Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

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Pickup ballers. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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i like the rage monster
Bm138 millar
who is the old guy related to just curious
Aimee Larson
Make a video game one
Any tall ones who only go for 3s
Yup I'm one of them overconfident we re
Tripple R
I'm mr accesseries
The foul guy
Jamy Player#20
Soccer stereotypes
EmilOVIC2939 Juelle
Im the mr. Excuses
Where is the ball hogger
JR. Melena
i`m the rage monster
D ROSE 2567
I’m the guy who swishes everything
Nash Ghamandi
Let some celebs join in on the videos pls
Sam Park
I'm mr.execuses
Ibrahim Awies
I'm the coach guy
Person who Comments on videos
You know what would be funny. If you all acted like this and played a real game and did this the whole time.
Nathaniel Maxwell
YOU NEED TO DO SCHOOL STEREOTYPES!! Like if u want to see it
A football
ElytraWarrior /minecraft gameplay
Who is watching during 2017
Malachi Abdul
I'm mr freeze
Logan Jewett
im the guy that looks good since im very tall but i am really bad.
I try not to be any of these people, but honestly I'm the tall guy who always shoots three's.
Casey Martin
Cool Club
I am the foul guy
Elias CH
the my bad guys lol (it's my friend )
Joshua Mottillo
Can you make a Lego stereotype video
who else wants some paintball stereotypes like this comment if you aggre
Dilshan Samarawickrama
Lol the lose - lose situation though
JJ Dechene
I'm the player coach cause I'm the captain of my team😂😂
Elijah Vernagus
U forgot the ball hog
Tanya Vannausdle
It must be hard for u guys to miss.
Oscar Rodriguez
they sould do a soccer video
ItsMagicConch On Xbox 1
My friend mr accessories, player couch, rage monster
Me tall guy that only shoots 3s
Tony Allen
Do a stereotype paintball
Connor Lew
I’m the football guy and the tall guy that only shoots 3’s
Zocraine Venox
the old guy and my bad
Brayden Brooks
I love your vids
Wyatt Zyha
Im the Rage Monster
Yeah im the my bad guy
Jesus 10
the old guy
Gary Schweit
I'm the looks can be deceiving guy
austin armstrong
Im the tall one that shoots 3s {tries to shoot}
Austin Smasher
I'm football guy
What about the ball kicker
that's a hot blonde
where's Coby at?
I'm Mr.Freeze and My bad guy
Im The Lose Lose Situation
Im The Shoulda Made The League
Im The Misses The Whole Game But Then Makes The Last Shot
Im The Brake The Rim Dunker But Is The Imaginary Dunker
Anjali Shah
I'm the old guy
I'm the looks can be deceiving guy and the player coach. My friend is mr. accessory
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