Exclusive Look At President Trump's 2005 Tax Return | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and David Cay Johnston discuss how Johnston obtained the summary pages of President Donald Trump's 2005 tax returns and what they say about the president's tax burden. Maddow also reads a response from the White House.
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Exclusive Look At President Trump's 2005 Tax Return | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha you are seriously the worst
Phoenix Glenn
haha she got humiliated
Seth Braun
Take a screen shot of Melvin the giraffe from Madagascar, neck up. Shop a headshot of Anderson Cooper, but color his hair in brown, over Melvin's face. And you have yourself Rachel Maddow
Vlad Dracula
You're too stupid to realize how stupid you actually are.
I hold in my hand a piece of paper...
Poetic Poems
You ARE a nice person and a professional. Ms M.
Lebby Great
I'm right wing and I think this shows the left wing media failure. Should I like this because it's funny the way Maddow fails and it shows that Trump does pay taxes and is as rich as he says he is, or should I dislike because it's fake news?
Poetic Poems
saw you on the view today and learned something we all can. It was not about hate or favor, it was not about republican or democratic. You had something that No one else seemed to have even if just one piece of it. You were transparent and non-condecending in your reporting of that return. if we can all learn from this, we'd be a better nation. I know I did. kudos to your integrity on this one Rachel🙆
So he's legit. Thanks. Nice try.
Omega Man
How does this dope even have a job?
Tonka Goldman
You Can't Always Get What You Want.
Ian Buchan
💯% sure the media is setting itself on fire for clicks at this point. Willing to trash their own credibility and even shoot themselves in the foot politically for clicks.
Dr Dre
Rachel Maddo...lmao😂😂😂, thanks for the laughter dude
Lebby Great
2:53 So he released his taxes, but now you want him to release more taxes?
Lebby Great
So basically he does pay his taxes, and he is as rich as he says he is.
Dan Rodrigues
Trump has refused to release his taxes and all of a sudden one year's return appears in some author's mailbox out of the blue. This whole thing stinks. This was done to try and appease the public a little and I still don't buy any of Trump's BS regarding the rest of his returns. There was nothing out of the ordinary and that's exactly how Trump will play it and give himself a reason to not have any more of his returns released....
Rachel Maddow busted.
w will
No one except the tooth fairy lives in Maddow's world, both are fake!
Have you been fired yet?
Andre Monrique
Mannish lesbians are icky.
Mr Ben
God , I showed this to my mum without any back story ... 5 seconds in.
"I hate her already"
Freedom isn't free!
Jill Walker
what you have here is a joke !!! Against the law.
Obvious ratings grab. Yawn. More fake news.
Just sad.
Jack Sofalot
Youre losers, liberals. Huge losers.
My girlfriend works as a psych tech at the local mental institution. The mental patients watch only one channel....MSLSD.
u did it :D
Ben Jerry
You release your tax returns Rachel Madcow. The public want to know.
Carson Randolph
Man I hope someone comes to save us from trump, we are hiding in our safe space and haven't seen the light of day for 2 months. We smell bad because we are running out of water but that isn't too bad, we kind of like it. Does anyone know if the Russian own the country yet. Our phone batteries have died and we actually can't figure out how to unlock our bunker. I guess we forgot the password. We have asked our witch priestess to do a spell to open the door but she says she left her wand back at Epstein Island...oh boy did we have fun there until trump the dragon came along... I think we can hear people speaking Russian above us. I thought we were saved once, but Spanky and Johnny were climbing up a wall to get out, but later it turned out to be just being friendly with each other so all of us said to heck with it and joined in... please hep us git out. I think one of us has herpes. A lot of seem to have blisters and a rash.Read more
John X
What's most notable about all of this is that Bernie Sanders only paid 13% tax. He is "Real" socialist. What a fraud.
John X
What these idiots don't understand is that Trump is a Winner and if they persist with this agenda Trump will keep on winning.
John diaz
There trying to destroy Donald Trump!
George Soros finances the TRANSPORTATION of disrupters of town hall meetings, shifting them from one state to another for the sole purpose of shutting them down. Madcow plays the news reels of these disruptive activities and tells her (MSLSD) SHEEPLE VIEWERS THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED LOCAL CITIZENS EXPRESSING THEIR FRUSTRATION TOWARDS TRUMP AND GOVT. REPRESENTATIVES. IT'S ALL FAKE AND THIS LYING SPERMICIDE KNOWS FULL WELL THE TRUTH. She deserves to have her head shaved and paraded through our streets stripped naked. Urban crime rates will drastically decline do to the fact that people will seek refuge indoors to avoid the disgusting site of madcow in the buff.
Aireskoi B.
She is a pathetic loser. I hope she learns her lesson. This is EPIC FAIL HAHAHA HE PAYS MORE IN TAXES THAN BERNIE SANDERS HAHAHAHAHA.
how can one human being be so stupid.... MSNBC must sack this parasite
this woman should be shot
ijustreallylike beer
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You are through rachel, quit your job and go hide away, Trump made and paid WAY more than even the company you work for so there you are Trump did good.
Vic J
Oh my ... I'm not sure what Rachel thought she was going to achieve with this - but she ended up with a pretty boring segment.
Charlie Sheen is that you?
Sean Patrick Kennedy
it'd be nice if he'd MAN UP (LOL!) and show us the last 5yrs! That is if Trump doesn't mind jail time..
V Fran
What - did Fox News just do a session on Rachel Maddow? Aahhh - I missed it -darn! Go back Trumpies and stick your head in the sand and don't pay attention to the hundreds of details of Donald Trump being in business with a milliion Russians and his Campaign team bargaining with Russia to lift sanctions in return for hacking Hillary's e-mails.... Go back to Horrible Hannity an d Awful O'Reilly---where you belong.
Sprite Drinker
The best thing about rachel maddow being a lesbian is that she WIll NOT reproduce offspring! Have a nice day!
Mike Van man
Mr Maddow too you.
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