Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at reports that Trump revealed classified information to Russian diplomats and his increasingly authoritarian-like abuses of power.
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Trump Threatens Comey, Gives Russia Classified Info: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Lee Johnson
If Donald Trump does not destroy all life on Earth with a Nuclear War, he may well destroy all human life on earth with Global Warming. Donald Trump does not have Brain One, but he has a Strong Ego, and he is a Narcissist.
Now we know this is a big "nothing burger. #Fakenews"

Trump/Paul 2020
Jessica Jones
why does his team even lie for him? they could just say the truth, nobody is going to do anything about it.
Alicia Green
This is so embarrassing. Rest of the world, most of us didn't want this tangerine bufoon for President and this will be a massively embarassing mark on our history. Fucking liars pictured here need to be jailed.
AAZ NoMoreOppression
this is the 19th best Seth trump vid
Alfred Strickert
Well, except this asshole is completely wrong and so, by extension, are all of you here in the comments section. Good job resisting reality.
what i stopped here?
belly tripper
Caleb Cudjoe
The 28yr dog joke was clever. lol
nick gillett
Here's something I don't understand; what part of these "tapes" would be bad for Comey? Wouldn't these prove 1. Trump asking for personal loyalty instead of America 2. He asked Comey to drop the investigation 3. He records every conversation he has for "blackmail" (if you can call it that) and 4. He does not care what classified gov talks are exposed in his own White House
We mostly know trump is fool. More than half of us. 2.8 million more.
The Russian boogey man, has any one ever seen him?
dylan van der byl
Birthday bubble cooperate hunter home method lead public
A Shoe
Don't be the sheep in Animal Farm...down with Napoleon!
Michael Luisi
Pure left wing wishful thinking. Unnamed sources are the only sources and they are nothing but lies. Prove me wrong, find something, anything, illegal. The Fourth Estate? Laughable leftist horseshit.
V. V
Comeys the type of goober who' thinks himself so Puritan they became delusional, actively looking for ways to find crime and innuendo behind random ambiguous sentences. He would never survive in the business world. His type is hated with a passion, also history proves ppl like him make terrible leaders.
Deep Singh
I couldn't be more sexist then this, but still, with all my capability, I have tried to bitchify my comments. Still, no better than the first month in the white house. Here:
Obama -8 years, clinton -8 years...National Debt added more than 9 Trillion (more
than all past 44 presidents combined), Citizen spying -exponential
increase....Wars - world over, Special procecutor for their cimres-None. Trump 100 days -
Trade deficit decreased, National debt - decreased, Boarder protection -
increased, unemployment - lowered, - Special procecutor - Yes.... FU Dems and their media goons and their stupid talk
Dipshit Trump: "I never mentioned the name Israel"
Matt Buchovecky
Wow the thoughtless millennials really latch onto political analysis done by a comedian who barely knows how to make jokes, let alone offer any original information. I love how impeachment is always around the corner, just like the end was always near during the election. Keep blueballing yourselves, maybe you can just choose to identify Killary as your president and force others to accept your subjective reality
Jack Steward
To think Seth used to be funny. Terrible to watch a career self destruct like this.
Cecilia cecilia
Trumpites will never give him up. He is the ONLY person that has ever told them that they are really smart and that it is acceptable to be racist, homophobic, afraid of anyone who is not just like them, uneducated and stupid.

