Nailing every high note in Take On Me

a-hatake on mecoverchallengehigh notehigh notessingingsingsongsinger

truly i am a master of singing

LolaTheLion •_•
I was not disappointed, thanks recommended
Christopher Reyes
MineCraft Awesome Parodys now has some competition
Gaming with Jamz
Just clicked on this video , you sound and look like Asian Markaplier
Vilém Marek
fuck pejudices :D
• Lil Omi G •
His voice is actually really good?
I only listen to real music!!1!1

(lmao for real tho he's actually really good at singing)
Song juan? What's song two?
Kriss Kross
The 4000 people who disliked need to rot and die
AND HES ONLY 14???!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Jackaboy Away
Is this girbeagly?
chilisa leeva
N A I L E D I T! !
Abraham Hernandez
listen with eyes close...
so hot
SmiIey Face
"Nobody can reach all these high notes..."

ProZD : "Hold my beer."
He has a nice voice
Duck On Quak
I subbed
hank candle
the end is me singing in every single song in the car.
TrueFungamer 920
What did I just watch?!?!
Not Peggy
I am shooketh
Lego man . Music
Damn he can sing
Just Jake
This dude has a real sexy voice
André ZanuttaA
Is there anything asians can't do?

yes, nail every single note in Rick Ashley's "Take on Me"
yoits Ray
you forgot the background singing like take me on T.a.k.e .o.n m.e
i can hear a little reverb in, u edited it :v i can't imagine how your voice really sounds like lmfao
Shoulda stayed in chest voice, lad. Went to head voice too early. Would have loved to hear you crack.
I think this is my favorite video on the Internet
Mustache Productions
And people said nobody can be perfect...
He's actually pretty good. Like, when he's being serious.
Homem Queijo
Fat guys that sing like that ave a 178% of stealing your girlfriend
T-cup Productions
Those dance moves really caught me off guard
Sarah Eet Een Koekje
Kil'jaeden The Deciever
Im watching a fat asian guy sing a classic song... I have no life
Your Grandma
I expected this to be overall really bad.
You actually have a good voice lol
Taehyung Trash
Nailing every high note in this song isn't hard for me
Marsas Corner
Play this at my funeral
gaurdians of animals
Ur like my 6th grade art teacher, ur face is so straight and the voice is sarcastic asf too 😂🤣
Damien Wentzel
dammm youre really good ngl
So this is what Kim Jong Un does on his off days
puta ngina
Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like John Fassold when he speaks?
Your move atheists.
Anders Plays
Cringe af, but still very good
I love this asian kid! <3 -____-
when i first listened to this
i thought it was some kid lip syncing, to markiplier
and then i investigated
and i discovered
its just a guy i never heard of until 1:55 in the morning, that sounds just like mark-
brb gonna go and rethink my entire life that doesnt even exist-
Atticus Finch
Asian Will Toledo?
James Ta
He has an announcer voice
James Ta
your non-falsetto voice is like... really sexy.
Aiden's Volgs
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