Giant Gummy Worm Candy Challenge VS Super Gross Real Food WARHEADS - Kids React!

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Hi friends:)
Real food vs gummy food candy challenge was epic,my dad was the chef and he made me and Isla around 10 food dishes,some was yummy gummy and some was super gross food LOL:)

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Pia Sanchez
food😲😲 gummy😝😝😝😝😝😝😍
K.K's Awesome
Hodan ali
tiana you have good behavior
PopularCinnamon YT
Nyah Oduniyi
every video when tiana is doing the gummy verses real food she gets a giant big gummy worm like if you agree
kumi okamoto
wait did she just dab!!!!
Stacie Armading
i love your channel and i love you
Stacie Armading
you guys are the best in youtube
Ashley The YouTube person
Have you done a house tour
BoomBang YT

I am knew to this channel
Callum Cragg
Gross but cool
Aeriell Green
Isla is way too overdramatic for me. The food barely touched her lips and she was acting like she would just about vomit. Tiana was more natural with her reactions and she actually chewed once or twice. Not a fan of seeing her chew with her mouth open though.
Sali Hamani
elooi. eide. sali
Daniela Moran
wow hello
River Luckett
Coni Muñoz
Tigi Sawe
Ella Brady
Chocolate pasta😂😂
Ma'ayan Kirat
Why did you spit out that worhead they aren't even sour
Angela Faith Cunanan
Find the difference :👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😈👿👿👿👿👿( like if you found it👍🏻)....
Oriol Marlès Garcia
shadi mhmood
wat fa
can i get like because birthday
Sharale Johnson
Fer M
Thisau Nguyen
2 con đỉ này khùng
Tiana I love you but do you
have a boyfriend
sarenitee Wilson
sour gummies versus regular games
Cameron Leon
esas niñas me dan hasco
Melissa Johnson
Hi 😘😘😘
Alessandra Lima
tanta porqueria comiendo...luego se ponen obesas y enfermas...
miguel angel hernandez hernandez
Destinie Mccutchen
poop butt
Marco Antonio Armenta Ahumada
gummy vs real
Coquechulo Hermoso
what you is ummm iu........😭😷🙏
MakingCookies LovingFriends
Andrzej Barański
Maria Sol Juarez
yomi cute
Santi Vega
que pelotudos que son las obligan a comer que tontos que asco los voy a denunsiar
Enigma gamer
sophia Valencia
todo lo vomitan
kenda and lenda
ادعمونا بالشتراك للقناهkenda and lenda
shannon yap
who thinks isla looks abit like ruby rube
Caterina Longhi
bimala gurung
Don't laugh at others
مهند محمد
Stephane Huyghe
i love you
Emanuele Sorrentino
ma che merda fate?
mariam shukor
i love your video
mariam shukor
yummy an good
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