Extreme Trained & Disciplined Malinois Dogs

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Extreme Trained & Disciplined Malinois Dogs - Best Video Ever

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Miran Shek
all i can say is can i plz have anyone of them!
srinivas chalwadi
Asad Memon
jose arguello
muy bueno los perros, aunque nunca se vio el ataque de la portada.
Альтайр Ару Толеуханов
красавчик дрисировчик
Ram Ramchandar Saini
Ram Ramchandar Saini
Narendar Kayal
Doktor Trax
I am interested in Malionis, could some expert or owner to tell me are they know to show love to his master, u know when u come home after some period are they exited to see you.
אבי ישראל
Emi Loss
nice 👍👍
Jack Sparrow
I wish Humans were as faithful and loyal as dogs are. The worst animal is the human that has no humanity I guess 90% humans have no humanity
santosh mishra
i love you my friends
Kazam Bagi
Marwane Abdalawi
Sabin Subba
k9 only
Sabin Subba
k9 only
Sabin Subba
k9 onky
Sabin Subba
Mohan Bohara
lokesh deepu
Try to change the way of your videos. Watch some other channels and follow their style
Dionardo Dala Ferreira
Ana Larson
Just wondering how high your dogs can jump in height? We have an aussie shephard/ border collie at age 4 months from a standing position can spring straight up 5 feet, we want to use that skill and obviously she is currently being trained and played with in many manners to keep her fit and happy but trying to figure how to use that jump for service work. Besides her ease to balance and stand, she never ceases to amaze us with her brightness, she is an amazing dog and like the Malinois does not quit except to sleep or do a task, which is what we want for service. She just has the skills of a cat built into a dog so we don't want to miss out on putting to good use that natural inborn part of her. Clearly we will be teaching her many of the things you guys do so we can use it and keep her happy. She will probably be at least 55 pounds or greater, the parents were that and extremely agile and strong. Suggestions?
Hapa Kazi
I like it
Ɠobliηメ Agario
I don't sub
Aynal Hoque
M. A. H. S
aafaq khan
Ugly dog
I just shit blood out of my ears
Жора Жора
хуйня не то видео
Sanjy Sks
Irfan Chauhan
fco eudes lopes de sousa sousa
Fode M. Bangoura
marc-andre S.
Fucking click bait thubnail
Rylee Wilson
so cute
ـaqeel Albakry
قووووه القوووووووه
vinod rathod
F.....g video
Morten Quist
Would have been ok without the dreadfull crap music
Bhavsar Dhruv
raja bhabhor
Jasmine Wolf
Darn it, I want one. 😢
Munazam Saith
its very nice and i advic you play this video carw fuly
Mister Bearmore
Dogs are definitely one of the smarter animals
Camille Bara
Jacob Xavier
congratulations I've been click baited😂😂
Fittay Munh Vines
wow I love dogs
Sachin Kumar
dislike for fake picture displayed.......
Daria Cooper
Click bait, no cheetah.
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