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Like FATHER like SON.
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hijinx101 gaming
I think they should do a wife or girlfriend or even boyfriend edition
Sebastian Collins
Is it me or is there bearded fake
Jonathan Ecchermullally
I think Cody and his dad look most alike
M Rosa
Aryaputra Indrajana
i think garett's dad is look like a leprechaun
Yusuf paruk
Garett looks most like his dad
Ice Queen33
dude, your dads are like"what Am I suppuosed to do"
King logan and King Weedle
They forgot pandas dad🐼
Kenza l.k.z.n
YouTube Star
Do a mum edition
Darren Mukri
Harra_Dude 25
Coby totally looks like his manican dad
Aengus Hughes
Mom edition
Tyler McCabe
Kv1kken GAMING
Ayden Noyola
Meeta Arora
cody looks like his dad a lot
Edwin Dsouza
It was cool
Prayedworrior26 Rivera
Slac Pro gamer
Ty looks like his dad
Da Duca Bros
Ty's dad looks like him
Madisonvictoria Victoriamadison
I think Ty and his dad or Garret and his dad
Krown Gaming
that first one showed the golf ball move before he hit it
everything torrian
Tyler's dads beard is fake
Geometry Dash Element
its 4:20
Sunset Scarab
Is it funny or sad Coby's dad was replaced with a mannequin
MERC- ivey
2:50 in the middle at the top it looks like it says "hi"
Precious Marie Go- Gil
Devin leal yeah
Precious Marie Go- Gil
Tyler Looks Like There Dad The Most
Tyler Looks Like There Dad The Most
Austin mcmurphy
one of them dont have a dad
Sebastian Tyrrell
Mortal Kombat man
Tyler looks like his father
Taylor Dickinson
who else agrees that they should do a wife/girlfriend edition?😋🤗😍
Thamer Thrthr
#Laxboy 3530
The mannequin dad looks the most accurate
Jon Sweat
more purple hoser
Yostyn Garcia
Tyler dad
Brendan Meade
Kirsten Maasin
ty and her dad like if you agree
Godlycrockman Charnander
I wonder if they agreed on the video
the beard is fake
Matt 0230
Kaitlyn Lounsbury
Tylers dad
Benjamin Scott
Brendan Spreyer
I think Cody looks most like his Dad
Tyler's dad looks more like him
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