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Kimberly Gartman (SPS)
in suicide squad joker left Harley Quinn in the car for batman to get her and not even try to help her
Night guard
Omg such a psycho like if you agree
Septic Less
He also ate China.
Tasia Treesh
You're a horrible person for making Joker seem like a terrible abusive husband Joker absolutely loves Harley Quinn he saved her multiple times he has protected her when she was being verbally assaulted he has even come back for her multiple times
Renee Turner
the one in suicide squad treats her good in the movie
alondra bio
well i dont know those stuff joker did something bad to harley quinn well im gonna say its horible joker cant do this to my harley quinn
glitter girl
Harley and the Joker are much hotter in Suicide Squad
Destanyia Downing
They are and will always be a cute couple, yes its abusive but its fake. People who have common since would know that its not real, that you shoupdnt stay in an abusove relationship. But whatever anyone says it will always be "Harley and Joker". They are cute
Avery Regis
1 like = Punch mister J.
I get it that the Joker and Harley are in a toxic relationship...but I prefer the Suicide Squad Movie version of their relationship better. Who wants to sit in a theater and watch the Joker do all those bad things to Harley?
zat rat
Just4Fun 990
Hes talking about a comic
Nou Had
Venissa Stewart
This theme song reminds me of batman's old theme song
Kenneth Floyd
Joker raped her.
Joker is very Sick!!!
Harley Is So Awesome!!!
I only have two favorite Couple's in fiction "Mike & Eleven" And "Joker & Harley"!!!
Sophi Gibson
Damn, bitch. This is messed up.
Maddison Aldersea
Why don’t u watch suicide squad
Maddison Aldersea
Wrong wrong and wrong
mlp_kawii panda12
joker u fucking shit partner
Roberto Gomez
all these sjws. aka all these cancer cells.
Vampireredmelidy death
That's why I hate suicide squad
It's not the true Harley an joker
Janesse Lorenz
me and mistah J would be an awesome couple! I'd follow every instruction and never do anything to anger him... well... mabey tease him a bit so I can get 'punished'... damn it Jay! stop reading lemons!
Galexy Kitty
In the “real life” version harly wants to fall in the poison bath thing
A. Townsend
Sounds like a celebration of domestic abuse.
This is why I ship Harley and Batman. He’s always telling her that the joker isn’t right. Stupid fucking teenage girls shipping these two
NDragon 1
Das_Bobster 7
What's with putting up the selfie like a 13 year old fuck boy? Ego much? Pfffft.
kimi jahn
I've been with worse.
Subscribe to my channel thanks
_Just_ me_
Remember the time he shot poison ivy, thinking she was harley? (She dressed up as harley to protect her) Because I do
As a child I never saw them as a pairing. And even now, where I'm jaded af, I still don't see them as a pairing. I think it is because the Joker is crazy as fuck and loves the Batman too much ("loving" meaning obsessing over him).
Milla Ysabelle
Poor harley
K. Feeds
Skull Trash
Basic bitches be like RELATIONSHIP GOALS!! I'm just standin there like ........ bitch! Is u blind!!
Thank goodness that she broke up with him.
No more Joker × Harley Quinn and more Harley Quinn × Poison Ivy.
Topaz Rose
Is he saying Joker or Chocker?
La Joy White
Check out our new single "Harley Quinn" Joshua Smith Spark Plugg FT. La Joy White . This is for the Harley Quinn Fans. And Happy Halloween!!!!! #music #HarleyQuinn #Rap #hiphop #joker
fuck you joker but also fuck you Harley for being some dumb bitch
JS Pena
Joker must have been pissed in Hell when he found out he had a daughter.
Xhell fiire
Morgan Cleveland
Wow mind blow from this video
Minty mustache
I think it's a love - hate relationship so one minute they both love each other the next minute joker hates her and yeah
wolf runner
I never watched the comics but I loved the joker in scuicide squad he's way better
donna hulsey
Harley and joker in suicide squad they love each other near the end so
Wtf! I always knew their relationship was abusive and he was fucked up but wtf
Lunar G
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