10 Worst Things The Joker Has Ever Done To Harley Quinn

Mistah J sure has a funny way of showing his love...

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Sassy Saffy Elated Esperas
Don't forget the Suicide Squad movie.
damn she shouldve left him when he punched her at the start!! poor harley!
Tonya Holifield
He threw her out of a window
Spooksie Msp
So she have a child by jocker but he doesn't know
Nibbles Giggles
All of the things joker does yet makes me want to be Harley!!#LUV JOKER!!!
Abby Arabian
In suicide squad (the movie) they made the joker love harley because it helps the plot move faster. If their relationship was abusive then joker wouldn't try to save harley witch would basically ruin the entire idea for the plot so the writers decided to make it a non toxic relationship.
Abby Arabian
Lol someone once said to me "I wish I had a boyfriend like the joker!"
I was like "HAHAHAAHHAAHAHHAAAHAHAHA trust me YOU DO NOT want a boyfriend like the freaking joker!"
Michelle Auvenshine
Damn I knew it was bad but shit
Niya De'Souza
It wasn't as graphic but suicide squad did show Harley having flashbacks and f cruelty from Joker
Gabriel Canchola
Joker wanted to kill harley ?! That is CRAZY
Gabriel Canchola
I did not know harley quinn had a baby!
Gumdrop Gaming
that made me sad
Mikayla Hopkins
I'm Harley quinn when my bf dose that to me😣and I'm short for me
Mikayla Hopkins
I don't give a fu**
Andre Prinsloo
You shouldn't use God's name in vain like that...
Lyra Way
You sound I Hate Everything.
Sebastian Asaro
Poor Harley...
Jelena Lena
I agree that girls (and boys, but mostly girls) are deluded and blinded by watching only the movie, but you can not just label Harley and Joker relationship as "abusive" because...The whole comic world is abusive, extreme, intense and overly exaggerated, that is the whole point, you can not just put it in the real - life - everyday - category!!! When expressing only with words, pictures and preferably irony and other sharp types of humor, it is only natural that the comics eventually evolved into something people in normal life would call extremely abusive.
I mean sure it sounds really bad when you say it this way, but the point IS that in comics it is a whole other world, so the criteria for labeling and the feelings themselves are on a whole other level. Also, the Joker character alone. I mean come on, he is a psychopath, even in real life you can not expect someone like that to act normally or lovingly towards anyone, you even had the point of his persona in the video when Joker said: He does not feel comfortable with loving feelings, he finds them disturbing and distracting. And that is because he is a psychopath, if it was different his character would have eventually evolved to a character just like anybody else. Although, the new Joker comic book series have been taken a bit too far, but I guess that is how it goes when trying to sell things - you always have to find something bigger, more intense that people would not get bored of, so a lot of his character has been ruined because of comercialising. Not that I approve what he does to Harley, but as I said - it is a comic book world.
If we are going to look at things the way video explained, then Garfield is one mean cat, he injured Oddie REALLY badly, gave him almost life threatening injuries. Yeah. But in the comic world he is just a cutely grumpy and humorously selfish cat that is a natural enemy to the dog. The point is, the problem is not in the Harley - Joker relationship itself, but lack of education, sense of humor and ability to separate fiction from reality. You can not compare comic book relationships to real life ones, you can just can not...So that is why it is OKAY, if you are not only the movie fan who does not know anything else about the characters, to like them as a couple and find some aspects of the story you aspire to have in your life, only a lot less intense ofcourse...
I'm gonna say it guys...Harley deserves Ivy. In most universes. I know you will all several IT'S ABUSIVE TOO! But it is only remotely abusive in two universes, and in one of those it is actually a plant Ivy clone, and in another there is an alternative universe where they are together in the comic. We all have our opinions, and if you disagree, then that is fine, but you do not need to tell me, or leave this comment hate. Harlivy may not be perfect, but no relationship is truly perfect, and it is, by DC standards, pretty damn close. I don't like it because it is gay, I shipped it before I even knew what gay and shipping was, and I was just a 3-4 year old girl watching btas. If Harley got together with Ivy, then I feel that things would go better for her. She wouldn't be abused, and she would be with someone who honestly loves her and cares for her. #OTP #TrueRelationshipGoals
sarada uchiha
I hate the joker Harley deservs better
Gg Motha Fuckass
Harley Quinn
Only real Harley quinn fans would now their love is crazy and would know that 2017 suicide squad is a fake
Harleys face is ok leave her
Harley kill joker😈
Ashley Rawlins
So you think I'm a bad boyfriend huh???
Kitten girl Flower on games
Kill Mr.j
naya issa
naya issa
I hate you
naya issa
I had a bad dream
Jo Dunk
Britney Spears once said, I'm addicted to you but you know that you're toxic.
Onyx Helena Ember-Graves
Never forget that I told my friend she shouldn't idolize their love and she blocked me after saying "Not all insane people abuse their lovers" but... Yes. Yes they do. They may not hit them, but if they are truly criminally insane, they will abuse. And she's not insane. She romanticizes insanity. Sigh.
sanjida mim
if i was harley i would love that .. thats the way how joker is ...bad guys r awsome
Max Me
I clicked on the video amd was like "joker is bae"
Alissa-Marie Smith
in suicide squad he kinda did love her....kinda
Alissa-Marie Smith
they are both crazy u cant expect them to be perfect lolol
Kitty Skywalker
I never liked the abusive relationship they had , and honestly I hope the DC universe keeps that out. Cause I'd rather see Harley and Joker as partners in crime.
Maple Windigo
Wow...I will come back later goes to get a book and myself in the face What the Acual Hell is wrong with Joker. He's an asshole! And a heartless person!
Cissie 59
Well Damn. That's a horrible realationship
BOSS breezy
He said sejuiced her 😂 😂 😂
BOSS breezy
She wanted to get put in the chemicals she wanted to be like joker
Lucio Parra
jokr het her in the face
lia’s tutorials
If the Joker wasn’t so abuse towards Harley, they would be relationship goals tbh.
Xtina Lee
He didn't try cutting her face of he pranked her
joao gregorio
Like for the Gotham series' Arkham Asylum.
Abigail Merritt
................what.......the Fuck..........this is the most fucked up AWSOME Shit I have ever seen..........brb I gotta go read the comics now.....
Lori Bauer
And he had a green dick lol
Lori Bauer
Did u know joker sexual abused Harley lol that was gross too see
Admit it there a cute couple in suicide scwad
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