Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

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Pickup ballers. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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I am the my bad guy and my friend is the player coach :P
I'm easily the tall guy that only shoots threes😂
FaZe Booce
I'm the imaginary dunker
Lambert Jhan Viloria
There should of been
The baller that cant shoot
Yazan Shehab
mandi ovington
I love your videos
Dylan Bruns
Whos the old guy
It's Jover And joverardo
The player coach one was so funny
ColinA Maniac
Things you forgot

1. The Ball Hog
2.The Guy Who Always Wants The Other Team To Win
3.The Noob
4.The Guy Who Is Scared Of The Ball
5.The Guy That Never Misses
Jada Jackson
the next one should be the animal like for me to subscribe to your channel
Good ol' Jackaboy
What about the guy who thinks he can shoot threes but never can
The. Denver Broncos MVP'S
The player coach looks like Kobe Bryant
Guilherme Claro
the tall guy who only shoots 3'S
My freeze
Spice King
You should do a family stereotype video
Angela Krochalk
Jacqui Pinchback
do a soccer stereotypes
Taha Roumany
Adam Walker
why does no one ever do this for basketball coaches
1 the subs coach always asking for money and finds you were ever you are
2 the washed up player-coach who tries to run in every game
3 the coach who looks like he might be on drugs no one ver knows
4 the pervert male coach who only coaches the female teams
5 the computer coach who has to have everything recorded
6 the coach who comes on and shots everytime they get the ball both the good one and the bad one who misses every shot then tells everyone to run back on defense
7 the old school coach who still plays like it's 1970's
8 the coach who has no idea what their doing like they're just there to collect brownie points or something
9 the drill sergeant who drills are almost impossible to do
10 the female coach who always gets hit in the head with ball, no matter where she is
Max Stanard
Dude perfect you should make a stereotype video of backyard football
Landen Kiessel
The coach player
Darian Major
Arian Angelo Diuyan
The player who never passes?
at 4:05 the guy in the blue shirt looks like Steve Carell
Shanice Lagerquist
hockey stereotypes
ikhsan hafizi
The rage monster guy keep on appearing in every stereotypes videos but still very funny 😂😂😂
banana swirl
Evan Yasser
PinPoint781 Nichols
But they could get heat stroke
Mason Schaefer
Do a school stereotypes
Amanda Hayes
You should be haveing s. Game
Adog 00
"The player coach" is actually called a point guard
Michael Maybin
I'm totally the foul guy
Nickster Gun
your next stereotype video should be amusement park stereotypes
Taylor C
You should do swimming stereotypes
Gabriel Morales
You need the unnecessary jukes
Fatima Duarte
Zachary Gilbert
lacrosse stereotypes
Damola T
April 2017 anyone?
Big al 19
Can you subscribe to my chanel please
The Trickers & fakers
I am the last one
Kirsty STULE
You should do soccer
Gavin Aubrey
I'm freeze
Cheryl de Gracia
Ty needs a snicker bar
Alfredo Gomez
The Rage Monster haha
The should put in " The Ball Hoger
Johnny Hazellnut
The ball hog
Jayvan Gatdula
and sexism
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