Extreme Trained & Disciplined Malinois Dogs

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Extreme Trained & Disciplined Malinois Dogs - Best Video Ever

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Polaris Light
Love that in minute 2.32 ! .)
Venkatesh Veeravarapu
1:42 Look at the Response time .... So alert
Shahrukh Memon
wow i love dogs
Kevin Krøyer
But nice video btw :)!
Kevin Krøyer
I find some of the training programs useless but some of them is quite cool especially the bottle treat toy but letting such a big dog on its two feet is just abuse their hips isn't build like ours so please don't attempt
lots of time spent on dog training unfortunately I have to work
Glasses Model
The gay ass music...
Awesome dogs!
Alejandro Sudiro
Àwesome dog
Rogerio Vargas
Vai toma no teu cu
Brett Ster
Where's the thumbnail video, ass hat.
The background music is annoying!
Savage boy Jay
Apollo the k9
David Peck
Click bait
P.dastagiri P.dastagiri
manjunath P L
1:20 doggy dab lmao
Nagaraja Manjunath
please let me training methods and also where and how i can learn
Alain Zellweger
Superbe !!

Quelle belle leçon de complicité, de respect et d'amour mutuel !!
Très loin des théories de dominance et de contrainte d'un César Milan !
annoying gay-ass background "music"
I came for the cheetah, putaclic thumbnail. Fuck you asshole
I can see why LE and military K-9 units love the Malinois. What an awesome pup.
Бим Белый
мы такие , ай молодца !
علاء العربي
Vere Beautfil
Golden Pikachu
I love dogs and these are one of the favourites but most of the time to get this behaviour is by abuse and punishment. It's horrible but it's the truth
Frank Davis
Mixed emotions on this video in one respect I am honored to have my content included in a video with such great Malinois, on the other hand it pisses me off someone has stolen my content placed it in a video for their own profit without asking permission or sharing the revenue Our content resides at 7, 19, 20 and 55 second spots.
Jan Hofer
drinking tv elegant accuracy medication intensity hunting stock
NB Multimedia BD
حسن الزعيم
satya shukla
Let me tell you....Malinois are no joke.
Dogs like - Damn it so many frisbees and only 1 mouth.
I love you Pép
Gshhs Bsgvsh
حالا وروعةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةةة
Deirdre A
great training
Repo Diamonds
great fukking dog bro and hes smart as hell. Great work doggie.
Repo Diamonds
Subscribe to my channel repo diamond youtube?
Unknown unknown
What are the working lines of these called ????? I don't want a show line so I need to no what to avoid ?
Your Pride is My Joy
Nothing better than a Smart dog!
Miran Shek
all i can say is can i plz have anyone of them!
srinivas chalwadi
Asad Memon
jose arguello
muy bueno los perros, aunque nunca se vio el ataque de la portada.
Альтайр Ару Толеуханов
красавчик дрисировчик
Ram Ramchandar Saini
Ram Ramchandar Saini
Narendar Kayal
Doktor Trax
I am interested in Malionis, could some expert or owner to tell me are they know to show love to his master, u know when u come home after some period are they exited to see you.
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