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Sometimes things get worse before they get better. Any of these happen to you? Leave us some love in the comments, and send your fails videos to! 

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Quad Crashes Into Car
Kid Fails to Backflip on Bike
Jet Skier Flips Over
Brother Helps Sister Down the Slide
Bubble Soccer Wipeout
Woman's Dentures Fall out During Game
Guy Backflops into Pool
Cat Fails Leap of Faith
Girl in Box Falls
Firework Breaks Toilet n/a
Guy Jumps Out of Closet to Prank Friend
Guy Breaks Table During Game of Beer Pong
Kid on Tricycle Hits Camera
Kid Tries to Slide on Boogie Board
Glassware Breaks on Solar Panel
Kid Faceplants Van while Playing Street Hockey
Snowboarder Tumbles Down Hill
Truck Spills Rocks on Busy Street
Woman Slips in River
Guy Falls while Performing Norwegian Folk Dance
Guy Breaks Light With Hands While Dancing
Skateboarder Skids along Street
Guy Sailing in High Winds Tips Over
Biker Crashes and Flies off Bike
Skateboard Flip Fail
Police Chase Ends in Car mess n/a
Girl Frustrated with Taking off Face Peel
Snowboarder Fails on Rail
Guy Gets Hit by Other Surfer
Guy Tries to Fly Giant Kite
Guy Tries to Fly on Broomstick
Cat Falls Off Roof into Barrel
Guy Breaks Trophy
Boy Captures Bike Trick Fails
Auto Technician Falls Through Hole n/a
Guy Jumps Across Ice and Falls
Baby Falls Out of Crib
Pigeons Eat Bread Crumbs off Student
Biker Falls After Jump Attempt
Trike Rider Crashes into Tree
Man Knocks Out after Being Slapped
Duck Walks Across Wet Concrete
Cat Knocks Down Musicians Camera

Fails of the Week: Insult to Injury (January 2017) || FailArmy

MD Abdul Mannan
But not as good as the others!! Hope that nest videos will be more funny!!
these titles make no sense at all.
Sam Lives-it-young-style
half this stuff, i wonder why they videoLol
Alex Wei
Amadis Demitrius
That's what you get for having a cat.
I would knock the sht out of that one surfer and hope he fkn drowned. bad form man bad form. and if he did some how make it to shore. Id bust his board over his head and feed it to him. 3:53
i thought the tumbnail was mcjuggernuggets at first
Hannah Horton
Surely if a kid is big enough to climb over the bars of the cot, they should just be in a normal bed?
GamerTV Tr
4:04 superman v1 xd
Could you hear a train at 1:58
Jack Evans
join high starting anyone donate write shape leading.
Anonymous Expect us
4:51 legend has it no one seen him again
Anonymous Expect us
Anonymous Expect us
Josh Scorpion
what is the sog name in the end
Anti Hero
Why is mcjuggernuggets in the thumbnail
Spec Tv
I hate the ones that have the little kids getting hurt super bad, but the rest are fine
Stan De Bock
domme hoeren zijn het
a lot of these "fails" are wins
"That literally sucked my soul out of my pores" 😂
holly fuckin meatballs
David Braucht
@2:13 i drive down that road all the time. Hampden ave in colorado.
"Holy fuckin' meatballs, y'all" lol
"That sucked the soul out of my pores"

Christ alive it hurts to laugh now
Ryan Loon
i would've started laughing really hard when he crashed the ATV into the vehicle haha
Vitor Silveira
Very Good
Dominik Strauß
Leonardo Silva
0:47 R.I.P
Russian Wanderer
что за марка машины в начале?
Luca Boele
3:33, meatballs???
4:47 - 4:56 funniest shit ever the dudes laughing in the back lol 😂😂😂😂
Nuclear Gaming
2:11 legend says he is still falling
Is that Harry from wheres my challenge 1:21
Blueper Draws
2:47 that was one helluva road pizza
LOL 1234
OMG! I have been in that road before! 2:14 😃
to the people laughing at that guy drowning and his boat being capsized: I like you. a lot.
Elise Deltour
i love looking at the fails but i dont wanna have any fails
Please tell me someone else saw the blood spraying out of that guy's wrist at 2:40 after he smashes that bulb? Is that my imagination?
Cool Boy
I love these vids the only thing I don't like is the fucking waste of money for being stupid
Twilight sparkle BTS
Woman: Are you serious ?
Cat: Yup, i am serious.
"That literally sucked the soul out of my pores."
Jayan Cross
What is the song at the end
Fatih Başaran
çok iyi biliyorsun abi <3
Kemugamer Kemu23
Jajajaj bruh😜👍🏻
Rick Sanchez
Holy fuckin meatballs yall
Marko Milenkovski
haha that guy who fell in that hole wase so funny! :-)
lucas weber
He Hey!
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