana Myeshia
its so scary looking down there 🙊🙈
Ura Bilak
переведите на руский
Fidel Gonzalez DE TODO
para mi se me hace que el toro todo eso y al tiempo fue y las recogio like si crees lo mismo
Izabela Białek
co dlaczego jest tam dużo okuralów
pink show
где эта река? я выезжаю
Ruben Huerta
William Henrique
pq não aproveita e pega as latinhas faz uma
kleyton araujo
muito bom.
Carles Gomar Torregrosa
This is not your video guy!!!😡
Lisa La
What do ppl think when they drop their phones there?
Oh My iphone dropped but I don't want to search it
It looks like he dieded XD
Ezee Lahoz
que suerte que tienes ojala que siga asi mandame un iphone
FEdisco Gamer
i hope moar was a mistake
Aotea Blundell
should have take the rubish out so the fish can stay a live
the best throwback plays
I guarantee that all the stuff was planted
Bruno Tosta
como vim parar aqui????????????????????????????????
Alfonso V
vfcool you are a pro aquachigger
جوجو اكو
Jack Cridland
That's my htc but I got a Samsung galaxy s7 edge so you can have it 😀😀
dani W
this is good therapy for me because im scared of water :(
David Edwards
may I have an iphone
Michelle Esparza
donde estaba la cabeza del pescado estaba un anillo
Pa 'I ask my mother for a pair of glasses, so I go to a river and find many hahahaha!
Lindsay Carlucci
🙀😱😢🙈🙊when the fish
Lindsay Carlucci
1. 4 PHONES!! 2. Cool finds 3. Jack sent me
eh mu
my real name is ehsaymu, that lake is my favorit spot to go but i stop becase of my phone
eh mu
thank you fond my phone
Marco Vinicio Morales 1992
Taylor and Jackson
If anyone thinks this is bad no it's not it's good for the environment
Francisco Gonzalez
saquen un ihpone hahaha
Juliee Torres
the 3d phone is my big brother
Evelyn López verdugo
Avía una cartera café y no la agarro por agarrar los lentes de colores😡
kareem the dream
Don't lie
kareem the dream
What state or country is it at
Danaeee ****
alguien able en español
Alice Rouse
it's more not most he's a bad speller
I find it really annoying when people do things like this and try to clear the river of stuff and give it back to us and then whenever they find an iPhone people fill up the comments either saying that its their phone or 'can you give me that iphone' NO HE CAN'T BECAUSE ITS SOMEBODY ELSES PROPERTY
Nolvia Zamudio
i wish he was my dad
Karina Rizzoli
hey Spick espanish Hola me encantaría encontrar eso en un río sErika genial
Beatriz Adriana Castro
Tengo que ir
Jean Paul Bejarano Gaviria
hijo de puta yo adlo epañol
Normaalne InimeneG
Sergio S. F.
good job friend!!!
congratullation like like
Asano PokemonGo
crying me me me iPhone 6s pulse
MSP Adam
you now what will make those iphones work first you put them in a bag of rice and wait 48 hours what means 2 days and poof all the water will leave the iphone and it would work YAY
Colby White
Jesus crust that thing is terrifying.
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