Dwight Schrute
See? There's nothing wrong with his tax reforms. Now would everyone please shut up about it?
angry veteran
hey you guys should really take a look at 26 U.S. Code § 6103
You T
Rick Vacha
Speaking of fake news , Knowing Trump he probably faked these and released them himself to try to passify his poor supporters . Just like when he used to call in and claim to be John Barron with some news and info on Trump . Then later denied it all , how stupid did he think people were. He later named is son Barron which was the dead give away.
Its so embarrassing its uncomfortable
Haya Mousa
Trump is beating media with their own stupidity , just brilliant , you think trump is a joke , but he made you all a joke
Simon John Hinton
What I have here is.....a pile of no news. He paid his taxes fair and simple.
One big nothingburger for msnbc. One big fat three double whopper for Trump.
Jay Cee
Almost makes you wish you were dumb enough to think you were so smart
So trump is an honest business man? Ah what's this story about?no wonder America voted trump
xwinchester 4440xx
Did you know that Trump paid more taxes than Obama, Sanders, and COMCAST, the company that owns MSNBC
I can't stand this Maddow guy
Daniel Mcwilliams
btw socialism communisim facisim are all forms of democratic socialisim
It is illegal, you can't cite 1st amendment. It's actually a crime to do this, Rachel/
I'm no fan of Trump and generally a fan of hers but this was pretty ridiculous.
Abigail Moore
Trump 2005 tax rate: 25%
Romney 2011 tax rate: 14.1%
Sanders 2014 tax rate: 13.5%
Scott Pomeroy
What a fool
Keerat Kathuria
haha..........radical madcow
oh my god it's hilarious that MSNBC hasn't taken this video down yet. I love yall but a little self awareness is called for here, this could become the most disliked video on youtube
rachel, your adam's apple is showing
If it jiggles it's fat !!!
man that Ricky maddow is one femme looking dude
Dan Stone
How much did you pay.
Steven H.
"Pinch me I'm real!" umm, no thanks Rachel.
Tommy Fyfe
What a moron.
Kaveh Wooley
The only thing that made sense was the first amendment stuff
Chef Bojack
this can't be legal
Jay Maxfield
She is one thoroughly disgusting excuse for a human being!!
jane john
FELIX SATER. That is the person being spoken about with the Russian mafia connection and Donald Trump. Why was his name not allowed to be named in this video as well as other videos by Maddow?

Felix Sater is the link for federal illegal money laundering by The Donald. Why is this not being investigated? The FBI already knows about The Donalds money laundering ways, but Felix Sater is a FBI informant and will turn a blind eye. Rachel Maddow knows this and is just playing along. That's why Felix Sater will NEVER be mentioned on show. It's all smoke screens.
Justin Cordero
This is so incredible. If I ever have an embarrassing moment in the future i'll be relieved to know that it could never be nearly as embarrassing as this is for Rachel Maddow.
This is comedy
Nigger Faggot
Stupidity at its finest
Don Johnson
A massive sect of the American left has completely lost their faculties and Trump and his people are running circles around them because of it. Maddow couldn't have taken the bait ANY more perfectly. Her all-encompassing Trump hatred has ruined her ability to think critically and she walked right into it. Their own derangement is KILLING them! American Left: YOU NEED TO FIX THIS IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE.
Paul Dunn
from the beginning, she comes in with a biased view, just by her tone of voice. so angry. is there any unbiased news? or could there be?
OMG some paid their taxes.

get the media!
Queen of fake news.
Elemeno P.
she said the 1st amendment gives them the right to publish. did the 1st amendment let Edward Snowden legally publish, no.
Andrew Hal
Men or women ?
Miguel fourONEsix
Wonk wonk wonk...
Why do you Trump supporters come on here to make negative comments? You're not accomplishing anything other than demonstrating how deplorable you truly are. Please, go to the Foxx videos and post your love for Tump over there. Keep up the good work Rachael. Hopefully, this last move by this buffoon of a president will initiate his inevitable impeachment. For the love of this country, Trump must go!!!
toby the anchovi
The president should release them or he is hiding something, if not then he is as corrupt like hillery.
Andy Jones
MSNBC big loser .
Nocturnal Device
border control cheif
all this and we still cant see Hillary's deleted emails. lol.
pat waddington
Hahaha good call on that one Rachel Maddow you moron.
Adam Bomb
The Russian hackers and KKK propagandists all propagate here to hide a fundamental truth Rachel Maddow uncovered. That 2005 tax return alone has pointed out trump's policies directly relate to his own taxes in not only a conflict of interest but very real treason, to cut himself 31/38 million of his taxes.
Dusty Reason
Rachel, we won't pinch you. We will let you keep on pinching yourself ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...................
Rhett Butler lll
We should raise taxes so we can buy more china garbage......brown in Cali raises taxes to support illegals and mudslime deserters! He calls it road repair.
guys he doesn't show is tax return because hes a business man before he became president he was never a politican Obama bush those guys were already politicans they have to show that stuff to you lol business guys have done some shady stuff to get there business to the top if it was a liberal business man that became a president he wouldn't be showing his tax returns either
Insanis Stultitia
Trump release your taxes now!
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