They will never turn against him. No matter if he does things that are illegal or commits treason. They don't care. He flatters them constantly. He is their man, come Hell or high water.
J Stone
Comey was in the way. Good riddance.
Brad Soder
You libtards really need to accept reality. This temper tantrum is getting ridiculous.
Trump isn't trying to MAGA. He's trying to beat Netflix for best Political Drama.
Your move, President Underwood.
Sure hope the Russians do not find out that Hillary's maid had access to her top secret documents.
The AntiCuck
Remember when Seth Meyers was actually funny?
this guy thinks his trump accent is so funny he just reminds me of a bully and its just old now
Herbert Miller
Please note at 4:05 the president distinctly said "This ryussar thing " See it's not about Russia it's about russar. Completely different.
Toraguchi Toraguchi
As for firing James Comey, President Obama should've done it but he didn't he couldn't during the election or it would seem like he was protecting Hillary.Left the job to President Trump. Media says Trump fired Comey because of Russian Probe,how about the obvious:Comey publicized Russian Probe to make it difficult for Trump to fire him? Not for the first time Comey outed investigations he need not have done. Comey KNEW his days were numbered,Dems hated him,Trump disliked him,so he publicized and he leaked info about who he was investigating,so that a firing would be inconvenient for Trump.Trump fired him anyway,because that was Trump's style.
Toraguchi Toraguchi
Stop and think about what you are saying: We know ISIS has laptop bomb,but we won't tell the Russian government because they are our rivals, and therefore all civilians,not just Russian ones, but all civilians on Russian Airliners are expendable. Besides,the Commander in Chief decides what intelligence to give to who,not Israel or any other ally,since when does POTUS need mossad's permission to share intel? The Media is become more ridiculous by the day.
yeah because you need this schmuck breaking it down for you. what a clown.
Ixan Drol
I'm from Mexico City, and every day I sadly look how US democratic government is becoming corrupt as ours. President relatives occupying public charges, president firing people that may represent troubles for him. All of that is so PRI (Mexican part) ruling and stealing.
Cuidado con eso vecinos.
Richard Knapp
This could all be summed up in one phrase, "Two scoops!"
is Moochelle a tranny??
William Ridge Sr.
I think trump might actually be causing all this crap on purpose. He wants to be first at everything. try this, the first president in history to loose his office in less than a year.
Gurhan Balaban
As a Turk, i can honestly say that after Trump got elected, interestingly U.S have gained more sympathy globally than ever before .

Strangely even he signed for Muslim Ban and had issues with Mexican and Europe.

He doesn't try to be seem like nice everytime and good for everybody so that it seems natural to people

Before we got used to have all diplomatic routines and ceremonies , now everyday some new exciting thinks happen.

If everything goes well with economy on his administration and if you continue to achieve more peace and prosperity as a nation please keep him in the White House
Richard Johnson
see, bad man is against America.
Justin Baltis
Only idiots buy the crap the media says
Helium Valentine
The dog had the highest intelligence amongst that crowd.
Bonney Rouge #fucktrump
Treasonous traitorous anti-American republican party. What kind of HSS votes for these traitors.
Soon you guys! WE will get to do to the Trump supporters what they have done to us for the last 6 months.
It will be our turn to tell them to "get over it" and "deal with it"
I cant wait. And ill be there telling as many of these fucks as i can that their time is up and they have to deal with it.

I just need you guys to continue the onslaught against the Trump fucks.
C Sauer
Jim Jones ... resign.
I'm waiting for you - Park geun hye-
Henry Williams
Once the independent investigation is over and proves it was nothing but fake news, the democratic party will be toast. Who in their right mind would ever vote for them. They have bet everything on this and they will lose everything when it's done.
yousuf khan
for people who don't understand that this is a big deal. Yes the information he told in that meeting was classified information, it became declassified when he told Russia about it. The president has the right to declassify and classified info at will but he did not use that right correctly. The reason its a controversy is because Israel had informed us about information regarding ISIS which they explicitly said not to share with Russia. Then Trump goes off and has a meeting with two Russians and straight up tells them about the Israeli intelligence we received. Also "fake news" get over yourself, with the new evidence that has been found with him trying to intimidate and coerce Comey into dropping the investigation on General Flynn and him, he's on the fast track to impeachment and that's republicans stating that claim not democrats like John Mccain
Jace berg
This stuf is not true it's freaking cnn liberals telling there little softy democratic lies all these pepole who have been saying he realesaed info are nut jobs do you think he would do it after he bombed the tunnel system with 1000s of teriost he wouldn't turn on us he's trying to make friends with Russia cause who wants to be enemy's with russia
Emma Fisher
teaching support leaf mm-hmm communicate guess utility shout interior after.
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