supreme shit
U're voice makes me do a big cume
Panja Does
This is why we fucking respect you
Xbox Reaper9713
This is my favorite anime opening.
Alexander Robinson
Show this to Korea before they nuke us it might change their mind
Cant nail the hardest part but able to nail the entire song is pretty epic
Summer Lynch
Sounds like markipliyer
I dont know why, but for me, those notes are easy
Ian Loh
Oh shit Kim
addie watson x
Ineeda Username
Milan Tailor
Too many hours were invested into this lmao
Gunner J
I subscribed within 30 seconds of this video.
nobody has commented about the fps of this
You a mysterious man
I cried this is beautiful
Paralysed Garlic
Who else noticed op posters behind him...
Don't eat me I'm human
You actually have a good singing voice
He truly is a product of msu👍
Anonymous Cuber
1:19 was amazing
Alex F
Are you that asian viner?
Reguardless of you butchering those high notes, youre actualy pretty good
Ryan Lawrence
One piece sucks
Tristan Costa
All asians have super powers like if it's true
Flying Draco
So majestic
Ice H
This is da best!
The way he said "stumbling" made me chub up a bit
M lucas
I'm sitting here dancing in my chair with a huge silly grin on my face. Thank you for your brave attempt! <3
Yummy yoms
He so cute this is my first time seeing him
tylko fony
Copy right ?
Foxy Gamer
Jacob Scharp
his glasses are a little big for his eyes
Duo At
and I am not hating his singing was good except for the high notes that he acted like a dead bird but sorry time telling the truth
Duo At
what am I doing to my life I used to be watching 3 Ohio maniacs and now I am watching a guy almost sounding like a hurt pig or pooped bird or probably a dead on just what has life become 1 like 1 prayer for this guy and all the maniacs to stop doing this and 1 subscribe to my channel 1 dollar for raising money 💰 💸 💴 💵 💷 🤑 to send these maniacs to the mental hospital
Adam Cranny
Respect brother
Sandra Kelly
not all heroes wear capes
Waldon Ferrer
nice moves
10/10 Loving it!
Mythical Adventures
I can't handle the fps
Damn that was spot on

*Hits high note* wait nvm
I am Toast
impressive. good shit man good shit
Quilda Gomes
he ain't it his amazing
Quilda Gomes
he ain't fuck it his amazing
Quilda Gomes
he ain't fuck it his amazing
Ed SkyNight
Katie Wilkinson
You live in Michigan? I see you like Michigan State 😂 I live in Michigan myself. My family likes both the spartys and wolverines!
Sexy Chocolate Robbie
I will watch this video before I die
Ben Aviani-Bartram
1:20 He had to go to falsetto then? Oh dear.....
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