Giant Gummy Worm VS Warheads VS Gross Real Food Candy Challenge - Parents Edition!

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Hi friends:)
A lot of you have been asking for my mum and dad to do the real food VS gummy food candy challenge and yes me and Jordon were chefs making them some super cool dishes in our restaurant lol:)

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Guilherme Gameplay.
da um like i am brazil
playboi kaos
Saniya Somerville
why did he say bad word he never does
وردة البنسفج
انتي الغبية
وردة البنسفج
اسودة عدلي حلكج
Amazing Girl
You're parents are really cool
Matheus Rodrigues
Trout = 0/10
Sparkle Girl
You Need some milk dadddy✌🏼️
ronaldo baptiste
good job tiana
Yasmin Nakamba
tian a you now🎂you can get a work and get 💶o tiana puedes cocinar tu puedes contrar un trabajo y ganar dinero
سمسمة الصغيرة
Cypresses gaming Bradley
Milky shake YouTube
It's Awesome videos
Chloe Armstrong
I love watermelon as well tiarnia🍉
Crystal Greene
I just want to know how long was the giant gummy worms.
Seren Kumar
Tiana's dad said a bad word at 4:07
CatGirl Now
Lovely Toys andme😚
Geovana Souza Mendonça
5:33 oque é isso
Celeste Coceres
mi name is celeste
chloe baer
he cused
Maria Tophunts
Do eat it or wear it challenge
ميمو سامى
love you
Claire Smurthwaite
I love cockles
Amy Jones
i love Tiana
Marie-Henridia Longandjo
Vicky Su
At 4:09 Tiana's dad sayed " I can't F**** do this
Mummy and Jordan do real food vs gummy food please
Maud Hecht
Nicolas Jurado
a. donde. compras las. gommitas?
Aireen Bethany Home Cooking
i want gguuuummmmyy
Vasishat Gauri
One day do it like tiana and jordan only them
Young bull Exhausted
Young bull Exhausted
Where at what is UK
Jason Shemmeld
Jordan the best chef
Eunice Gaming
I love you vids DO MORE!!!!!!
Troy Koehne
I love your videos! Can you please do a real food vs gummy food challenge with dad and Jordan or mom and Jordan or mom and tiana or dad and tiana??? I'm from the U.S.A my name is Emmalee Koehne. I'm using my dads account.
Steph Ayers
amelia durkin
I think tiana is the best chef
Abdul Ben
that skared me
magdalena golisz
Hey tiara
Leia Otter
tiana is good gummy real food
Finlay Richardson
omfg u have a strange voice
Loany Cabrera
Jinia Alam
Give me a like if Tiana is the best and you love her videos!💁🏻🙋🏻
Carlos Yanez
Marla Bogaerts
Tiana is the best chef get ready
Mollie mae Whitrick
Ben c150
hi its tanzy can you come to on my videos plese rite tanzy evans and it will come up
kwame gyimah
Jim delicious for the gummy glass,chocolate marshmallow and gummy snake and worm
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