Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out, President Trump, Her Prank War With Matt Lauer | TODAY

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TODAY’s Matt Lauer spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about her new show “First Dates” as their still-raging prank war continued. Twenty years after coming out of the closet as gay, Ellen tells Matt she wishes she’d done it sooner. She also explains why she would not want to have President Trump as a guest on her daytime show.
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Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out, President Trump, Her Prank War With Matt Lauer | TODAY

Jennifer White
im lesbian and i idol ellen and my sister is not lgbt and she supports me in everything i do and i love her for that... I LOVE LIL SIS - jenny
Honey Martin
Coming out WAS her greatest moment. I'd did a 360 on this pos KKKunt. American rights don't include EXTRA RIGHTS, gargle with fkg DRAINO and die you fkg pos. NO RESPECT WHAT SO EVER FOR A POS ANTI AMERICAN NAZI PIG like you.
Rulya Farley
Ellen says ppl should accept other ppl for who they are. Doesn't want our potus on her show bc of who he is. How typical of a left wing, delusional, hypocritical, lunatic.
sarah meighan
she is so amazing with such a kind and giving heart! love her
Ethan Dumas
I cant wait for President Trumps second term, first thing ima do is get me a libtard pet to in a cage like hills have eyes take it out and hold its head under water once and awhile lol man its gonna be open season on your freaks when Trump wins a second term by a landslide lol cant wait for the purge to begin
indica 777
Ellen needs some serious counseling.......
Araceli Gaeta
@ellen for President
Max Ward
rick smith
I think Trump and Ellen should have a dozen bottles of Arrcak (VSOA) which is an old Sri Lankan tradition to straighten out a disagreement between two opposing parties ,who knows by the time they are done Ellen would be straight again
What a double standard and hypocrisy from Ellen! She won't sit down with Donald trump because she doesn't think she will change his mind and because he opposes everything she stands for.....Then in the next sentence says that we need to look at someone who is different than us and who believes different than us and still accept them and let them have their rights. Isn't the more positive and accepting message that we should be able to sit down and have a conversation with others even though we disagree with them? How do you bridge that gap if you aren't even willing to have a conversation with them.
Larry Banks
I love Ellen I wouldn't blame her I wouldn't bring on Donald Trump on my show either.
Virginia Dorsey
Virginia Dorsey
that was fun this is dorsey
Isaac Roebuck
She didn't do a very good job of keeping it a secret
Miranda Oliver
Amazing Ellen!! You're so inspiring being yourself 100% of the time! Thank you for always being honest ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
margaret kelly
I love you Ellen. Stay out of politics.
"I do not want Donald Trump on my show." - Ellen DeGeneres

"Sir, I do not want to be on your show." - Donald Trump
I lovveee Elleeennnn!! That was a good/brief interview. Matt Lauer, you look great for 60
Brandon McCaskill
I don't normally comment on YouTube threads but I have to say...Ellen is very much praised for her "genuine giving heart and her love for people". If I was a millionaire, I'd be like that too. We never hear her generous stories when she was low on money.
By the way, she is being intolerant against Trump who obviously doesn't share her opinions and beliefs. Hearing her reply sounded like a very nervous, immature comedian, who doesn't have one ounce of reason in her body.
I thought you's were supposed to be tolerant ? Let's have rational, logical discussions America! ...although, I'm afraid americas too far gone...God come quickly.
Natasha Barriger
<3 i love ellen so much shes just so beautiful inside and out. Get it girl! <3
Joseph Walsh
I like Ellen, i think shes a good person
Eric Garcia
Love you ellen !!!!
Nadiya Nanoha
Remember the times when Ellen was funny and contributed to progress?? Yeah....
Hypocrite. Talking about diversity of beliefs but they are the first people to throw a hissy fit when someone disagrees with them.
Omar Mejia
she got interviewed on her own show lol
just looking for truth
Ellen another Libtard Snowflake ALT LEFT with a MENTAL ILLNESS
Ian Lytle
When did he ever say he wanted to be on her show ? 😂😂😂😂.
Phil Marlowe
Ellen 60 no way!!!!! she only looks mid to late 30s.
Josh Azlin
Stephen Hunter
Great answer about Trump!
HAHAHAHA Ellen feels more comfortable interviewing a proven sexual predator BILL CLINTON
Nonettter None
Fake women, you can't trust someone that lives in a new house every 6 months.
The leprechaun artist
Ellen is a good looking guy but hes kinda feminine
How we still exist on planet earth with all the idiocy filling the comments sections of YouTube noone will ever find out.
Deleted Account
Kim Jong Un
Yoursoul Painter
Ellen is nice and friendly with all her guests. If she had Trump on the show she would have to be nice to him. And that would be fake. so good idea not having him there
piotr feder
Stupid Blonde Moron.
Trump has more important things to worry about than stopping by a show that has a host who loves the Kardashians
bryan porter
At the end of her show she says be kind to one another. A few months back she had Elizabeth Warren on her show and she was very hateful i couldn't believe Ellen allowed her to speak in the manner she did. The reason Ellen won't have Trump on her show is that many of her fans are liberal lets face it so is Ellen she is still upset that her friend Hillary didn't rise to power as they all expected. Not once has Trump said he would take away gays right to marry.
Blangelika Rivera
I support her all the way
I really do not understand why Ellen DeGeneres would not welcome President Trump on her show...they both have so much in common in that they BOTH enjoy making love to women. who would have thought she would not appreciate this...
laughable Isn't it IRONIC that when she came out she was angry that 'others' different than her rejected her and threatened her (some did). She knows how that feels. She wants every single person to accept her lifestyle. However, if u don't it's considered hate and wrong. YET calling the kettle black, she shows hatred and shunning aka rejection towards anyone that SHE doesn't like or agree with. IRONIC!!! So she is what she accuses Mr Trump of doing. Tsk Tsk
Does anybody really care what she has to say? If anybody does please explain why.
Craig TheSchmeg
The Today Show with a white female, a black female and a white low test feminist approved beta male. A contrived sausage fest.
Jack Sprat
Like it wasn't obvious.
Aria Cookson
Why is this on trending
The dislikes all because she said she wouldn't want him on her show? Who's really the "triggered" ones?
CocoNutz nTheBush
Out of touch ha ha ha
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